3 Sep 2010 07:18 am
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Do you know what today is?


I have a lot of busy-making plans for the weekend but my plan for this evening is basically to write and write until my fingers fall off. I've discovered that writing short fun things helps my long fun-but-also-exhausting fic along, so:

I'm taking Inception 'five things' prompts

Inception because I need to keep my brain at least a little focused. Five things because I LOVE THEM. I admit right now that I probably won't write every prompt, but I will give as many of them as possible a shot. Prompts can be serious. Or ridiculous. Or anything you want, really.
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OH I KNOW: last weekend of holidays before classes return, swiftly followed by the exams of doom! Last chance at creativity before the demons of academic pressure descend and stare me down with their beady, beady eyes, leaving me whimpering in a heap and clutching my ink-depleted highlighters to my chest!


Ideas for ridiculous crossovers and AUs are encouraged, as are requests of the 'set X years before/after story Y' variety.
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This morning I found my first white hair. THANKS, MED SCHOOL. ILU TOO.

Anyway, this weekend I will be doing depressing things like listening to online lectures and reading articles but I also want to write. Unfortunately, my writing ability has curled itself into a whimpering ball and is failing to respond to all pokes with the sticks of It'll Be Fun and Do You Know How Many Months It's Been Between Chapters You Terrible Slacker and You Will Go Mad Otherwise.

Ergo, resorting to something that has proven a useful kick-starter in the past:

I want Five Things prompts.

But! I want the prompts to be related to stories I've already written. So -- the Merlin heist AU, or the psy White Collar 'verse, or existing eyai characters of mine. Or anything else that seizes your fancy; I'm interested to see which particular fics of mine people would like to see expanded in this way.

Of course, I can't swear I'll write every prompt (that would be an unwise promise to wave around, I think) but I will give it my best shot subject to the vagaries of time and brainpower :)


11 Nov 2009 09:21 pm
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My writing brain is less in a coherent-plot-and-sentences mode and more in a let's-play-with-words mode at the moment, so I'm thinking I'll write a few more poems. I do it very seldom, as you've probably worked out, and only when an idea forces itself into my head and refuses to be expressed in any other way. But maybe some more deliberate wordcraft would be good for me (and certainly less stressful and easier to fit in between study sessions than anything with any length).

So... what would you like to see me write a poem about?

Feelings/situations are probably better than, like, 'tulips' or 'chemistry'. Complex is good. Messy is good.

No promises, here, but it'd be good to have some starting ideas :)
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Euuhhh that meme is too complicated. Upshot is:


Pick your poison. Though I'd prefer a little more guidance than just a fandom or pairing -- 'Booth/Brennan, earrings' will make my life easier than 'Bones'.

Something for me to do when I finish typing up my lecture notes :)


17 Nov 2008 03:32 pm
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Psst, in between studying haematology and cardio tonight I am going to write tiny little kink-drabbles, because apparently that is where my creative brain is right now. I'm choosing the pairings, but if you have any kinks you'd like to see me do (seriously, I need more ideas) then fire away.

Already on the agenda: crossdressing, d/s, erotic asphyxiation.

I don't even know why I like that last one so much, but I am going to blame this fic here. And it was one of my favourite things about writing take to witness all the gods (which, you know, didn't need to be made MORE CREEPY, but I did it anyway) and so I'm going to play with it some more.
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Seeing as how my leukemia notes are done, and my PPD portfolio has been handed in, and my [ profile] lemontreeparade fic is done...I have a tiny bit of free headspace! Good lord! I'm about to go and take notes on clotting factors for an hour and a bit, but when I get back I'd like to do some scribbling to get me in the mood for writing my PXREMIX fic.


First ten people to comment get drabbles.

You know what I write :)
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Naruto and Sakura spin themselves into a whirlwhind of shared giddy joy with their realisation that Uchiha Sasuke, prodigal fucking son, loved beyond anything he deserves, does not have to belong to one of them and one of them alone. Tsunade can't smile at them with as much approval as she'd like: she can't stop herself from thinking how did you do that -- how dare you do that -- when we couldn't?


I know there was a meme for one-sentence fics ages ago, but I prefer this variation that I just invented fifteen minutes ago, because you get more rhythm to play with.

