24 Jan 2013

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Apologies to everyone who follows me on any social media or fandom platform whatsoever. I'm working exhausting 10-hour shifts in the ED at the moment and also walking to & from the hospital, so I barely have enough time to make food for myself and then lie glazed-eyed on the couch, let alone 'write', 'read posts' or 'think'. You know, the kind of summer-hot tired where you're halfway undressed and suddenly taking off your skirt or putting on your pajama top both seem like way too much effort, so you end up sitting around topless for an hour and only realise that it's not a viable life decision when you have to take the bins out to the kerb.

Tonight I turned on Nigelissima and for ten minutes she licked cream off things to the sounds of soft-porn jazz while wearing a black satin dressing gown, and I honestly wasn't sure if it was a real episode or some kind of erotic hallucination

(which is most episodes of anything with Nigella, let's be honest)

so I think I'm going to lie quietly in bed with white wine and poetry, and dream of the one (one!) day off I'll have on Saturday before working another eight days in a row.

(My term roster is NUTS, I'm working so many nights and so many evenings and so many weekends. I will never have a normal sleep cycle again. And in some kind of evil twist I am working Easter Friday and Easter Sunday but NOT the Saturday or the Monday, so I can't even go to the coast for HALF of the long-long weekend like a normal person would.)

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