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2015-01-01 05:30 pm

hello there 2015

I feel like any resolution to use this blog more regularly in 2015 is doomed at the outset (or at least, it will be until...May, after exams) but I still want to talk about my Yuletide stories because I'm a dork like that. And I had fun with them. AND I LOVE YULETIDE.

There were five, because why study when you can displace all your stress onto fanfiction.

1) Confidence Artists, the Road to El Dorado threesome fic that was probably inevitable, knowing me and threesomes. I had to throw together a con plot and a romance built on unresolved arguments and also a sex scene involving three people (ugh, TRICKY BLOCKING) and resist, resist, resist the urge to make it too easy for myself and use Tulio as the POV character. But I like how it fell out.

2) fighting vainly the old ennui, the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries canon-AU about how Jack and Mac should be buddies and how PHRYNE IS CATWOMAN (as opposed to the other AU I was tossing up, which went more down the PHRYNE IS BATMAN path). This story was a collision of my love for identity porn, letters, poems, and thief/detective love stories; for a very long time the GDoc was simply called MISS FISHER WHITE COLLAR AU which tells you a lot about how the idea germinated.

([personal profile] agonistes, I wanted SO MUCH to write a treat for you, but I had already exhausted all of my feelings about Jack and Mac and their beautiful potential friendship while writing this story, so I just wriggled around silently and hoped you would read and enjoy it anyway.)

3) Shades of Pale, a Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters story that I wrote VERY early in the Yuletide period and then threw at my favourite letter as a treat. What can I say, I am easy for witch narratives. And Gemma Arterton. And Gemma Arterton making out with Jeremy Renner while covered in blood, which while not TECHNICALLY a part of the film, I feel was heavily implied to the extent that I had to oblige in fic form.

4) And All Things Nice, the Rule 63 Peter Pan story that FLEW out of me at the last minute when the prompt got stuck in my head and wouldn't leave. So far in comments I have revealed that Captain Hook is played by Natalie Dormer (and might actually be Jamie Moriarty, given the James/Jamie thing, you can decide that for yourself) and that somewhere in me is a whole fucking novel about her cruelty and her history. This story did a lot better than I expected.

5) Playing Titania in Tim Hortons, the other story that flew out at the very very last minute (single sitting, Christmas Eve, booyah!) because the prompt was so good. It's a Scott Pilgrim/Slings & Arrows crossover about Knives Chau becoming the new muse of Darren Nichols, and it was absurdly fun to write.

& now, to work on my WIPs. I have THREE dangling and unfinished multi-chapter stories on AO3 at the moment, and this year is the year I will FIX THAT.
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2014-05-04 10:44 am


By which I mean I'm writing this post while I listen to a lecture on paediatric palliative care and prepare myself for the next lecture on child protection services and child abuse. Somehow all the really depressing topics got crammed into this week of the diploma.

I spent yesterday cooking non-stop and stocking up the freezer, because we've definitely hit the kind of dark, blustery autumn weather where when I get home from the gym, all I want is to be able to pull a container of sweet potato and spinach dahl out of the fridge and reheat it. I also made sausage rolls for the first time! It was 200% easier than I thought it would be, and the recipe I used (lamb and haloumi sausage rolls with both fresh mint and mint sauce in the mixture, mmm) was delicious. So now I have a shitload of those in the freezer, along with some virtuous breakfast muffins (bran. lots of bran.) and the dahl.

Sausage roll recipe, for anyone who might like to try them )

READING: Halfway through Carol by Patricia Highsmith, and also reading Parasite by Mira Grant. I am doing very little reading, though, apart from occasional comfort rereads of the fanfic collection on my Kindle.

WATCHING: I have six whole episodes of Hannibal S2 lined up for once I've finished my lectures today. It's gonna be amazing. I have S1 of Homeland waiting to be started, and I've been on-and-off making my way through Lost Girl because it's ideal to watch while cooking. Next time I go home I'm going to nab my dad's DVDs of The Wire and rewatch S1 because like an idiot I'm writing a casefic and I need some inspiration re: surveillance systems and drug rings.

