22 Feb 2012 10:01 pm
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[personal profile] pathstotread linked to this Miranda video which is my NEW FAVOURITE THING, I have watched it about five times already tonight. It's full of joy and silliness and I defy anyone unfamiliar with the show to come out the other end not wanting to devour it immediately.

Stevie surfing the bubblewrap is the best. No. Wait. Miranda and her mother singing in interviews is the best. NO. WAIT.


11 Feb 2011 10:56 am
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This fanvid by [ profile] greensilver is a perfect, perfect illustration of everything that is wonderful about the show: the hijinks, the love, the highs, the lows, the people, the family.

It is of course a lot shinier and more powerful if you dl the large version, but if you wish to use it solely as a gateway drug/interest-piquer, then it's also on vimeo.

I have already watched it twice. I predict I will watch it, oh, a hundred or so more times today.
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1) One of my awesome friends from high school has turned her design talents to the Trekkish arena and has produced a very slick T-shirt that I think a lot of you would love:



- Circus (Kirk + Britney Spears)
- Poker Face (Spock + Lady Gaga)
- We Go Together (The Crew + GREASE omg)


- A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley by [ profile] loneraven
McCoy grins. "You're passable, Jim Kirk. Would smuggle into space again.

- How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by [ profile] sparky77
"I’m laughing at you, too. You had a fight with Spock about which one of you has to be the bad parent and you lost. That’s hilarious."

- cut and fucking paste by [ profile] crimsonclad
'Dear Ambassador Spock,' Jim writes, 'The new Spock thinks I am a total asshole and that sucks.'

4) Karl Urban BONES MCCOY will be at Sydney Supanova! \o/
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I have been dancing like a loon to Circus* for, like, two days. If it weren't for the fact that the Photo Booth camera's framerate is too slow to capture dancing, I would be spamming you lot with ridiculous videos of impromptu hiphop.

Instead: TO THE LIBRARY. There is, as ever, studying to be done.


*If by some miracle you haven't seen this particular masterpiece on the theme of James Tiberius Kirk, as narrated by Britney Spears, RUN DON'T WALK.
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God, I really need a mental & physical health day. Still not feeling well, slept at an odd angle and did something to my ribcage, and all I want to do is curl up in my doona and drink tea and watch silly movies. Or write. I've skipped this morning's lectures but ughggggghh I have compulsory tutes later and I'm going to be useless.


In other news, I am...sort of enormously enthusiastic about the Merlin fandom despite not having seen any of the show. Mostly this is the fault of this vid (and Arthur's hilarious facial expressions) and a handful of fics which I will rec in another post.


The Fic of Shame (name now official) has progressed from being a very silly idea to being ACTUAL PARAGRAPHS and I still can't quite believe I'm writing it and I'll try not to talk about it incessantly for fear y'all will expect something with substance, because if there was ever anything that seemed unlikely to live up to even the measliest amount of hype, this fic is it. Trust me.


I can't believe I just used 'y'all' in a non-ironic manner. Damn grammatical ease!
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This is largely for the benefit of [ profile] deutscheami, but is also aimed to seduce [ profile] ariastar and to generally show off a little bit of why this series has eaten my head of late.

These AMVs are both from before the Shippuuden series (read: before the plots accelerated and everyone grew up and things got really cool) but they manage to capture the atmosphere of the early series fantastically. And they're both fast and general enough that I really, really doubt you need to worry about being spoilered for plot, especially from a position of minimal knowledge. This is purely an OOH SHINY kind of thing.

Onwards! )


23 Dec 2007 12:56 pm
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Linked by [ profile] taraljc:


I don't know what it is about Captain Jack Harkness, but he just lends himself to hilarious fanvids.
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I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)

Song by The Pipettes.

Footage from Ouran High School Host Club.

*still laughing*

(Aha! YouTube link here.)
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I'd forgotten how much I love The Office. Bizarrely, though, it makes me wish I had a job. (You know. Not their jobs, but...employment. Coworkers. Etc.) Of all the S4s that are starting soon (funny how many good shows started four years ago!), I am probably most excited about this one.

Okay, and BSG :D Speaking of, I have been sporadically downloading stuff during the post-VVC festival of shiny things, and I do have a particular rec:

Signal to Noise by [ profile] keewick. Loosely Lee-centric, but it contains footage from all three seasons, and I love it because it cleverly illustrates the moral ambiguity at the heart of the show; the decisions, and corruptions, the uncertainties of allegiance, the politics and mythology, and the shifting lines of trust and responsibility between the characters. It's a tricky song, too, but the editing suits it beautifully.

vid rec!