I wrote a handful of these for [ profile] deutscheami and had a lot of fun with them, and I need to do some scribbling to get my words flowing for a couple of projects that actually have deadlines, and I have a few free hours tomorrow morning. The upshot being:


Any fandom, any pairing. (Though I suggest you don't get much more specific than fandom and/or pairing, else I will just end up beating you around the head with your own prompt and wailing.)
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*looks at to-do list*

Oh, right, now my brain decides it wants to tell stories.

The day the availability of my writing ability lines up with the availability of my free time, I will throw a fucking parade.


The first ten people to leave drabble requests may get something written for them when I've listened to these lecture recordings and typed up notes. Fandoms I'm currently feeling creatively inclined towards are Bones, Avatar, Naruto and...probably Iron Man. You could try me with Doctor Who/Torchwood or BSG, but I'm massively behind on all of them. Or you could just throw a random prompt up there and then bat your eyes hopefully -- you know me, I'm not very good at turning down challenges.
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Wow. Having a dead computer makes me actually behave like a med student. I went to my two labs this morning -- Jesus Christ, bones are tricky little buggers when you actually look at them, and I am rethinking my love of the clavicle -- and then I spent some time in the LIBRARY with my NOTES and I've thoroughly revised my upper limb anatomy and the entire text chapter on clinical examination of the respiratory system. Man. The things you have time to do when you don't have classes from 8am-5pm (this week is remarkably light \o/) and also don't have fic writing itself feverishly in your head.

Tomorrow classes finish at 11am and I am determined to be likewise productive in the afternoon, but you know what, I'm kind of enjoying this being-uncharacteristically-prolific thing, so for the gaps in between study:

Drabble requests?

You know what I write. Though if you're having trouble deciding, I'm on this serious animated-things kick at the moment, so throw me Avatar/anime-of-your-choice prompts and everyone will be happy.

(Please note that due to the fickle natures of both free time & inspiration, I am not putting my hand on my heart and swearing to finish every request this time, but...request away anyhow! We'll see how I go.)
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Ji did this so well (and actually finished them all!) that I feel I have to make a bash at it too. And my Yuletide is going so, SO badly that I am just going to write and write and write at these little drabbles and hopefully I'll lose the block. To keep volume low, though -- I think I failed so spectacularly at the last drabble meme because I went to bed, woke up with a million prompts and felt my brain short-circuit -- I'm f-locking this post. ETA: OH WELL, IF PEOPLE ARE LINKING TO IT :D Okay. Unlocked. Request away, my pretties!

Comment with two characters you know I can write, and I'll write you their first kiss.

Different fandoms are go. RP fandoms are go. Damn the Bones Xmas episode for snatching my OTP out of the running.

My disclaimer doesn't include SFS jargon, but you shouldn't be surprised if one or both parties end up with exciting injuries, because I intend to finish my first aid precourse today.


Now that I've gone and selflessly offered myself up, does anyone have any of the following?

- 'Kid Fears' by the Indigo Girls
- 'Signal to Noise' by Peter Gabriel
- 'Leave Out All The Rest' by Linkin Park
- 'Candleburn' by Dishwalla
- 'Lifetime Piling Up' by Talking Heads
- 'Lullaby' by Trout Fishing In America
- 'No One Would Riot For Less' by Bright Eyes

I am having one of those irritating periods where half the songs I am listening to repeatedly are solely in fanvid form.
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*head in hands*

My attention span is shot to hell. I have downloaded 61 songs used in the first season of Bones, I am sitting here with my fingers poised above the keyboard and ideas dancing around vaguely, but the characters still aren't cooperating, and the only way I'll ever get to Yuletide is if I manage to release some of the energy that is currently forming a BONES BONES BONES ZOMG cyclone inside my head.

So...anyone who is familiar with my newest obsession, want to throw me Five Things prompts? For any of the show's characters, I don't mind, but I need to start writing about them somehow and this is usually a good warmup.

This icon is called 'tony & roxie do vegas' and it is my new favourite 100x100 pixelated square in the universe.

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Mmm. Fuzzy-hot with cider. Pity I wrote the outmaking scenes for that fic that isn't at ALL the fic(s) I'm meant to be writing LAST night, because this is the perfect headspace for writing porn in. If I wrote porn. Which I don't. But I bet I could manage some damn hot outmaking right now.

Today I introduced [ profile] ryokophoenix to Avatar and she introduced me to Naruto and we both spent rather a lot of time going 'huh. it's so weird to watch the early episodes!' because it is, it's bizarre that Zuko's hair is in a ponytail and Katara is struggling to bend a bowl full of water and there's no Toph to yell in Sokka's face and we haven't even MET Azula yet.

