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I have at least seen Casablanca

At the moment, I like working evening shifts. I have long mornings to amuse myself in, during which people on the other side of the world are USUALLY AWAKE (!) So I'm reading and writing and watching things; mostly movies that I have never seen before and feel that I should. So far this has included

- The Breakfast Club
- Roman Holiday
- Strangers on a Train
- Lion in Winter

all of which I LOVED. I can't believe it's taken me this long to see LiW, especially, it was one long glorious ride of clutching-my-hands-to-my-face delight. TIMOTHY DALTON. HOW DARE YOU.

& so then I screeched at Ji about Philip of France and how he is basically Thom with better taste in silk shirts, and then we had a fervent renaissance of feelings about everything and I started writing a very violent fic which will be of interest to, uh, not many people.


Does anyone want to rec me their favourite old/classic movies? Chances are good I haven't seen them.

For example: today I intend to watch GHOSTBUSTERS. for the first time.
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oh golly um all of Hitchcock. CHARADE! Charade is brilliant, it is a sly joke on everything suspense movie while still being a very good suspense movie. To Have and To Have Not, aka the one where Lauren Bacall sauntered onscreen for the first time and the whole entire world fell in love with her, including Humphrey Bogart. The Great Escape, it is all escape hijinks and team bonding and passionate loyalty. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, in which Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are the greatest ladyfriends ever. Some Like It Hot, all the crossdressing!
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Oh hahaha oops none of the ones I actually listed are Hitchcock, I just kind of went "ALL OF HITCHCOCK!" and then threw a bunch of other movies at you.

Okay, so actual Hitchcocks you should see: Spellbound (the one with psychology and a dream sequence by Dali!), The Lady Vanishes (girl on vacation recruits annoying musicologist to help her solve a SPY MYSTERY), The 39 Steps (dude gets recruited into a SPY MYSTERY, is hilariously terrible at it), Notorious (Ingrid Bergman is an alcoholic party girl who gets recruited by Cary Grant to be a SPY -- you may be noticing a theme), Rear Window (dude with broken legs spies on his neighbors while his girlfriend is Grace Kelly in ridiculously gorgeous dresses), Vertigo (my first Hitchcock! all obsession and creepy doubles.)

Dammit, now all I want to be doing is watching Hitchcock!
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hahahahahaha my secret reason for recommending it to you was I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD HAVE JUDGY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL FACES TO MAKE ABOUT IT >:D >:D >:D
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just as fervently but completely dissimilar, SINGIN' IN THE RAIN!!!!!!
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You should also check out fast-talky screwball comedies a la His Girl Friday and fast-talky baffling noirs like The Maltese Falcon I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOUUUUU
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...the you in "I don't understand you" was directed at the Maltese Falcon, not you-you.
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I would also have cited All About Eve; one of my all-time favorite stories. Watch this fan trailer and if your interest isn't piqued, well, I don't know who we are!
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no comment! :D
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Many of my favorites have also been mentioned! MY FAIR LADY. MY FAIR LADY. MY FAIR LADY. Thoroughly Modern Millie features Julie Andrews being adorable, though there is bonus racism. Meet Me in St. Louis, since I am apparently reccing musicals here.
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Also His Girl Friday.

But The Lion in Winter is possibly my favorite movie of all time.
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HIS GIRL FRIDAY, omg, yes!


Bringing Up Baby: screwball classic with Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and LEOPARD HIJINKS!

Philadelphia Story: Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart and CHAMPAGNE SHENANIGANS (just ignore the bit where her dad is like "i cheat because you don't love me enough")

Holiday: Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant (sensing a theme??) and poor little rich kid romantical problems, with totally kickass supporting Cary Grant BFFs and ACROBATICS.

Basically I love Katherine Hepburn, I love her with Cary Grant (who I also love), and I have a lot of feelings about these movies so you should watch them and we can talk about them!
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I didn't rec Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby because I knew you (and everyone else) would come in and do it for me! >:D
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then we had a fervent renaissance of feelings about everything and I started writing a very violent fic which will be of interest to, uh, not many people


Re: old films, I love The Philadelphia Story to death? Young Katharine Hepburn is ... romanced is the wrong word, but she has lovely kisses with Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, and everyone banters a lot, and a wedding fails to happen, and then they all + a plucky lady photographer live happily ever in witty bliss.
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Unsurprised, also pleased :D

I mean TO BE FAIR we were all (or at least I was) obnoxious teenagers and I love that film in different ways now! So I don't think you missed out by not watching it then; it's always going to be an excellent movie. :)