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2016-10-04 10:15 pm

Dear Yuletide Writer 2016

Hello, hello!

Yuletide is one of my favourite events on the fandom calendar, and I hope you have a great time writing this story. If you offered one of these fandoms/characters because you have a particular story burning a hole in your imagination: WRITE THAT ONE. Optional details being optional, I'd rather you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All further details and prompts are below:

The Hour, Saga, Love and Friendship, The Next Big One )
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2015-12-27 09:20 am

yuletide 2015: recs!

I have realised I will have to be the Yuletide 2015 rec list I want to see in the world, in the hope that it will encourage MORE REC LISTS, because >2500 fics is a lot to browse through. I need guidance! I need gushing capslock!

Here, I'll start. )
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2015-10-17 07:54 am

Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Hello, dear writer!

Recycling this bit from last year: Yuletide is one of my favourite things about fandom, and I hope you have a great time writing this story. If you offered one of these fandoms/characters because you have a particular story burning a hole in your imagination: WRITE THAT ONE. Optional details being optional, I'd rather you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All further details and prompts are below:

Spy, Saga, Hamilton )
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2015-01-01 05:30 pm

hello there 2015

I feel like any resolution to use this blog more regularly in 2015 is doomed at the outset (or at least, it will be until...May, after exams) but I still want to talk about my Yuletide stories because I'm a dork like that. And I had fun with them. AND I LOVE YULETIDE.

There were five, because why study when you can displace all your stress onto fanfiction.

1) Confidence Artists, the Road to El Dorado threesome fic that was probably inevitable, knowing me and threesomes. I had to throw together a con plot and a romance built on unresolved arguments and also a sex scene involving three people (ugh, TRICKY BLOCKING) and resist, resist, resist the urge to make it too easy for myself and use Tulio as the POV character. But I like how it fell out.

2) fighting vainly the old ennui, the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries canon-AU about how Jack and Mac should be buddies and how PHRYNE IS CATWOMAN (as opposed to the other AU I was tossing up, which went more down the PHRYNE IS BATMAN path). This story was a collision of my love for identity porn, letters, poems, and thief/detective love stories; for a very long time the GDoc was simply called MISS FISHER WHITE COLLAR AU which tells you a lot about how the idea germinated.

([personal profile] agonistes, I wanted SO MUCH to write a treat for you, but I had already exhausted all of my feelings about Jack and Mac and their beautiful potential friendship while writing this story, so I just wriggled around silently and hoped you would read and enjoy it anyway.)

3) Shades of Pale, a Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters story that I wrote VERY early in the Yuletide period and then threw at my favourite letter as a treat. What can I say, I am easy for witch narratives. And Gemma Arterton. And Gemma Arterton making out with Jeremy Renner while covered in blood, which while not TECHNICALLY a part of the film, I feel was heavily implied to the extent that I had to oblige in fic form.

4) And All Things Nice, the Rule 63 Peter Pan story that FLEW out of me at the last minute when the prompt got stuck in my head and wouldn't leave. So far in comments I have revealed that Captain Hook is played by Natalie Dormer (and might actually be Jamie Moriarty, given the James/Jamie thing, you can decide that for yourself) and that somewhere in me is a whole fucking novel about her cruelty and her history. This story did a lot better than I expected.

5) Playing Titania in Tim Hortons, the other story that flew out at the very very last minute (single sitting, Christmas Eve, booyah!) because the prompt was so good. It's a Scott Pilgrim/Slings & Arrows crossover about Knives Chau becoming the new muse of Darren Nichols, and it was absurdly fun to write.

& now, to work on my WIPs. I have THREE dangling and unfinished multi-chapter stories on AO3 at the moment, and this year is the year I will FIX THAT.
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2014-10-20 07:03 pm

DYW 2014

Hello, dear writer!

Yuletide is one of my favourite things about fandom, and I hope you have a great time writing this story. If you offered one of these fandoms/characters because you have a particular story burning a hole in your imagination: WRITE THAT ONE. Optional details being optional, I'd rather you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All further (and seriously: optional) details are below cuts:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries )

Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers )

The Hour )

Tiffany Aching series - Terry Pratchett )

General notes

Recycling from last year, more or less:

I like humour and clever use of language, I like magic with a light touch to it, I like families (blood or found). I like slow-build romance and lightning attraction. I like mythology, and science, and Shakespeare.