WRITING: The casefic is for Brooklyn Nine Nine. It's actually TROPEFIC but I need to at least make sure the balance of ridiculousness to police work is similar to that on the show. I'm also tapping vaguely away at other things, but I have no idea at all which of them will be finished in what timeframe.

As an example of that: I finally, FINALLY posted the Hannibal AU which I had been working on for...a year? I am the slowest. Apparently not everyone in fandom shares my unconditional love of circuses; a lot of the comments have been on the 'I almost didn't click on this' variety, which probably indicates a large chunk of people who scrolled on by because of the circus thing (WEIRDOS) but I'm more or less satisfied with how it turned out :)

no hope of falling down (22940 words) by Fahye
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Abigail Hobbs, Jack Crawford, Freddie Lounds, Alana Bloom, Beverly Katz
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Circus
Summary: A circus should be a series of miracles, barely scraped into existence. Will Graham is the celebrated aerialist of Cirque Dalmau; Hannibal Lecter is a new arrival with dangerous hands and more than a few secrets.
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2014-04-21 03:53 pm

I come bearing fic!

today begins and it's all that we have (6858 words) by Fahye
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Summary: Clint has to blink blearily at the ticket before he accepts that it does say Boston and not Bogota or Berlin; in the past he's walked off one twenty-hour flight and straight onto another on Natasha's instructions, and he was half expecting to do the same now.


Feelings, and also pantsfeelings*!


*I know, I know. Porn? Who am I??
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2014-01-02 09:35 am

Yuletide reveals

I had one assignment story and three treats in the collection this year, although one of the treats got HILARIOUSLY LONG.

The Evolution of Reptiles - Elementary - Jamie Moriarty & Joan Watson

This is the one that is most recognisably me, I think, being full of lady psychopaths and thoughts about art and MAGICAL REALISM and loving descriptions of everything that Watson wears ever. I had a lot of trouble with it until I decided to stop striving for some sort of impeccable consistency in the format and just add in bits however they felt right, and I think that improved the finished product. My original intent was for it to be femslashy but it would have felt forced, in the end, so you can just imagine your own coda with untrusting makeouts.

Lines on Palms - S.U. Pacat's Captive Prince - Damen/Laurent

I am super proud of this treat, which was born out of my love for this particular AU scenario and also the prospect of writing from Laurent's POV. I realised that I'd bitten off more than an easy mouthful when I had to sit down and rebuild Laurent's character from the ground up - the AU assumes that Auguste is alive, leaving Laurent both protected from the Regent and not the heir presumptive to the throne - while keeping the essential parts of him intact. In this regard I owe huge thanks to both [personal profile] electrumqueen and [personal profile] nextian, who squinted hard at the characterisation of both Damen and Laurent and nudged me back onto the right path when I started to veer off it.

It was going to be simpler than it was, but...Laurent. Nothing is ever simple with him. There had to be a dash of intrigue and a great many games and a lot of silent sarcastic judgement of everything going on around him, even though he had fewer flinty personal walls and was a little more open to the prospect of fun for fun's sake. Once I settled into the narration and had a handle on the AU, it was heaps of fun; Laurent is much more my sort of character to write than Damen is, after all. Twisty and sharp and observant.

This was also, as I have been telling people, my PORN DEBUT. I set my teeth, I gathered my skirts, I gazed despairingly at all the male pronouns...and then I churned out Baby's First Smut. Apparently all you need is to really, really, really want the characters to bone.

except in my affections - The Importance of Being Earnest - Cecily, Gwendolen, Algy & Jack

I wrote this, start to finish, in the very early days of Yuletide. Before I'd written a word of my actual assignment. I just liked the idea of smushing together tropes and seeing if I could document the result in Wildean dialogue, and it was so much fun to do. (This may be the only time I ever attempt babyfic. Usually I can't stand it. But the baby in this isn't so much a CHARACTER as an amusing prop.) Thanks to [personal profile] skygiants for her excellent beta!

a distinct lack of tutus - Brooklyn Nine Nine - Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz

HAHAHAHA. Oh man. I wrote this on Australian-Christmas-Day, over a time period of three hours during which I was also shovelling turkey and ice cream down my throat, and uploaded it at the last minute. And then it proceeded to win at Yuletide.

