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I maintain that this is not my fault

Current mood is warring between proud and embarrassed, but fuck it, let's go: I wrote some hockey fic.

Anyone tempted to say YEAH I SAW THAT ONE COMING can join the queue behind, let's face it, me.

It's porn. In fact, it started as an exercise in porn and pacing (because now that I've commited to writing filth, I obviously have to get BETTER at it, right? exercises! drills! ...is anyone surprised yet that the POV character is JToews?) and by the time I'd finished it had developed enough of a structure that I figured I'd post it.

So yeah. 95% porn by volume, 3% being feelings and the final 2% being hockey metaphors because where's the fun in writing people who have totally alien interests and life experiences to yourself if you can't ransack those interests for imagery?
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I AM HAVING SUCH ANGST AND SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH THAT FIC ;_; actually, my biggest problem right now is that I need a beta because there's a portion of this fic I don't know how to fix on my own :( :( :( so you know, if you know anyone who wants to help beta 40k of patrick kane/jonathan toews kink au!
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Pacing, consistency, overall narrative, the problem of the section where the tension drops out of the story and I don't know what to do, all of the above. I mean I also need a line edit, but first I need to fix all of the above.

do you have the time to read 40k and talk to me about it though? If yes - I work with gdocs, so gimme an email I can share a doc with?
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Desired timeframe: about 5 days? For reading the whole thing so we can talk about it, not for any actual in-text editing. Would that be possible?
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OK, shared a gdoc with you!