I'm fine with any rating from complete gen to filthy porn, and with any combination of het/slash/none of the above (and despite the fact that my requests this year are skewing quite het-OTP, I am ALL ABOUT functional threesomes as a general rule). I'm not looking for anything strongly kinky, but I do enjoy stories that explore and play around with the control and power dynamics between characters, or obedience (although I don't like humiliation to be a feature). Happy endings preferred.

I don't like very graphic descriptions of violence, especially torture. (I'm fine with you writing about blood and injuries; it's the deliberate infliction that I'd prefer not to see.)

You can find most of my own fic archived on AO3.

Have fun!
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2014-01-02 09:35 am

Yuletide reveals

I had one assignment story and three treats in the collection this year, although one of the treats got HILARIOUSLY LONG.

The Evolution of Reptiles - Elementary - Jamie Moriarty & Joan Watson

This is the one that is most recognisably me, I think, being full of lady psychopaths and thoughts about art and MAGICAL REALISM and loving descriptions of everything that Watson wears ever. I had a lot of trouble with it until I decided to stop striving for some sort of impeccable consistency in the format and just add in bits however they felt right, and I think that improved the finished product. My original intent was for it to be femslashy but it would have felt forced, in the end, so you can just imagine your own coda with untrusting makeouts.

Lines on Palms - S.U. Pacat's Captive Prince - Damen/Laurent

I am super proud of this treat, which was born out of my love for this particular AU scenario and also the prospect of writing from Laurent's POV. I realised that I'd bitten off more than an easy mouthful when I had to sit down and rebuild Laurent's character from the ground up - the AU assumes that Auguste is alive, leaving Laurent both protected from the Regent and not the heir presumptive to the throne - while keeping the essential parts of him intact. In this regard I owe huge thanks to both [personal profile] electrumqueen and [personal profile] nextian, who squinted hard at the characterisation of both Damen and Laurent and nudged me back onto the right path when I started to veer off it.

It was going to be simpler than it was, but...Laurent. Nothing is ever simple with him. There had to be a dash of intrigue and a great many games and a lot of silent sarcastic judgement of everything going on around him, even though he had fewer flinty personal walls and was a little more open to the prospect of fun for fun's sake. Once I settled into the narration and had a handle on the AU, it was heaps of fun; Laurent is much more my sort of character to write than Damen is, after all. Twisty and sharp and observant.

This was also, as I have been telling people, my PORN DEBUT. I set my teeth, I gathered my skirts, I gazed despairingly at all the male pronouns...and then I churned out Baby's First Smut. Apparently all you need is to really, really, really want the characters to bone.

except in my affections - The Importance of Being Earnest - Cecily, Gwendolen, Algy & Jack

I wrote this, start to finish, in the very early days of Yuletide. Before I'd written a word of my actual assignment. I just liked the idea of smushing together tropes and seeing if I could document the result in Wildean dialogue, and it was so much fun to do. (This may be the only time I ever attempt babyfic. Usually I can't stand it. But the baby in this isn't so much a CHARACTER as an amusing prop.) Thanks to [personal profile] skygiants for her excellent beta!

a distinct lack of tutus - Brooklyn Nine Nine - Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz

HAHAHAHA. Oh man. I wrote this on Australian-Christmas-Day, over a time period of three hours during which I was also shovelling turkey and ice cream down my throat, and uploaded it at the last minute. And then it proceeded to win at Yuletide.

This fic contains all my love for Amy Santiago (neurotic perfectionist that she is) and the greater wacky B99 family, whose dialogue was enormous fun to capture. It also contains my deep aesthetic appreciation for Diaz's hair and boots.
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2013-12-26 10:39 am

true yuletide magic

As dusty as this blog is at the moment, I HAVE to use it to gush publically about my Yuletide gift, because it's perfect.

