11 Feb 2011 10:56 am
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This fanvid by [ profile] greensilver is a perfect, perfect illustration of everything that is wonderful about the show: the hijinks, the love, the highs, the lows, the people, the family.

It is of course a lot shinier and more powerful if you dl the large version, but if you wish to use it solely as a gateway drug/interest-piquer, then it's also on vimeo.

I have already watched it twice. I predict I will watch it, oh, a hundred or so more times today.
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A good friend of mine's band has just released their first music video, and apparently it's being screened on Rage this week. WOO.

Hancock Basement - 'One In A Million Does' from Jordan Prosser on Vimeo.

(And because Canberra is weird and incestuous, the guy who produced & directed the video went to my primary school. As far as I recall, I played Peaseblossom and he played Puck in a musical version of Midsummer Night's Dream.)

ANYWAY, watch the video, it's very swish and involves both skinny suspenders and the throwing of food. SEXY.
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1) [ profile] elsewhere_kels has recorded Quickening Days as a podbook, complete with cover! I haven't listened to all of it yet, but it's exciting to hear my own story in this form, and she reads very well.

2) I don't know if 'cool' is quite the right word for it, but this is one of the best and clearest pieces of writing on rape that I've seen in a long time. (Linked by Tris on GR.)

3) I have ordered the Toronto Notes. STUDYING WILL OCCUR.

4) I am watching Band of Brothers for the first time ever. I keep having to turn the volume down so that my roommate is not startled by explosions.
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I love being on holidays, I have time to pour into really pointless and entertaining things like shoving the current SHOW OF MY HEART down your throat.

Wait! Don't run! There will be pictures, and also I will talk about bondage.

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- Cowbirds in Love (this one is basically my HP fic in comic form, and it also features med school jokes!)

- Subnormality (made of awesome, and also: I want this clock SO BADLY)

*And by 'digging' I mean 'reading in lieu of textbooks'.
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But I couldn't not share this.



The one representing Peter Costello made me laugh so hard my chest hurt. ALSO, KERRY O'BRIEN IS A FOX KJJGAHGASYGLJKHAD.

For non-Aussies, Utegate is a scandal that's been occupying our political news for a while now. It's a big fucking mess involving fabricated emails and attempts at character-smearing and, um, I don't think I can sum it up any better than the lolcats, actually.
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1) One of my awesome friends from high school has turned her design talents to the Trekkish arena and has produced a very slick T-shirt that I think a lot of you would love:



- Circus (Kirk + Britney Spears)
- Poker Face (Spock + Lady Gaga)
- We Go Together (The Crew + GREASE omg)


- A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley by [ profile] loneraven
McCoy grins. "You're passable, Jim Kirk. Would smuggle into space again.

- How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by [ profile] sparky77
"I’m laughing at you, too. You had a fight with Spock about which one of you has to be the bad parent and you lost. That’s hilarious."

- cut and fucking paste by [ profile] crimsonclad
'Dear Ambassador Spock,' Jim writes, 'The new Spock thinks I am a total asshole and that sucks.'

4) Karl Urban BONES MCCOY will be at Sydney Supanova! \o/
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I've seen at least two posts on my flist recently discussing favourite musicals/favourite songs from musicals, and, well, nattering on about musicals is one of the things I enjoy the most!

I have been working on this post all day, in breaks. IT WAS A LOT OF FUN.

careful the tale you tell )
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1) Today's XKCD

2) [ profile] iamsab's father's tutorial on what the sub-prime mortgage crisis actually IS (v. helpful for those people like me who could give you a fifteen minute spiel on haemostasis and pulmonary embolisms and how warfarin works, but know absolutely NOTHING about money).

2a) Some guy on youtube explains it through the cunning use of hats.

3) The chicken kebab from Ralph's that I bought for lunch.

4) This book, which I am reading during my walk to & from hospital at the moment (look, I read on my commute! even if my commute is a ten-minute walk) and really enjoying.

5) Honey & Clover, if by 'awesome' you mean 'lovely, but depressing'.
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1) Earth's News Feed. HEEEEE.

2) However, I can't believe I had to find out from the above link that Bernie Mac has died :( WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING, INTERNET? Frank! Ocean's Whateverthenumber wouldn't have been the same without you!

