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HUZZAH. [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix's photos from our recent shoot in the Chinese Gardens are up! She's even made hilarious animations out of some of them. I expect there'll be another post when our official photographer gets his collection of shots to us, but in the meantime, Mel's are fantastic :D

Character roll call: Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Sokka, Suki, Katara, Toph

(picture takes you to the full post on her LJ)
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Okay, so our train from Naples to Catania was delayed en route by OVER THREE HOURS due to reasons we would know if we understood Italian, and then we got slightly lost on the way to the hostel, but now we are here and I have had some lovely red wine and a lovely Long Island Iced Tea and so am beeeautifully tipsy and Mel is watching MERLIN DUBBED IN ITALIAN, which is currently playing on the TV and is pretty much hilarious. It's the episode in Ealdor with Will and Hunith and Arthur playing king-of-the-peasants and the immense OT4ness! And it's in Italian!

...and the people in charage of the remote just changed the channel. HAVE THEY NO TASTE HEART.

...and they just changed it back. MERLIN CONQUERS ALL. Awww, Gwen is being awkward and moral at Arthur and Arthur is helping Merlin with his armour and Morgana is rocking her chainmail and man, I really do love this episode to death.

My own entry for this exchange is trying, trying, TRYING to be completed, even though I am absolute shit at writing without a computer, but look what [livejournal.com profile] red_rahl did for me for an O_S_S gift! LOOK! IT'S MAI! This is clearly my week for awesome fanart :)
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The occasion being my pxremix fic, which I am posting so that it is done and I can get some work done on my research essay without having a psychopathic princess elbowing her way into my thoughts all the time.


to cover a bruise (the rainy days remix) -- Avatar -- 3953 words

She loves the way it feels to channel her own spirit into something tangible and deadly, she loves the hot pain that laces itself around her fingers when she tries a form that she has not quite mastered, she loves the naked admiration on Ty Lee's face and the way Mai is forced to pull her skirts sideways to avoid the flames.

(remixing: Reign Within, by [livejournal.com profile] rawles)
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LJ chose an odd assortment of icons to keep now that my paid account has expired; I've managed to shave it down to my six favourites, though.


Today was a write-off: I slept for something like twelve hours (seriously, body, this is getting ridiculous) and then went to the Myer sale with a friend and wandered around feeling increasingly more and more bitter about my lack of employment. Sigh. I ended up making a couple of purchases, though -- some American chocolate (Three Musketeers bar! <333) and a pair of Diana Ferrari sunglasses, because I've decided to stop sulking about the death of my last pair of sunnies and actually do something about protecting my eyes.


I'm sorry I'm not talking about anything fannish any more, flist. I'm not really fannishly active at all; I'm writing a few things when I have the time, but that's the sum of it. I DID finally get to watch the Avatar finale, though, and I loved it to pieces except for one thing )


ETA: New sunnies = good excuse to finally do the meme where you take a picture of yourself, right? I am attempting something new, namely hotlinking from Facebook, because a) no more paid account, and b) Photobucket hates my college firewall.

Daaaah-ling )
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1) [livejournal.com profile] pogrebin wrote me a couple of amazing drabbles: the dawn of time (BSG, Starbuck & Leoben) and Pokerface (Death Note, Light & L).

2) Pancake dinner with friends.

3) Finally getting to see 'The Boiling Rock' (omg Mai. omg Sokka & Zuko. OMG. MY HEART.)

4) Guess who booked her flights for a seven-week winter extravaganza spanning Singapore, Prague, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece & (about half an hour in) Helsinki?


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Well, you know. 'Drabbles'. I've still got a couple of drabbles to complete but all of the Iron Man ones are finished, so I'm putting them in their own little post, all the better to bookmark with my brand spanking new del.icio.us tag for this movie, with which I am becoming a little bit obsessed in the fannish sense. That was a long sentence. Anyway. Onwards!

Uncle Iroh as Tony Stark's substitute assistant when Pepper goes on vacation. )

Tony/Pepper )

Rhodey and Jarvis )

Martha Jones and Pepper Potts )
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I am having some kind of intense OMG NEW MUSIC-gasm here. Holy shit. So many new albums.

THANK YOU, [livejournal.com profile] highlyeccentric <3333


Okay, the real point of this post is to wave my hands excitedly at the results of the latest -- well, my very first! -- [livejournal.com profile] oh_shit_santa challenge, in which artists had to write and authors had to produce art. What have I learned from this? This is a crazily multitalented fandom o_O I'll just mention a few of the entries, although all of them are worth glancing at:

-- First off, [livejournal.com profile] andreanna wrote (for me!) some adorable Team Seven crack that came with a bonus doodle. LOVE.

-- [livejournal.com profile] sarolynne did an incredibly NSFW but incredibly lovely piece. SEXY NO JUTSU + INO IN A PIMP HAT, GUYS.

-- [livejournal.com profile] bellicosus claims to be an artist and not a writer, but her SasuNaru ficlet Dreaming of Noise is simply amazing.

-- My entry for [livejournal.com profile] tonko_ni was whipped up in a tortuous MSPaint session. Its only redeeming quality is that it's TOPH, who can redeem pretty much anything just by being herself.

-- [livejournal.com profile] tonko_ni herself made a much more respectable shot at a Zuko-Sokka picture. IT'S SO AWESOME.

-- [livejournal.com profile] myrafur decided to get her hands on some crack laced with glitter and porn, and at the height of her intoxication she wrote this little gem. Because she's A CRAZY GENIUS WITH A PENIS FIXATION THAT RIVALS SAI'S (er...ILU Myra!).
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re: the latest Naruto chapter


Oh, WHATEVER. What. the fuck. ever. I might take a break from canon for a while and devote myself to writing awesome character studies about awesome people like Temari instead.

