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Fahye ([personal profile] fahye) wrote2013-04-07 08:14 pm





Guess what I bought today?

The full answer is a bit alarming, because I have a tendency to wait for a month and then get all of my shopping out of the way in a florid burst of expenditure. So as well as an iPad, I also bought:

- a leather folio for it
- an ultrathin keyboard case
- three books (Ray Bradbury's We'll Always Have Paris, Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mister Ripley and Jill Stark's High Sobriety; the last is a memoir by a health journalist who went from constant binge drinking to a year of abstinence, and I might do a thinkier post when I've finished reading it)
- some goodies from Lush (bubble bars, hair conditioner, face wash)
- The Lion in Winter on DVD, HUZZAH \o/

But mostly: iPad. It's to replace my old eeePC, which served me well through medical school and then served my brother equally well through his last couple of years of law school, and the charger of which died an alarming, explosive, lingering-smell-of-burned-plastic death last week. It also means I finally have a vehicle for reading ebooks. I WILL NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE AGAIN.