13 Sep 2013

fahye: ([other] is not that strange)
Hello, internet! It's officially September 12.5 (the 12th for her, the 13th for me) which means it's time for me to gush about my best friend in public, because this is our anniversary.

Our TEN YEAR anniversary, no less.

Ten years ago I was a baby sixteen-year-old, brand new to fandom, inhabiting an obscure corner of LJ where I wrote vaguely bad X/1999 fanfic and belonged to a Discworld RP and was soon to be a founding player at Milliways. I was still getting the hang of Making Friends On The Internet.

And then, via someone following a mutual friend's link and commenting on someone else's story, I met Ji.

At the age of nineteen I flew across the world on my own for the first time, all nervousness, to meet her; we watched House and Queer as Folk and went to Millicon and it was just as easy in person as it was online. Three years after that we met up in London and laughed over our inability to find a place to eat curry. And three years after that, we sat in the sun in Central Park.

We've written stories at one another, and RPed with one another, and written so many letters that I have shoeboxes bursting with them. We've made each other read countless books, and cheerfully explored our disparate tastes in music. We've watched movies and TV shows in tandem, from opposite ends of the world. We've known each other's lives in a silly amount of detail.

I love anniversaries. In six more years I will have known Ji for more than half my life, which is strange because it seems like she's always been in it. She's the one-person audience I'm always writing for. She's one of the greatest and kindest and most talented people I know, and she's made me better: at writing, at life, at being a full and decent human being. I love her and admire her and if we lived on the same continent I'd probably have tricked her into marrying me by now.

But even if it has to be once every three years, even if we never meet in person again: Cosmas, you've been one of the best things about this decade, my darling. Here's to many, many more.

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