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So I've finally remembered to post last year's Yuletide to my ficblog!

Ask Me How -- Dexter -- Jazz playing through the computer and a bowl of popcorn to my right; all in all, the ideal leisurely evening for your friendly neighbourhood serial killer.

And now I'm fighting the very, very strong desire to crawl into bed and not come out for at least two weeks. My strongest weapons in this fight are endless cups of tea and the fact that I'm bribing myself to get through my piles of work with episodes of Blackpool. I will do all sorts of things for David Tennant's Scottish accent, constant oral fixation and wildly ridiculous hair, especially when they are then SET TO MUSIC.
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Dexter icons. GIVE THEM TO ME, FLIST. Or at least show me where the internet is hiding them all.

I cannot even deal with how great this show is. Or how hot Christian Camargo is, even though I keep expecting him to break into German/French/Italian, which is (of course) all [livejournal.com profile] schiarire's fault.

Oh psychopaths <333 I use my Suzie icon as a sign of solidarity.

So I spent this afternoon sitting in the ice rink judging a competition, and I get to do it all again tomorrow morning (starting at EIGHT AM, what the hell, who schedules a competition to start that early). Tomorrow's an Artistic, though, which means less worrying about mandatory technical elements and more sitting back and giggling at the shiny costumes. Woo.

ETA: AND MY MUGGLESTUDIES FIC IS DONE. 4500 words or thereabouts, completed the day before deadline. I know, I know, I live on the edge.
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Well, almost everything that could go wrong today did, indeed, go wrong. I'm so used to dealing with minor crises and then moving on with a shrug that I didn't even notice until my mother repeated a request in a manner that seemed slightly unreasonable, and I raised my voice as I left the room. Me, I don't raise my voice much. I am Miss Unflappable. But...reminiscent of that time in Year 12 when I totally lost my shit and threw someone's books across the room because I was having a small mental breakdown, it turns out that enough crap in one day will push me over the edge without me even noticing until, well, the edge is a few metres behind me and I am hovering in midair like one of those cartoon characters who won't be affected by gravity for a few humourous moments. And then they fall. (But luckily, they generally pick themselves up again quite cheerfully.)

I'm going to listen to this song a few more times, and then watch an episode of Dexter, and then do some soothing French grammar and drink some tea. And tomorrow my mother and I are going to the Lifeline book fair and then to the Canberra Philharmonic Society's production of The Producers, which I have been told is fantastic, and this weekend: CHOIR CAMP! Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, trivia competitions, crazy revue acts, and a whole lot of alcohol.


My Yuletide fandom shortlist )
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I watched the first episode of Dexter last night, and everyone who told me I'd love it was totally correct <3!

And it turns out that my creative brain (well, all of my brain) is a big ball of useless grey fuzz at the moment, so those drabbles are probably going to be completed very, very slowly. It'll be a surprise fic arriving in your inbox WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, think of it that way.

Today: anatomy lecture (urinary tract. JOY.), selling tickets for the psych ball, dashing to doctor's for second Gardasil shot, tutoring session, listening to lecture recordings...more Dexter. If I can convince my brain (which I have clearly coddled with too much sleep during these past two weeks) that 6.5 hours is definitely enough to function on, I should be all right.

Six weeks of undergrad classes left, plus exams.

Now I remember what senioritis feels like.

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