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Yuletide reveals

I had one assignment story and three treats in the collection this year, although one of the treats got HILARIOUSLY LONG.

The Evolution of Reptiles - Elementary - Jamie Moriarty & Joan Watson

This is the one that is most recognisably me, I think, being full of lady psychopaths and thoughts about art and MAGICAL REALISM and loving descriptions of everything that Watson wears ever. I had a lot of trouble with it until I decided to stop striving for some sort of impeccable consistency in the format and just add in bits however they felt right, and I think that improved the finished product. My original intent was for it to be femslashy but it would have felt forced, in the end, so you can just imagine your own coda with untrusting makeouts.

Lines on Palms - S.U. Pacat's Captive Prince - Damen/Laurent

I am super proud of this treat, which was born out of my love for this particular AU scenario and also the prospect of writing from Laurent's POV. I realised that I'd bitten off more than an easy mouthful when I had to sit down and rebuild Laurent's character from the ground up - the AU assumes that Auguste is alive, leaving Laurent both protected from the Regent and not the heir presumptive to the throne - while keeping the essential parts of him intact. In this regard I owe huge thanks to both [personal profile] electrumqueen and [personal profile] nextian, who squinted hard at the characterisation of both Damen and Laurent and nudged me back onto the right path when I started to veer off it.

It was going to be simpler than it was, but...Laurent. Nothing is ever simple with him. There had to be a dash of intrigue and a great many games and a lot of silent sarcastic judgement of everything going on around him, even though he had fewer flinty personal walls and was a little more open to the prospect of fun for fun's sake. Once I settled into the narration and had a handle on the AU, it was heaps of fun; Laurent is much more my sort of character to write than Damen is, after all. Twisty and sharp and observant.

This was also, as I have been telling people, my PORN DEBUT. I set my teeth, I gathered my skirts, I gazed despairingly at all the male pronouns...and then I churned out Baby's First Smut. Apparently all you need is to really, really, really want the characters to bone.

except in my affections - The Importance of Being Earnest - Cecily, Gwendolen, Algy & Jack

I wrote this, start to finish, in the very early days of Yuletide. Before I'd written a word of my actual assignment. I just liked the idea of smushing together tropes and seeing if I could document the result in Wildean dialogue, and it was so much fun to do. (This may be the only time I ever attempt babyfic. Usually I can't stand it. But the baby in this isn't so much a CHARACTER as an amusing prop.) Thanks to [personal profile] skygiants for her excellent beta!

a distinct lack of tutus - Brooklyn Nine Nine - Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz

HAHAHAHA. Oh man. I wrote this on Australian-Christmas-Day, over a time period of three hours during which I was also shovelling turkey and ice cream down my throat, and uploaded it at the last minute. And then it proceeded to win at Yuletide.

This fic contains all my love for Amy Santiago (neurotic perfectionist that she is) and the greater wacky B99 family, whose dialogue was enormous fun to capture. It also contains my deep aesthetic appreciation for Diaz's hair and boots.
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Oh man, I don't know why but I was CONVINCED that Kelsey wrote "a distinct lack of tutus"; I cannot textually render the honking laugh that I let out when I opened the page this morning and saw how close I had been!
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Although I see you're not updating a lot, I'm subscribing to you because I enjoyed your Elementary fic in Yuletide very much. Hi! :)
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Oh man, I want to say again how much I loved your B99 fic! SO DELIGHTFUL.