This fic contains all my love for Amy Santiago (neurotic perfectionist that she is) and the greater wacky B99 family, whose dialogue was enormous fun to capture. It also contains my deep aesthetic appreciation for Diaz's hair and boots.
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2013-05-19 09:14 pm

more Hannibal fic

I am getting super into this fandom, you guys. The show strikes a perfect balance between being gorgeous and dark and food-porny, and being kind of...endlessly mockable. And the fandom is also a balance: between wonderful fanart and lovely prose and intelligent analysis of body language or costume design, and a hot mess of confused kinksters and doomed romantics trying to do thinks like make 'Hanni' happen (stop. it's not going to happen.) and come up with ways to make it all OK in the end. SPOILERS: IT WILL NEVER BE OK.

Being Involved With A Fandom hasn't coincided with Having Enough Leisure Time For Fandom since I first discovered BSG, which was...whoa, a long time ago now. It's even made me venture into the territory of KINK MEMES, which I have never really enjoyed in the past, but it's good for me to try and produce short things for a change. (If you are in this fandom and you want me to write short things for you, LOB PROMPTS AT MY HEAD; some of them will probably stick.)

So far I have written one fill -- cleaned up and posted here -- and am gnawing on a few other tasty prompts.

(food metaphors: you can't avoid them in this fandom, it is one big circus of increasingly ludicrous cannibal puns)


did I mention

I am having a lot of AU cravings


The short version is: this fandom is perfect for me, I think I'll stay awhile.
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2013-05-06 06:56 pm

[Hannibal fic: medico della peste]

Title: Medico della Peste
Fandom: Hannibal
Warnings: Mentions of cannibalism, violence, and general creepiness. So. Like the show.
Word count: 5191
Notes: Who let me into this fandom, it is so bad-good for me. Like chocolate mud cake. I want to write about EVERYONE, and from everyone's point of view, but we'll start with the good doctor himself, because who am I to pass up a chance to write about food, anatomy and commedia dell'arte?

The title & nominative metaphor are definitely the fault of this image here.

Also posted to AO3.

Will grasps the knife in his bloody hand and says, 'This is what you did to Abigail, isn't it?' )
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2013-03-16 11:01 pm
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finally some tangible progress

Writing update for today:

504 words on the Merlin fic bringing me to the END OF CHAPTER FOUR, omg, what is this new madness! I've also imported the whole updated thing to AO3, if anyone wants to start at the beginning.

I also made the most INCREDIBLE pizza, based on this Pioneer Woman Cooks recipe. It creates a lot of washing up (make your pizza sauce, make your balsamic onions, make your pizza dough, grill and slice your skirt steak) but it's the best thing I've put in my mouth all week. I adjusted the basic sauce (passata from a jar + garlic + dried basil + sugar + balsamic + Worcestershire) and used barbeque sauce on top because I'm not entirely sure what steak sauce is and I was too lazy to go hunting for it at the specialty shops that import American products. SO GOOD.
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2012-11-27 09:49 am
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[Avengers fic: love is for children and other lies]

Title: love is for children and other lies
Fandom: The Avengers (MCU)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 30,205
Summary: Natalia Alianovna Romanova, and everything that she became.
Notes: Featuring as it does a protagonist on the asexual spectrum, this is definitely not the porn you're looking for. That said, it still dwells firmly in the Clint/Natasha camp. I should also mention that this is a movieverse fic, so comic book canon was either roundly ignored or ransacked for the occasional neat idea like 'ballet'.

Section headings come from all over the place; it's either from a poem, a song lyric, or I made it up.

Enormous thanks to [livejournal.com profile] apiphile and [personal profile] littledust and [personal profile] whatimages for reading bits and cheering me on, and to [livejournal.com profile] bantha_fodder for her excellent beta skills.

