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my Dear Yuletide Author letter

Hello, dear author!

Thank you so much for volunteering to write in one of my fandoms; they were selected so that absolutely anything you care to write in them will make me extremely happy, so please don't agonise too much on that account :) However! I am also full of Words and Feelings regarding my requests, so hopefully these will give you a good starting point:

1. Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant (Georgia Mason, Shaun Mason)

George and Shaun, separately or both at once. I'd be most interested in a pre-series story during their early blogging days (or even their childhood), and I'm really interested in the ways their personalities and relationship were formed. Or you could just write about them killing a whole lot of zombies in a badass manner. That would work too.

There is so much that I love about this series: the worldbuilding, the plotting and tension, the exploration of what the digital media means in the post-Rising world. But most of all, I have always had a weakness for intense sibling relationships, and I adore the dynamic between George and Shaun; the way it teeters on the borderline of unhealthiness and then just leaps gleefully across it, their utter codependence, the little world they've built up between them and how fiercely they protect it. As I said, I'd really like to see anything you'd like to write about their lives before the books begin, but any sort of fresh perspective or interesting interlude during either of the existing books would also be great if that's where your ideas take you. Hell, if you want to charge bravely ahead and write about what happens after Deadline, I will applaud wildly and eat it up with a spoon.

2. Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis (Ned Henry, Verity Kindle)

Not gonna lie, I'm looking for romcom hijinks here. How many arguments do they have during the engagement period? Do they honeymoon in Exciting Historical Time Period Of Your Choice? Is there a ridiculous Willis-esque debacle surrounding the wedding? (Please say yes.) Anything exploring Verity's POV would be especially appreciated.

Yep, this request is all about my need to smush Ned and Verity together and make high-pitched kissy noises. My absolute ideal story here would be said wedding debacle; I am a sucker for hilarious wedding stories, the pitfalls of time travel lend themselves well to it, and you could rope in as many of the universe's other characters as you desired. And yes, I'd especially love seeing anything from Verity's POV, because even though we get a fair sense of her as a person through Ned's eyes, I'd still like a bit more exploration of her character -- what drew her to time travel and the study of history? What is her life like in the present era? If you have existing knowledge of a particular time period and/or place, or want to use this as an opportunity to research one and then throw the characters into it, PLEASE DO -- I love period detail.

3. Regeneration - Pat Barker (Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon)

War poets! There's pretty much no way you can go wrong here, to be honest. I don't mind if you want to write just Owen, or just Sassoon, or explore their interactions at Craiglockhart some more. I'd especially love anything that explores the use of war poetry as coping mechanism, as outlet, as protest, as record.

Honest to god, I will roll around delightedly in absolutely anything you write for this series; it's one of my favourite works of fiction in the world, because poetry and war and mental health are three of my favourite themes, and I really admire the way Barker balances deft observation of humanity with dry humour and stark reality. If there are any particular poems by either of the poets that you like and want to use as inspiration, go ahead! If you want to know my own personal favourites: Greater Love and Everyone Sang. Anything that explores the events and subsequent thought processes that gradually became translated into a specific poem would be amazing. I'd also enjoy any sort of story about Owen's war experience, and the influence that Sassoon has on him; or vice versa!


On a more general note: I like humour (dark or otherwise), fun use of language, and fucking around with continuity. I like anything to do with families, and flawed relationships that work anyway. I like science & medicine, and mythology, and Shakespeare. I like interesting and gradually built metaphors, and I love fics that include sneaky meta commentary on the canon itself. I like romance with an edge to it, be it snarky, amoral or begrudging.

I don't like very graphic descriptions of violence, and I especially don't like any kind of torture to be directly portrayed. (I'm fine with you writing about blood and injuries -- it's the deliberate infliction that I'd prefer not to see.)

I'm happy with any rating of story and with any combination of gen/slash/het, though I'd prefer you to stick with canonical relationships for at least my nominated characters in Newsflesh or Oxford Time Travel; if you're writing Regeneration, feel free to do whatever you wish in that regard!

I'm not looking for anything overtly kinky, but I do enjoy stories that explore and play around with the control and power dynamics between characters in subtle ways (although I don't like humiliation to be a feature).

My own master fic list is here, if you want to poke around and see what sorts of things I enjoy writing.

If you have any questions or worries at all regarding my tastes, please message [livejournal.com profile] schiarire, who is the resident Expert On Me.

Have fun :)
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OH MY GOODNESS. In case my enthusiasm for leaping gleefully across the line of unhealthiness was not a clear enough signal, yes, I am absolutely down with all kinds of George/Shaun sexytimes.
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I read a George and Shaun requesting letter that didn't seem to, er, know, SO... I JUST WORRIED FOR YOUR HYPOTHETICAL AUTHOR.