BUT I am finding it hard to maintain my disgust at stupid character retconning because of a lot of cool things, namely:

+ My prototype-Sakura outfit at the party last night went down well! Pink hair looks weirdly good on me; consequently, I am rethinking my dislike of the colour. Anyway, it was a great party and lots of hilarious pictures were taken of pirates fighting ninjas and ninjas posing with fans and pirates posing with pirate wenches etc. etc.

+ I am at hooooome! Having coffee with some friends this afternoon, going out to dinner with family tonight, generally pretending that I'm going to study but actually sitting around plotting fics and surfing LJ and obtaining TOTALLY AWESOME things like...

+ ...the first episode of the Sick Fish Avatar podcast, which is a hilarious and intelligent and highly entertaining little show produced by -- among others -- the lovely [livejournal.com profile] rawles. They talk about early S3 episodes and how adorable Aang is and delicious meta about character parallels and imperialism, and then Rawles RECS MY MAI FIC (<3!!) and provides a permanent public record of the fact that I promised her epic futurefic, which was a very sneaky way of ensuring that I could never, ever avoid writing it now. Anyway. [livejournal.com profile] sickfishpodcast. It's definitely worth a listen.
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This is for [livejournal.com profile] rawles, because a long time ago I promised her epic futurefic and I AM STILL PLANNING TO WRITE IT WHEN THE SERIES HAS FINISHED, but for now...this!

Title is from Dylan Thomas: terror will rage apart / before chains break to a hammer flame / and love unbolts the dark.

Crouching under the low table requires Mai to simulate obesiance )
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Small icon overhaul! I am now perfectly at peace with having 44 icons instead of 118, which I think is a valuable positive step considering the fact that as of the 18th I will only have...um...however many you have when your paid account runs out. Which I expect is quite a small number. Anyway, I now have a SOKKA/TOPH icon, so it is physically impossible for me to be in a bad mood.
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I am two minutes in and already I can tell I'm going to need to liveblog this.

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Mmm. Fuzzy-hot with cider. Pity I wrote the outmaking scenes for that fic that isn't at ALL the fic(s) I'm meant to be writing LAST night, because this is the perfect headspace for writing porn in. If I wrote porn. Which I don't. But I bet I could manage some damn hot outmaking right now.

Today I introduced [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix to Avatar and she introduced me to Naruto and we both spent rather a lot of time going 'huh. it's so weird to watch the early episodes!' because it is, it's bizarre that Zuko's hair is in a ponytail and Katara is struggling to bend a bowl full of water and there's no Toph to yell in Sokka's face and we haven't even MET Azula yet.

Naruto is insane, and from what I've seen the fandom is even worse, but it's good fun.

I feel loose. Like even when the cider wears off the words will come out easily tonight. It's a good sign.

Oh, hey - does anyone want to request a DVD commentary from me? I know I promised the world one for Eleusis, but I'm open to other requests as well! Fics tagged by fandom here.

oh dear

21 Oct 2007 04:50 pm
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Re: Avatar 3x05, 'The Beach'

I...don't think I can retain a single shred of dignity or intellectualism in the eyes of my flist any more. OH MAN.

Picspam. With commentary. And by 'commentary' I mean 'hysterical laughter'. )
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I sodding hate mascara. I. hate. mascara. I have very long lashes, so the clumps tend to gather obviously on the very ends of them and teeter there like they're enjoying the thrill and possibly considering some kind of abseiling mission into my eyes. And no matter how careful I am to choose decentish brands or to look for packaging that has the words 'no clumps!' on it, THERE ARE ALWAYS CLUMPS. Other people manage it. Maybe my lashes are cursed. Despite it all, I retain a sense of hopeless gullibility that stems from the desperate hope that one day, one day, I will find non-clumping mascara.

Revlon: NO CLUMPS THIS TIME! Come on, baby, you can trust me.
Me: I don't know, I've been hurt before.
Revlon: But I've changed! New formula! I've had classes, I know better now, you know I love you...
Me: All right then.
Clumps: *duly appear*

But I have to wear mascara because I can't afford to get my lashes tinted until the school holidays end and I can start tutoring again. Grr. Argh.


And now: the teaser for Avatar 3x04 'The Beach' = greatest thing ever to pass in front of your humble eyes, y/n? MY PSYCHOPATHIC FIRE PRINCESS GIRLFRIEND* IS WEARING BATHERS AND PLAYING VOLLEYBALL, YOU GUYS.

*Oh, whatever, be quiet, you know you have crushes that are even more shameful.
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My hero bares his nerves along my wrist
That rules from wrist to shoulder,
Unpacks the head that, like a sleepy ghost,
Leans on my mortal ruler,
The proud spine spurning turn and twist.

Gnnnnhhh Dylan Thomas. If I ever get engaged it will be because someone sneakily recited Dylan Thomas at me and then pushed a ring onto my finger while I was in the thralls of a wordgasm and thus unable to protest.



This is great because I don't even need to point out which bits I found particularly awesome: the insane crowd of fans at the ComicCon panel cheers at every single one. It's like a personal laugh track only ten times less irritating.


Thank you so much to everyone who has pimped or signed up for [livejournal.com profile] hpmugglestudies! It's been invading my thoughts all day, and I've now got far more ideas than I know what to do with. This is going to be GREAT, you guys.


Tomorrow: Fahye guiltily catches up on her psychophysics reading, researches a topic for her parasitology oral, and maybe posts some fic recs. I know, I know. The excitement is practically palpable.
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Now with bonus chronological mini-fics for each track!

the gods that we blame - a royal firebrats fanmix )

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