3) Aria has made an insta-cheer picspam of Ten hugging people (and companions hugging each other!).

4) FIC REC: Merc has been writing hilarious, crazy, creepy-as-fuck, awesomely characterised (and, um, incredibly hot) Scarecrow/Joker fic. Yeah. YEAH. This is the third chapter but it contains links to the first two, so make sure you read it in the proper order and then tell Merc how great she is.

5) Okay, enough procrastinating. TO THE LIBRARY! (Where's Sokka when you need him to say that in an impressive tone?)
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*giggling helplessly*

Recently, on My God Fahye's Life Is A Mess: our heroine has a minor panic attack when her passport is not in the folder of uni enrolment papers where she remembers placing it last. Having scrambled around the room for a while she eventually discovers that, in her infinite wisdom, she was keeping it in the same drawer as her sex toys.

Magnificent work.


Um, anyway, here are some things you should check out )
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Oh, Sydney. Much as I appreciate your efforts to welcome me back for second semester by providing me with the freezing winds of my hometown, I really could have done without the numb hands and rain-spattered clothes during the walk home from hospital today.

Respiratory medicine and I continue in our relationship of studied ambivalence. I think tonight's physiology session will have to be combined with some musculoskeletal revision so that I don't end up burning my steth in a fit of bored pique.

I'm not very amusing at the moment, I'm sorry: my life pretty much consists of uni, meals, revue stuff, and evenings spent in the library with my notes, while I swing between low-grade fatigue and coffee-fuelled enthusiasm.

Final note: if you're not reading Aria's latest project, [ profile] dwseason5, you should be! In which Donna Noble rediscovers herself, Torchwood finds all sorts of useful technology, the Doctor and the Master just can't get rid of each other, the past doesn't stay where it should, and Time starts to heal.
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Judging a competition at the rink this afternoon, which will be FREEZING COLD, oh joy, but at least I'm going out to dinner with Q afterwards.


I am not sure how many of you have ever seen D.E.B.S. -- it is a truly, truly ridiculous film about a LESBIAN SUPERVILLAIN who falls in love with a TEENAGE SUPERSPY and, um, it's basically a fluffy love story wrapped up in a funny script and bouncy music and a plot that nobody really expects you to care about. It's awesome. AWESOME.

Anyway: my gift to you, flist, is this clip which never, ever fails to cheer me up.

(This fanvid is fun, too. IT HAS OUTMAKING.)


28 Jun 2008 07:39 am
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NARNIANS: We’ll kill you, Telmarine!
CASPIAN: How about instead you make me your king?
CENTAURS: You have to admit the boy’s devilishly attractive.
TALKING SQUIRREL: His profile would look good on our money!
NARNIANS: All hail King Caspian!

I have always adored this format of movie-parody, and [ profile] mistful does a fantastic Prince Caspian one over here -- Peter the Magnificent and Caspian the Super Fine.


All right, guys and dolls, I'm off to Melbourne for the weekend. Be good.
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re: the latest Naruto chapter


Oh, WHATEVER. What. the fuck. ever. I might take a break from canon for a while and devote myself to writing awesome character studies about awesome people like Temari instead.

BUT I am finding it hard to maintain my disgust at stupid character retconning because of a lot of cool things, namely:

+ My prototype-Sakura outfit at the party last night went down well! Pink hair looks weirdly good on me; consequently, I am rethinking my dislike of the colour. Anyway, it was a great party and lots of hilarious pictures were taken of pirates fighting ninjas and ninjas posing with fans and pirates posing with pirate wenches etc. etc.

+ I am at hooooome! Having coffee with some friends this afternoon, going out to dinner with family tonight, generally pretending that I'm going to study but actually sitting around plotting fics and surfing LJ and obtaining TOTALLY AWESOME things like...