20 May 2007 06:20 pm
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House S2 vid - Vertigo - by [ profile] bradcpu

[ profile] bop_radar recced this, and I'm reccing it in turn because it is a phenomenally awesome vid. Even if you don't watch House. ESPECIALLY if you don't watch House, because then you won't pick up on how this is almost constructed-reality in the way it picks the edgy, creepy footage and turns the show into something is, but only for brief moments. This is triple-concentrated disturbing!House. It kind of makes take to witness all the gods look like something that could actually happen in canon!

So Ji and I discussed this further )
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Exactly what it says on the label.

I have wept tears of blood and pulled out of my huge collection fifteen fanvids that you should watch regardless of fandom knowledge or musical tastes, because they are Just That Good.

And the nominees are... )
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- First off, I finally have the perfect excuse to use this icon (WHOO) because [ profile] svilleficrecs has said some very sane things in defense of the BNF phenomenon. (Okay, so this is possibly the most ridiculous and obnoxious icon I have, but you guys get that I'm using it tongue-in-cheek, right? Right? Please god be as sensible as I think you are. It's not like BSG fandom gives a fuck about the Bitchy Elitist Cabal anymore.)

- [ profile] musesfool is holding a love meme on her journal. Pen has put my name here as part of a cunning piece of emotional blackmail (that, sadly enough, worked like a charm) but you should all point out where you are, or where you have listed someone else I know, so that I can go and leave comments. (Upon reading it through, it is mostly SPN fandom-based at the moment, but WE CAN TOTALLY CHANGE THAT. GO FORTH AND LOVE. I'LL START: Holly is made of awesome and you know it.)

- Everyone's reccing it, but everyone's right. [ profile] lim's vid 'Us' is a fast, complex commentary on what it means to be a fan, and to see things as a fan sees them, and how fandom takes the creative public domain and loves it both fiercely and constructively. It's difficult to explain, but you'll be glad you watched it.

- I just discovered this fic, tucked away in my 'Fanfic' bookmarks folder, waiting to be read. So I read it. And basically I have to rec it because it's bleak and confrontational and very good and about neurology, for goodness' sake: Finding The Words - due South, Fraser/Kowalski. (I will add the caveat that there is one aspect of that fic that I would have done very, very differently, but it's not my fic and I don't want to colour your reading of it. Come back here afterwards and we'll discuss!)


Oh, yeah.

Re: Millicon 2.0/ pxcon / Dragon*Con / other joyous gatherings scheduled to take place at least 10,000km away...

I hate you all. This is not a rational hatred, nor is it a particularly just one, but NEVER DOUBT ITS EXISTENCE.
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My friends list is a hilarious/awesome place sometimes. I should do this more often.

- [ profile] mercuriazs has solved all of our fandom woes with the concept of wikicanon.

- [ profile] stars_like_dust wrote a sequel to Stupid Thing Last Night in which she sort of remixes Benevolent Sibling and includes gratuitous Kat/Racetrack and it's hilarious and hot and full of pilots both old and new. YAY.

- [ profile] marenfic wrote Kinesic, a deliciously bitter Dee-POV piece focusing on 'Unfinished Business'.

- [ profile] blackboggart should be getting way more attention from HP fandom than she is, because I think her art is just gorgeous (she's on a Remus kick at the moment).

- [ profile] emiloy did a Jack fanvid to Savin' Me, which, well, come on. It had to be done sooner or later, and although it could certainly have been done better, this chooses some interesting clips to include. (Okay, I especially like it because it uses 'Small Worlds' footage, and I loved that episode to tiny pieces.)

- I believe I first got this recipe from [ profile] bantha_fodder, though I could be wrong...anyway, these are the best cookies in the world. (I use the word 'cookies' for soft, chewy things like the ones that Subway makes, and 'biscuits' for harder ones like gingernuts. That is just me. I embrace all Western food terms!) I am making a batch this afternoon )

Finally...thank you, everyone who commented on my last post, though I really was serious when I said I wanted to hear what you liked about you :) I won't be ungracious, however; I was in a low spot, and there's no remedy quite like feeling loved. Thanks.

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