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the speed of life

1) I've reached the skittish, attention-hopping part of writing something, when I'm close enough to finishing that my mind has already dismissed it and wandered on to the next three things. I have to keep dragging myself back and grimly adding another paragraph or two.

2) At least one of the next three things wants to be HANNIBAL fic, because my abiding love for the two Harris novels I've read & reread (Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal) has collided with my brand-new love for Hugh Dancy's ridiculous face and my deep, deep appreciation for the show's creepy aesthetic choices.

3) I was very unwell for about 24 hours yesterday, and in some kind of fever-fit decided to start reading reams of hockey RPF. I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT HOCKEY. OR PEOPLE WHO PLAY HOCKEY. AT ALL. This is like that time I accidentally fell into SG:A fic with zero canon knowledge and stumbled out after 72 hours with the world's most epic fandom hangover.

4) Work is work. In a couple of weeks I'm moving to the country for a three month term, which I'm really looking forward to.

5) ...my hair is really great at the moment? I've had so many compliments and felt so good about myself since going copper-red, which is a lot to get out of a superficial change, but part of me has always wanted red hair and is giddy with finally attaining it. (I think it's the thirteen-year-old part of me that read nothing but fantasy novels for the first two years of high school, and imprinted hard on Fiesty Red-Headed Heroines.)
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The hair is BRILLIANT. :D
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Hannibal is tremendous, isn't it? I am already putting some thought into wondering what that universe's Clarice would look like.

(Also, anything I write might just go ahead and assume that Will Graham is psychic, not least because it's a Bryan Fuller show and that could happen.)

ETA: also your hair looks terrific.
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I don't know how she fits either, but this take on both Hannibal and Jack Crawford made it kind of inevitable that I'd try to find out.
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...you do realize you look extremely like Felicia Day with your hair like that.

It looks great! But I seriously thought you swapped pictures for a second, there.