+ ...the first episode of the Sick Fish Avatar podcast, which is a hilarious and intelligent and highly entertaining little show produced by -- among others -- the lovely [ profile] rawles. They talk about early S3 episodes and how adorable Aang is and delicious meta about character parallels and imperialism, and then Rawles RECS MY MAI FIC (<3!!) and provides a permanent public record of the fact that I promised her epic futurefic, which was a very sneaky way of ensuring that I could never, ever avoid writing it now. Anyway. [ profile] sickfishpodcast. It's definitely worth a listen.
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Why did nobody ever tell me about this song?? Antonio Banderas' voice couldn't be more sexy if it were made out of red satin and draped in dark chocolate. And High Flying, Adored is almost as good. (Moral: the Evita soundtrack can cure ALL ILLS.)

Speaking of things that are wonderful: [ profile] villainny is hosting another Valentines Message Post, and you should all head over there and leave messages of love and random hugs and drive-by adoration for anyone on LJ that you feel like expressing your (totally manly) feelings for, and on Feb 14th they'll receive an email linking them to the post.

And in the continued spirit of pimpage: [ profile] rawles wrote the most fucking awesome Mai fic ever, which is unsurprising because she is the ORIGINAL MAI FANGIRL and writes her gorgeously -- Reign Within, Mai/Ozai <--- YEAH, I KNOW, WTF, BUT TRUST ME. READ IT.

And now to sleep, because I have to make a million salads and clean half the house before noon tomorrow.
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Via [ profile] amberite: Catherine Tate and David Tennant attack the fourth wall with great aplomb. HAHAHA. This is awesome.

I think I am going to spend my evening writing, drinking sangiovese and listening to the Bare: A Pop Opera soundtrack, which is...yeah, okay, [ profile] crazylittleme, it's totally RENT meets Dead Poets Society.
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Sooo, continuing my fit of renewed enthusiasm for all of my beloved British shows, I've been rewatching Shakespeare Retold (I really need to buy the DVDs at some stage!) and making silly noises at the screen. Have some illustrative clips!

Much Ado About Nothing - Damien Lewis (<3!) and Sarah Parish (<3!!!!) as the bickering co-anchors of a local news station.

The Taming of the Shrew - Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell as a violently antisocial politician and the unbalanced aristocrat who decides to marry her.

And also, because the sight of Rufus Sewell in fishnets and makeup really isn't something anyone should be deprived of... )
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[ profile] hpmugglestudies

Join! Pimp!

I'll be doing modly things like posting sign-up forms and FAQ* later on today, but for now I must go and do the very unmodly task of cleaning the bathrooms.

It's also in urgent need of a layout (*makes big eyes at all Northern Hemisphere dwellers currently enjoying their summer holidays*) and we all know I have no skills in that department. Let me know if you think you can help out.

*Does anyone have any Q that I particularly need to address?
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*cracks knuckles*

- First of all I want to throw huge amounts of love in the direction of [ profile] liminalliz, twin of my heart, who made this excellent post on the nature of captivity as a plot device, or Why Kara/Leoben And Hannibal/Clarice Are Awesome But Certain Parts Of The Doctor Who Finale Are Not. I agree with every word she says. Read. Lizzen ALSO sent me an enormous parcel full of wonderful things including a beanie Texan cow and a gorgeous notebook and BOOKS. SO MANY BOOKS. BOOKS ABOUT YELLOW FEVER AND THE BLACK DEATH AND MEDIEVAL WHODUNNITS AND EEEEBOOKS.

- Having reconsidered and actually kind of made the suicidal skip=200 trek through my flist, I have a lot of things tagged as 'to read', so I'll be doing that tonight. Be not alarmed if comments come at you from the blue!

- My [ profile] ds_shakespeare fic missed deadline, sigh, but thankfully it's a very loose-and-friendly kind of comm and I will attempt to kick the thing into shape this weekend. My problem is that it's not really a fic so much as a series of conversations that take place within the same timeframe, and I can't even cheat and eschew joining scenes like I normally would because that immediately undermines the premise of at least half of them. DAMMIT.

- Re: those Doctor Who S4 casting spoilers, um, I am so hugely and enthusiastically in favour of this development that I am surprising even myself. YAY.

- All right, all right, I cave. Please rec me good (and I mean good - I don't read a whole lot of fic, and I am about as picky as you would imagine given my blatant literary elitism) fic in the fandoms of Heroes and Supernatural. Don't feel shy about pimping your own stuff: I keep you people on my flist for a reason, you know? Any pairing. My mind is very open at this stage.

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