2 Jan 2013

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This year I wrote four fics and received one, which is fine because I'm mostly in this challenge for the writing! And my one fic was just what I wanted: Job Offer (Push), a wonderful what-happens-next look at Pop Girl, with nice attention to canon detail.

And now for the ones that I wrote!

My main assignment fic was Some Unexpected Properties of Wood (Brave), an Elinor-centric story set after the film and incorporating as much backstory and mythology as I could gleefully fling at it.

I also picked up a pinch hit and wrote the rope you began with (was never that straight) (Into the Woods) which is Cinderella-POV for a recip who wanted a look at the characters living together and rebuilding their lives.

And then two treats: Best Supporting Actress (Brothers Bloom) because I saw the movie TWO DAYS before deadline and rashly decided to leap on a request for fic about Bang Bang, and party like it's 1889 (Black Books) which is more or less indefensible crack written at 4am during a night shift, but which at least gave me a chance to stretch my humour-writing muscles a bit.

I have read almost nothing in the archive so far; this time of year seems to fill up with things to do and places to be even when I'm not working, so I've barely been in front of the computer. Today I plan to reply to comments and then dive in headfirst :)
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Brace yourselves for a WHOLE LOTTA SHAKESPEARE (given my project to read his Complete Works this year), some forays into poetry, and fewer Booker Prize winners than in previous years; my read-through has been chugging along a lot more slowly.

Like last year I divided my favourites into 'most impressed with' and 'most enjoyed reading'.

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