War is the child's emptiness, the surrender of identity, the transformation into a simple system: purpose goes in, action comes out. )
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2012-07-31 12:13 pm
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[XMFC fic: prayers for the living]

Title: Prayers for the Living
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 29,634
Notes: Cowritten by [personal profile] fahye (Charles's POV) and [personal profile] littledust (Erik's POV). AU from midway through the film, looking at what might have happened if Azazel had (sensibly) teleported to Russia and Emma had (sensibly) gone recruiting baby mutants. In which Moira is badass, actions have consequences, and Charles and Erik manage to have some feelings when they're not racing around the country.

To forestall any questions about Mr Black: we had to give Oliver Platt's character an actual name so that we could stop calling him Oliver Platt, or, as IMDb would have it, 'Man In Black Suit'. We decided to err on the side of unsubtlety.

Endless gratitude to [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash for her beta reading skills and enthusiasm.

Erik has just finished dressing when the explosions begin. )
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2012-02-07 10:11 pm

Molly fic #1

Yeah, you heard me, there's another one in the works. This one was more fun (ANCIENT GODDESSES) and had more cheerleading from Del on its side, though, so it got finished first.

look west from London -- Sherlock BBC -- Molly Hooper, 4588 words
She feels Sherlock Holmes die like someone has snapped a rubber band against the unbroken skin of her hand.


In other news: I actually enjoyed my job today, that was a novel and delightful experience.
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2012-01-02 12:42 pm
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crossposting & Glee fic

(Yes, my journal has been imported, a DW account bought, and crossposting is GO.)

A while ago, [personal profile] littledust and I were discussing her kink_bingo square, and the idea of Glee fic with secret obedience pacts came up. And I decided that even though I stopped watching Glee somewhere in S2, and have never written it or had much interest in writing it before, what the world really needed was for me to write Brittany/Santana fic with obedience kink.

So yes. This happened.

For you, Kelsey my dear!

(I don't know yet what I'm going to do about posting fic, but this one can live here because it's short & a gift.)

The thing to do is act like it's no big deal. )
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2012-01-02 11:03 am
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Yuletide reveals

I had heaps of fun with my stories! Two full gifts and two treats, and I don't think anyone guessed that they were by me (muahahahaha?)

Phantomwise (11556 words)
Fandom: Alice (2009)
Summary: Hatter’s tried to explain the problem that Wonderland folk have with standing between two mirrors, but none of it makes a lot of sense. It’s something that you don’t do, something to do with memories, and Alice can’t quite tell if it’s anything more than superstition.

I watched Alice almost the day before signups, and I'm so glad I offered it! Writing this allowed me to stretch my weak plot-muscles, and include a huge amount of random stuff from the books, and generally kick around in an absurdist sandbox for a while.

seven wonders of the scientific world (2376 words)
Fandom: Luther (TV)
Summary: Alice has long known that she only has respect for things she can't manipulate; very few people fall into this category, which is mostly populated by constellations and the elusive wavelengths of invisible light.

I nabbed this as a pinch-hit; I'd really hoped to write something about Alice Morgan, and this came out just as I wanted.

eff-em-ell, and other quotes for the official biography (2334 words)
Fandom: Shakespeare Retold
Summary: Tim flat-out refuses to use either 'ma'am' or the proper styling of The Right Honourable with someone who's been comparing him to various parts of a donkey's anatomy for as many years as Katherine has, so Prime Minister it is.

Last minute treat! SO MUCH FUN. I love the Retold version of Taming of the Shrew.

A Daughter of the American (Psycho) Revolution, via the Lineage of Marion Crane (645 words)
Fandom: World's Wife - Carol Ann Duffy
Summary: Bad things happen to girls who want too much.