Naruto is insane, and from what I've seen the fandom is even worse, but it's good fun.

I feel loose. Like even when the cider wears off the words will come out easily tonight. It's a good sign.

Oh, hey - does anyone want to request a DVD commentary from me? I know I promised the world one for Eleusis, but I'm open to other requests as well! Fics tagged by fandom here.
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In great anticipation of this damn perception report being finished some time within the next hour:


One each, please. As Ji said: You may get a sentence. You may get plural sentences. You may get a scream of despair.
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While everyone in the US seems to be starting jobs this week (gainful employment! well done, folken!), I am wondering how long I can delude myself into forgetting that my major exams are less than a week away. OH, STUVAC. Such a deceptive dichotomy of laziness and panic.

I'm off to make myself a meal that by this point I do not think I can reasonably call breakfast, and then attempt to organise a semester's worth of assignments and lecture notes and lab handouts into a form that I can start to study from.

In the meantime, have a meme that (thankfully) has no chance of exploding into long crazy drabbles:

Name a pairing that I am familiar with, in a fandom I am familiar with, and I will write one line for that pairing and fandom.

And speaking of one-sentence fics, [ profile] rawles has gone on a sublime spree of capslock with one-sentence fics/personal canon/hilarious reasons why characters suck. Contains spoilers for Heroes, BSG, PotC:AWE, The Office and Avatar, and is a wonderful mess of glee shot through with snarky rage.
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Once again, I astound myself with my ability to wake up thinking TODAY: I WRITE ESSAY! YES! NOTHING ELSE! and then make it to 5pm with nothing to show for it. Well. Very little.

*face in hands*

Looks like I'll be dosing myself with caffeine when we get home from Bell Shakespeare's Othello later tonight, and then dragging my brain and this damn essay into the wee hours.

Take pity. Indulge me:

If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?

The author makes no guarantees that she will write anything you want - that not being the point of the meme - but she might just refer back to this when she is in one of her wildly generous birthday-drabbles-for-the-masses!!!huzzah!!! moods. Maybe.
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My junk mail tried to sell me a Russian bride today.

Other exciting interludes in the constant feeling that I'd rather like a) time and space to grind to a halt, or b) time and space to instead compress and fast-forward me to...let's say November (where is Hiro when you need him?) include the arrival of my two new Threadless shirts and the incomparable feeling that is sitting down at 6:30pm with a gin and tonic and letting oneself just stop thinking for a moment.

It's one of those days where I'd offer to write drabbles for people if I had the time, but I don't. Hmm. Oh well, I'll have time at some stage, and I've just this second invented a fun drabble meme.

Pick two of my fandoms and I'll write you a crossover drabble. You can request specific characters, if you like.

Fandoms I'm prepared to attack )
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This is the coolest writing meme I've seen in ages. Borrowed from [ profile] daegaer:

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

The good thing about it is that I'm not forced to come up with entirely new scenarios, just slip myself into an already-created universe and extrapolate in one direction. Sounds fun!

Everything's at [ profile] mercurial_wit, though if you are really mad keen on a drabble I wrote in your LJ years ago...then by all means ask me for that :D

ETA: I'm going to work for a few hours, but all requests will be filled when I get home. That's a promise!
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Bored bored bored bored and on strike from my assignments until tomorrow.

I feel like writing, but my attention span is approximately two centimetres long at the moment. So - I'm in the mood for that Five Times ______ fic-list-thing meme, if anyone wants to throw prompts at me. I'll attack BSG, Doctor Who, Grey's Anatomy, House, Firefly, Buffy, Veronica know me, you know what I do.
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Holy crap, everyone, I appear to be experiencing a momentary LULL IN UNI WORK.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate this, shall we?


In celebration, I am running a drabbles-for-icons festival. Because I would like some new icons, and I'm in the mood to write drabbles. There are many shows that I love and yet have a bizarre dearth of icons for - Arrested Development, Buffy, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and House all fall in this category. And movies! Movie icons! And yes, of course that was a blatant hint.

Post a request and I'll drabble while you icon. If the drabble sucks, you can maliciously sabotage the icon. Bien? Bien!

ETA: If you consider yourself to be extirely lacking in icon skillz, then I am also amenable to a simple drabble exchange :)

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