The Soldier's Not for Leaving (2303 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Lady's Not For Burning
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jennet Jourdemayne/Thomas Mendip

This is everything I wanted when I asked for Thomas/Jennet fic: it has kissing, it has Actual Witch Jennet (in a really subtle and beautiful and slightly sad way) and it is, as I remarked to Becca last night, as though Christopher Fry himself had wandered onto the internet for just long enough to write an extra scene of the play. The writing is gorgeous, slyly funny and philosophical and romantic, and I've read it twice already and will probably read it a few more times today.

This year I wrote four stories for the archive and I'm proud of all of them, and much to my DELIGHTED HILARITY it seems that 2013 is not only the year I became a published writer, it is also the year that my published work inspired Yuletide fanfic. So. I think I've lucked out on pretty much all fronts, yeah?
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2013-10-11 05:03 pm

Dear Yuletide Writer 2013

Hello hello! I hope you enjoy the mad Yuletide process as much as I do, dear writer, and that you have a great time writing this story.

details under here )
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2013-01-02 07:44 am
Entry tags:

a yuletide roundup

This year I wrote four fics and received one, which is fine because I'm mostly in this challenge for the writing! And my one fic was just what I wanted: Job Offer (Push), a wonderful what-happens-next look at Pop Girl, with nice attention to canon detail.

And now for the ones that I wrote!

My main assignment fic was Some Unexpected Properties of Wood (Brave), an Elinor-centric story set after the film and incorporating as much backstory and mythology as I could gleefully fling at it.

I also picked up a pinch hit and wrote the rope you began with (was never that straight) (Into the Woods) which is Cinderella-POV for a recip who wanted a look at the characters living together and rebuilding their lives.

And then two treats: Best Supporting Actress (Brothers Bloom) because I saw the movie TWO DAYS before deadline and rashly decided to leap on a request for fic about Bang Bang, and party like it's 1889 (Black Books) which is more or less indefensible crack written at 4am during a night shift, but which at least gave me a chance to stretch my humour-writing muscles a bit.

I have read almost nothing in the archive so far; this time of year seems to fill up with things to do and places to be even when I'm not working, so I've barely been in front of the computer. Today I plan to reply to comments and then dive in headfirst :)
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2012-12-13 05:45 pm

a yuletide fable

"Oh, what a nice assignment," I said.

"This should be a fairly short fic," I said.

"Maybe around 3000-4000 words," I said.


You can probably work out the moral of this story for yourself.


UNRELATEDLY: I have a sudden fierce yearning to write eyaiverse stories again! Maybe I'll just go and obsessively reread all the existing stories like I usually do. Sadly, the two -- three? uh, maybe four -- stories that fall next on my eyai To Do list are involved and plotty. I need an idea for something fun and in-betweeny like good news for beautiful people, so that I don't have to sit down with a timeline and a determined expression in order to plan the thing.
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2012-10-15 08:17 pm

Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello to my wonderful writer for 2012!

I'm sure you're an excellent sort of person, and I'll let you off the hook right now: if there's a story already burning away in your heart about the characters & fandom that we matched on, write that one. Enjoy it! Optional details, as they say, are completely optional.

And here is me nattering on for a while about my requests )
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2012-09-08 07:43 pm
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The official communities are talking about it, so WE'RE ALLOWED TO AS WELL. Nominations are approaching! Let's talk about fandoms!

I am definitely nominating:

- Discworld (Tiffany Aching, Preston)
- The Lady's Not For Burning (Thomas, Jennet, Margaret)

...and I suspect my third nomination will need some careful thought. I am having a serious craving for Midsummer Night's Dream fic about the fairies, but during my visit to the States I also got very excited about

- Bring It On (the musical)
- the London Olympic Opening Ceremony

And somone on the official nomination post mentioned Stranger Than Fiction which makes my writing brain go !%*&#?!! so I really hope it ends up on the list.

I will probably end up treat-writing for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries but I'm sure they'll be nominated and requested and offered all over the place, so I'm putting them aside for now.