Woo, poetry! Poetry about girls who die in horror movies!
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2011-06-27 05:32 pm
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shopping day

Acquired today, during a somewhat manic fit of spending:

- Adele's album 21
- The first season of Slings & Arrows on DVD
- [livejournal.com profile] karenhealey's book Guardian of the Dead (FINALLY)
- Fables vol. 15 for my brother
- ~mystery nailpolish~ for [livejournal.com profile] weatherfront


Anthem for Doomed Youth -- X-Men: First Class -- Raven, 12,918 words
For so long it's just been the two of them; her and Charles, the first and only person who wasn't afraid of her real form. Erik is the second.

What I REALLY want to write is OT3 fic (what. what. shut up.) but for now it's just huge amounts of Raven & Charles with bonus Charles/Erik and Raven/Erik. It could probably have the alternate title The Xavier Siblings Think Erik Lehnsherr Is Pretty Dreamy.

(And yes! I have renamed the ficblog, because I believe in consolidating one's identities.)
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2011-05-28 11:51 am
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I apologise for the epic length of the author's notes

we may be better strangers -- Thor -- Freyja & Loki (gen), 4933 words.
Freyja was born after, but in the same hour as, her brother. If anyone puts them in any order, it's purely by accident.

Right. And now I am going to watch the TVD S1 finale and paint my toenails STUDY.
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2011-04-17 08:17 pm

woo fic

I apologise if this makes you hungry. I was very hungry while I wrote it. I made [livejournal.com profile] schiarire hungry by showing her bits of it.

I also started writing it without having much idea where it was going, which was a lot of fun and something I should try more often. Somewhat to my surprise it turned out to be established-relationship fic (sort of) and also to contain unhealthy amounts of Tennyson.

and little other care hath she -- Inception -- Arthur/Ariadne/Eames, 2857 words.
Every craft has its own language and she's already fluent in her own, so it's nice, in a way, to be starting at the beginning again.
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2011-01-01 08:42 am

yuletide reveals

My main fic was This Town We're Painting - a St Trinian's future-fic that is a sneaky crossover with Sherlock, featuring Kelly/Annabelle and most of their classmates, all grown up and wreaking a more sedate kind of havoc. Writing it was SO MUCH FUN, especially Chelsea's parts.

I also wrote two extremely last-minute treats:

my secrets are doors - a Queen's Thief story. To be honest, this is probably a mere tenth of the Gen/Attolia story that exists IN MY HEART, but you know, time limitations. And I do find this universe very stressful to write in because of how beautifully and carefully Whalen Turner chooses her words, but I was fairly pleased with how this came out.

five days that were difficult and one that wasn't - a bunch of little How To Train Your Dragon vignettes which I wrote at the speed of light in the HOUR before the main collection closed. It's pretty rough, but I really wanted to try my hand at writing Hiccup at least once :)
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2010-11-19 08:20 am

my brain needs a break


the manor house -- Inception, Ariadne/Arthur/Eames -- 23,636 words
"The aims of this session are twofold," Arthur lies.

Make sure you admire the gorgeous illustrations by [livejournal.com profile] inknose, who extracted the settings right out of my head and onto a page :) It's the first collab that I've managed to wheedle her into, but I hope it won't be the last. If art school ever gives her a spare moment to breathe.


Fridaaaaaay. Hurrah. A whole group of the Orange students are heading off to see Deathly Hallows tonight. I have forgotten enough of the plot that I am sure it will be a very entertaining experience.
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2010-11-04 12:28 am
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I knew this would be a good idea

3375 / 30000 words. 11% done!

What does this mean? Well, instead of a cookie, I can give you...

pick your apple (take a bite) -- Harry Potter, 4328 words
His father wanted to fight for an idea, but that time has passed: Draco is in this war for no more and no less than the art of preservation.
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2010-08-31 09:17 pm

well, at least this one only stole a couple of hours of my life

So, that Inception fic I was never actually going to write about proper technique for IV access?

Uh, yeah.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

OH&S -- Inception -- 2753 words of Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Saito and Yusuf/workplace safety

The first one of them to get infected is Arthur, which doesn't surprise Yusuf at all. It's always the most experienced dreamers who get blasé about the process and start falling into bad habits.


Here, have a totally unrelated icon of Benedict Cumberbatch's neck. AND WHY NOT. Just look at it!