fahye: ([xm] la magie noire)
Fahye ([personal profile] fahye) wrote2013-03-28 09:38 am

I have at least seen Casablanca

At the moment, I like working evening shifts. I have long mornings to amuse myself in, during which people on the other side of the world are USUALLY AWAKE (!) So I'm reading and writing and watching things; mostly movies that I have never seen before and feel that I should. So far this has included

- The Breakfast Club
- Roman Holiday
- Strangers on a Train
- Lion in Winter

all of which I LOVED. I can't believe it's taken me this long to see LiW, especially, it was one long glorious ride of clutching-my-hands-to-my-face delight. TIMOTHY DALTON. HOW DARE YOU.

& so then I screeched at Ji about Philip of France and how he is basically Thom with better taste in silk shirts, and then we had a fervent renaissance of feelings about everything and I started writing a very violent fic which will be of interest to, uh, not many people.


Does anyone want to rec me their favourite old/classic movies? Chances are good I haven't seen them.

For example: today I intend to watch GHOSTBUSTERS. for the first time.

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