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more Hannibal fic

I am getting super into this fandom, you guys. The show strikes a perfect balance between being gorgeous and dark and food-porny, and being kind of...endlessly mockable. And the fandom is also a balance: between wonderful fanart and lovely prose and intelligent analysis of body language or costume design, and a hot mess of confused kinksters and doomed romantics trying to do thinks like make 'Hanni' happen (stop. it's not going to happen.) and come up with ways to make it all OK in the end. SPOILERS: IT WILL NEVER BE OK.

Being Involved With A Fandom hasn't coincided with Having Enough Leisure Time For Fandom since I first discovered BSG, which was...whoa, a long time ago now. It's even made me venture into the territory of KINK MEMES, which I have never really enjoyed in the past, but it's good for me to try and produce short things for a change. (If you are in this fandom and you want me to write short things for you, LOB PROMPTS AT MY HEAD; some of them will probably stick.)

So far I have written one fill -- cleaned up and posted here -- and am gnawing on a few other tasty prompts.

(food metaphors: you can't avoid them in this fandom, it is one big circus of increasingly ludicrous cannibal puns)


did I mention

I am having a lot of AU cravings


The short version is: this fandom is perfect for me, I think I'll stay awhile.
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if you're serious about the prompts thing: I am not sure it is humanly possible for anyone else on the face of the planet to understand how badly I want Abigail and Bedelia in the same room?

Also, that is GORGEOUS, omg.
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Magical realism!AU: Abigail Hobbs was not born, but created out of bone and blood and wood.

(hey, her dad seemed to be into creating and honouring things...)

Also I love this fandom. I haven't written anything (yet?) but I looooove it.
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It really, really would, and it's just be gothic and gorgeous. I love this show's atmosphere - it's all...dream-logic and amazing.
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I'm not watching (because wimp) but I'm reading Cleolinda's recaps, and somewhere in the comments the nickname "Honeyball" was mentioned, and I died a thousand deaths and came back as a thousand embarrassed ghosts.