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Caught up on SPN today. I suppose I have some things to say but I am apparently godawful at meta (even more so than usual!) when it comes to this show, so I'll content myself with wondering where the hell all the Dean/Bela porn is, because hot dang.

But [livejournal.com profile] setissma is having a Baby, it's cold outside drabblefest over at her journal and the current contributions, including my little ficlet in which I cruelly deface a perfectly harmless Russian folk tale, are looking QUITE LONELY, so anyone SPN-inclined should head over there and leave scribbles/icons/randomness of their own.

Now: fic recs! You should realise that I read very little fanfiction; I don't follow any communities, so everything I read is either written or recced by my friends. Which suits me fine, because I have some awesomely talented friends. )

Blah blah fandomness. Still totally obsessed with Bones, still drowning happily in OTP, still prepared to tear down mountains with my TEETH if it will get me some good Booth/Brennan fic so that I don't end up writing ridiculously romantic cohabitation fic of my own, because IT WILL HAPPEN, YOU GUYS, and then my carefully-constructed reputation as a writer of shining and ruthless cynicism will be destroyed forever.
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[livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix?

(We're doing Fourier transforms in Perception at the moment. I find this comic to be unspeakably hilarious.)

Also: this comic is actually about Mohinder and Sylar, Y/N?
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I realise half of my flist is in Chicago and probably having far too much fun to do anything else (although anyone who's at Millicon/with Millifolken and still checking their flist, shout out! Wave your arms!) but fannish glee waits for no man.

- I finally finished watching the first season of Heroes. Um. I have no meta; I never have meta for this show. That said, those of you who have been hiding the Micah/Molly futurefic (I KNOW IT'S OUT THERE SOMEWHERE) can hand it over now.

- Making my way slooowly through SPN S2. I don't want to run out of episodes. Today I watched Roadkill (Tricia Helfer! OMG!) and also Heart )
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still watching Heroes

just finished 'Company Man'


(btw, 'Claude' is a monicker that just fits Christopher Eccleston like a glove, innit?)
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*cracks knuckles*

- First of all I want to throw huge amounts of love in the direction of [livejournal.com profile] liminalliz, twin of my heart, who made this excellent post on the nature of captivity as a plot device, or Why Kara/Leoben And Hannibal/Clarice Are Awesome But Certain Parts Of The Doctor Who Finale Are Not. I agree with every word she says. Read. Lizzen ALSO sent me an enormous parcel full of wonderful things including a beanie Texan cow and a gorgeous notebook and BOOKS. SO MANY BOOKS. BOOKS ABOUT YELLOW FEVER AND THE BLACK DEATH AND MEDIEVAL WHODUNNITS AND EEEEBOOKS.

- Having reconsidered and actually kind of made the suicidal skip=200 trek through my flist, I have a lot of things tagged as 'to read', so I'll be doing that tonight. Be not alarmed if comments come at you from the blue!

- My [livejournal.com profile] ds_shakespeare fic missed deadline, sigh, but thankfully it's a very loose-and-friendly kind of comm and I will attempt to kick the thing into shape this weekend. My problem is that it's not really a fic so much as a series of conversations that take place within the same timeframe, and I can't even cheat and eschew joining scenes like I normally would because that immediately undermines the premise of at least half of them. DAMMIT.

- Re: those Doctor Who S4 casting spoilers, um, I am so hugely and enthusiastically in favour of this development that I am surprising even myself. YAY.

- All right, all right, I cave. Please rec me good (and I mean good - I don't read a whole lot of fic, and I am about as picky as you would imagine given my blatant literary elitism) fic in the fandoms of Heroes and Supernatural. Don't feel shy about pimping your own stuff: I keep you people on my flist for a reason, you know? Any pairing. My mind is very open at this stage.
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I have returned! And have been attempting to work through my inboxes and scroll through my flist (- a lost cause. I gave up. if you've posted fic or anything you want me to see in the last four days, link me!). But you lot appear to have killed the Internet AT LEAST TWICE with the sheer volume of your activities, so I keep taking breaks to write this update and hope that the connection returns soon.

The coast was wonderfully warm and sunny compared to Canberra (which is currently grey, windy and something like two degrees) and it was nice to do some walking and get some peace and quiet for a few days.

Further coast update, with subheadings )

I am sure I have stuff to talk about, but I am leaving soon for the rink - Aussie Skate testing tonight, and then tomorrow I am trial judging the ISA section of the ACT Figure Skating Championships, and then on Saturday I am judging the Aussie Skate section. Time to start stockpiling gloves and scarves - I don't even want to THINK about how cold the rink is going to be.
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Okay, the last time I felt this much like kicking the internets was when the VMars S2 finale aired.

(This is not the fault of you guys! You have been fantastic about putting spoilers under cuts. I mean, there are some things that are unavoidable, it seems - there was no way I was getting around CLAIRE IS NATHAN'S DAUGHTER ZOMG, so that particular revelation won't pack any punch when I finally get to see the series - but on the whole I know impressively little about the show. WELL DONE.)

One day I'll watch TV again. One day. I have episodes of Doctor Who, House, Grey's, SGA...all gathering dust. Plus whole seasons of Supernatural, Deadwood, Lost and Rome that are waiting patiently for me to have free time. And I expect Heroes will have priority when I get my hands on that.

It's just. ARGH. Shared glee. Which I am not sharing.

*is emo for five minutes*

Carry on.
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(I have seen only up to 1x02, because I'm taping it as it screens here. This suits me just fine.)

I am massively crushing on Mohinder. Claire's fake tan is too fake. I do not adore Hiro as much as everyone else in the world does, apparently. I do like the violence - clearly I have become too desensitised, blah blah, but I think I mostly enjoy it as a nod to the fact that this is an adult show - not quite Watchmen in its violent subversion of the genre, but appreciably dark. I really, really hope the arcs and interweavings are as tight as they are promising to be; this show could be fantastic if it doesn't lose the plot in the name of omg more seasons!

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