(I have been spending too much time on tumblr, I tried to tag this post 'I guess this means I should get a wriggle on and finish my Natasha Romanoff fic' before realising that I was, in fact, using Dreamwidth. Tumblr suits the way my brain feels when I get home from work, but I'm starting to really miss the comment-conversations and impetus to create of LJ/DW platforms. I might try to spend more time here and less time scrolling past gif sets.)
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2011-12-26 10:50 am
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and the reading begins

Settling in for a day in the Yuletide archive clicking on anything that looks interesting and drinking masses of tea. It's going to be great.

*comments, comments, comments*

I have three full-length fics in the collection at the moment, and one short one to be revealed when Madness goes live. As usual I am convinced that all of them are SO OBVIOUSLY BY ME.

My own gift made me bounce on my chair when I saw the summary, and sigh happily at the end:

On Leave (1202 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Regeneration - Pat Barker
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wilfred Owen/Robbie Ross
Summary: Sassoon gave Owen three things upon his departure from Craiglockhart: a ten shilling note, Robbie Ross's address, and a message that read, "Why shouldn't you enjoy your leave?"
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2011-12-23 06:50 pm
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yuletide update

Main fic: Uploaded, polished, never want to look at it again, etc.

Pinch hit: Nabbed one from the recent deluge! EXCITING.

Treats: One almost finished, vague ideas percolating for a couple of others if time allows.

I keep staring greedily at the fandoms list and trying to resist the urge to cackle with glee.
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2011-11-18 03:36 pm
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my Dear Yuletide Author letter

Hello, dear author!

Thank you so much for volunteering to write in one of my fandoms; they were selected so that absolutely anything you care to write in them will make me extremely happy, so please don't agonise too much on that account :) However! I am also full of Words and Feelings regarding my requests, so hopefully these will give you a good starting point: )
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2011-01-01 08:42 am

yuletide reveals

My main fic was This Town We're Painting - a St Trinian's future-fic that is a sneaky crossover with Sherlock, featuring Kelly/Annabelle and most of their classmates, all grown up and wreaking a more sedate kind of havoc. Writing it was SO MUCH FUN, especially Chelsea's parts.

I also wrote two extremely last-minute treats:

my secrets are doors - a Queen's Thief story. To be honest, this is probably a mere tenth of the Gen/Attolia story that exists IN MY HEART, but you know, time limitations. And I do find this universe very stressful to write in because of how beautifully and carefully Whalen Turner chooses her words, but I was fairly pleased with how this came out.

five days that were difficult and one that wasn't - a bunch of little How To Train Your Dragon vignettes which I wrote at the speed of light in the HOUR before the main collection closed. It's pretty rough, but I really wanted to try my hand at writing Hiccup at least once :)
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2010-12-26 11:39 am
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(no subject)

Packing! Packing! So much packing!

I think I'm going to save a whole bunch of Yuletide fics as html files and read them on the plane ride to London until my laptop battery dies :) HOWEVER, I have already devoured the two lovely fics written for me:

E.B.S. -- a D.E.B.S. future-fic (yesssssss) which is, excitingly, the first part of a series. MORE TO COME. Janet in this is my favourite <3

A Token for a Token -- a clever Queen's Thief story about the dedication of the temple in Attolia. I am so pleased I got a fic in this fandom!
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2010-11-22 04:24 pm
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yuletide assignment




I am going to have SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS, omg.
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2010-11-15 01:14 pm
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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello! Thank you for offering one of the following canons of my heart! Your taste is obviously impeccable. )
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2008-10-20 08:27 pm

and I'm a crime-citizen interface consultant

So I've finally remembered to post last year's Yuletide to my ficblog!

Ask Me How -- Dexter -- Jazz playing through the computer and a bowl of popcorn to my right; all in all, the ideal leisurely evening for your friendly neighbourhood serial killer.

And now I'm fighting the very, very strong desire to crawl into bed and not come out for at least two weeks. My strongest weapons in this fight are endless cups of tea and the fact that I'm bribing myself to get through my piles of work with episodes of Blackpool. I will do all sorts of things for David Tennant's Scottish accent, constant oral fixation and wildly ridiculous hair, especially when they are then SET TO MUSIC.