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The official communities are talking about it, so WE'RE ALLOWED TO AS WELL. Nominations are approaching! Let's talk about fandoms!

I am definitely nominating:

- Discworld (Tiffany Aching, Preston)
- The Lady's Not For Burning (Thomas, Jennet, Margaret)

...and I suspect my third nomination will need some careful thought. I am having a serious craving for Midsummer Night's Dream fic about the fairies, but during my visit to the States I also got very excited about

- Bring It On (the musical)
- the London Olympic Opening Ceremony

And somone on the official nomination post mentioned Stranger Than Fiction which makes my writing brain go !%*&#?!! so I really hope it ends up on the list.

I will probably end up treat-writing for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries but I'm sure they'll be nominated and requested and offered all over the place, so I'm putting them aside for now.


(I have been spending too much time on tumblr, I tried to tag this post 'I guess this means I should get a wriggle on and finish my Natasha Romanoff fic' before realising that I was, in fact, using Dreamwidth. Tumblr suits the way my brain feels when I get home from work, but I'm starting to really miss the comment-conversations and impetus to create of LJ/DW platforms. I might try to spend more time here and less time scrolling past gif sets.)
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This year I shall endeavour to remember to nominate JV Jone's 'Sword of Shadows' series...

And, hmm... beyond that I'm not sure. Maybe RockNRolla, and probably my typical Chr├ętien de Troyes nominations.
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THEY ARE EPIC FANTASY NOVELS ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE. They have many many characters, lots of world-building details, plausible gender violence*, and a fascinating thematic thread developing concerning female sovereignty.


* If your pseudo medieval world more or less replicates medieval or renaissance gender politics and DOESN'T have plenty of rape or threat-of-rape in it, I find it implausible and am not interested. I REQUIRE HISTORICALLY ACCURATE RAPE.
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I strongly recommend Mieville's Kraken for the apocalypse!
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"groups of people of varying degrees of ineptitude stumbling around London ranting about squid" is the best summarization of Kraken I have ever seen.

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(MY PLAN IS TO NOMINATE OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY. Character list: Mary Poppins, Voldemort, Kenneth Branagh, and Dancing Captains of Industry. So someone else needs to cover Frankie and June and James Bond and the Queen!)

ps OH GOOD CALL I will send that this week >:D >:D >:D I need your mailing address though!
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Iiiii, having seen it finally today, kinda want to nominate the movie John Carter. Interesting alien politics! Subversions of normal tropes in that there is background politics. The 'native princess' is not your normal spiritual naive girl in one with nature, but basically a mad scientist with a sword whose reaction to things is "I NEED MORE DATA" and "...I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS. THIS IS TECHNOLOGY I'VE NEVER SEEN *___________* WHAT COULD I DO WITH IT" and characters whose rebellion and issues with their culture are neither helped nor hindered by the arrival of the main character. And I...kinda badly want all the fic set on Barsoom with Dejah Thoris and Sola and the workings out of culture and identity and subversion, and what to do with an OT3 when all three members are of different species and thus not only different cultures but different innate sexualities, and also the father-daughter relationships everywhere (Sola and Tar Tarkas, and the working out of what this means,and-) and-

Yes, I want people to write me all the thinky and inventing/exploring culture fic *coughs*

But I should think of other things to nominate, too, once I get out of "BUT I WANT FIC SET ON MARS, THERE COULD BE METAPHORS WITH ACTUAL SCIENCE PEOPLE. AND AIRSHIPS. THERE ARE AIRSHIPS ON MARS" mood I'm in.
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It is so. damn. pretty. And it's Disney like the PotC movies are! Just. Airships. And costumes. And *all the shiny eyes* I could have had the Martian sky looking more...Martian? But so much eye-candy.

I just. Oh, gosh, I want all the badass princess scientists who are heads of royal science academies now. All of them. There needs to be more characters whose response to the Hero From Earth is "...you say you're from Earth? I will poke at your musculature and try and order you to do experiments for my research. And then point out that your story is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPLAUSIBLE."
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Ahaha, may not be for Yuletide! I'm still...dipping my toes in it, although last year I wrote a gift fic, so. Baby-steps (my anxiety can be a paaaain, but I have to watch it, unfortuantely). And I want to write fic anyway, I just need to actually own a copy of the movie so I can fuse elements of the books with it.

...Yessssss, so do I. There are some amazing things that can be done with that canon.
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I exploded fandom feelings all over the nominations post, but my two definites are early-2000s superhero cartoon Static Shock and the HBO No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency; I'm waffling mightily on the rest.
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What I dream of someone else doing for Yuletide, right at this moment (I am not going out for it; I do poorly with deadlines) is Vanity Fair (the novel, not the magazine -- how would that even work? -- or any of the adaptations). This is largely because BECKY and also BECKY. Also The Thick of It, because I think if I don't have some Malcolm/Nicola in my life with the new season and all I may actually expire.
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It's delightful. Right up there with Deadwood for eloquence in foul language, and I -- I just adore Malcolm Tucker in ways I find difficult to express. You used to be able to find the whole run on youtube, but I have no idea whether you can anymore.

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Please excuse me creepering like a creeper on your journal! Sometimes I lurk because I really love your fic, and I just wandered past and noticed this post and wondered...do you have plans for your two remaining Discworld character slots?
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Oh, no worries then! I've been trying to find someone willing to nominate Pepe and Madame Sharn from Unseen Academicals, but only if there are spots going to waste. It wouldn't really be Yuletide without Granny Weatherwax, anyway. :-)
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I know, right? I finished that book feeling mostly kind of neutral about it but FASCINATED with Pepe. He keeps just getting edged out of my yuletide top three, unfortunately. Ah, well.

I'm afraid I'm actually a bit behind on the Tiffany Aching books. Perhaps I'll add those to my quick-consume-this-media-before-sign-ups pile.