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Namely: more of you northern slackers should be awake and updating when it's 10:55pm down here in the future, because traffic on my flist is so slow that I end up commenting to nearly every single post that appears. Whereas when I wake up, I have to flick through thirty-odd entries before breakfast, so I only comment when my reaction to something CANNOT BE SUPPRESSED.

Today I watched epic amounts of Death Note, with which I am in serious and overwhelming love. It's very intelligent! It's kind of like Dexter except EVEN MORE AMORAL (I know) and with JAPANESE DEATH GODS! And I was so certain that I had worn out my inner sixteen-year-old-anime-fan's slash goggles once and for all, but it's kind of epically gay as well. If my userpics weren't currently in that awkward stasis that occurs when your extra ones run out but you don't want to delete them because they're pretty even if essentially doing bugger all but take up server space...um, if that weren't the case, I would be uploading DN icons left right & centre.

My Yuletide-reading this year has been highly erratic; I think the sheer volume of fics has intimidated me. It feels rather like being the little sparrow which flies to the mountain every thousand years and ends up bashing its head futilely against the rocks while warbling WHY SO BIG, UNIVERSE? Most of the fics I like have been tagged at my del.icio.us, but I want to make some recs anyway, from the TINY TINY selection that I have so far read.

Blood Will Out is the Dexter fic which was written for ME, and it's a really fantastic look at Deb (YAY DEB) and her resentments and quirks and loves.

Twice Upon A Time is a Pushing Daises fic that reads a lot like my beloved film Stranger Than Fiction, except with added pie and even more crack. LOVE.

Resolution is an indulgently fix-y Wire in the Blood fic that is no less accurate and well-crafted for all that it makes my insides go warm and fuzzy. Well. Kind of. Tony & Carol aren't very fuzzy people.
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Note to self: next year, write it earlier, you damn fool.

That was frigging nerve-wracking. Thank you, everyone who listened to me declare dramatically that I was going to commit sepukku/go insane/quit fandom forever.

Now I'm going to make a pot of tea and watch episodes until my brain melts. YES. HOLIDAY SPIRIT, HERE I COME.

PS - I picked up my mortarboard from uni today. omg. MORTARBOARD!!! I can't believe I am graduating on Friday, I am waiting for someone to walk up to me and explain that it's all just a big misunderstanding.
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1) I am now a (re)qualified first aider, albeit a qualified first aider with a strapped wrist, because apparently practicing CPR for extended periods of time is one of the many activities which screws up my weak wrists. However, I know all sorts of things, including how to improvise a cervical collar in order to move someone with a suspected spinal injury, and how to use an external automatic defibrillator. THESE THINGS ARE SO AWESOME. You just open them up and they talk at you, and there are explanatory diagrams, and they can ONLY deliver a shock if a person's heart is in v-fib, and they even talk you through CPR if you don't know how to do it. Doubleplusgood.

2) I have now worked out why my Yuletide fic is such an utter disaster, and while unfortunately it's more a compatability problem between my prose style and the canon than anything easily fixable, I think I'll be able to lower my expectations and change my approach enough to get it done in time.

3) Um, I think I need to talk for a while about Starcross, which I read in one glorious sitting last night.

Mostly capslock. It's unavoidable. )


4 Dec 2007 11:21 pm
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What's that? I've actually progressed past the point of panicked dot points and canon-notes and have managed to write some words?


Number of literary references that have snuck in ALREADY: four. Je suis condamnée à être prétentieuse. Though despite the prevailing winds of francophilia that appear to be blowing through my vocabulary tonight, I am manfully resisting any attempts by that language to infiltrate my fic.

I spent a goodly portion of this morning whacking spiders with a broom in the very hot sun, in an attempt to clean up the outdoor furniture in preparation for my 21st. It wasn't fun. But! I also finished A Passage to India (verdict: not nearly as fun as ARwaV, but very good nonetheless) and am on the last chapter (zomg) of Gödel, Escher, Bach. I am so glad I persevered through the tough chapters on propositional calculus, because I have now passed into the blissful valleys of artificial intelligence and the interactive nature of form and content in artistic expression. I am so impressed with this book, largely because it so neatly matches my own intellectual interests at this moment in time: it's as though the author was hoping for readers with a strong background in mathematical reasoning, but with knowledge of molecular genetics & neuroscience & choral music, an interest in linguistics and consciousness theory, and a knack for recognising cross-modal isomorphisms. IT'S SO AMAZING. It's probably the most mentally stimulating thing I've ever read. Unfortunately I can't whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone, as I have a feeling the maths sections would bore most of you to death, but...guh. AWESOME.
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Tra la la la laaaaaa la la la la! Sign-ups are open!

Seriously, Yuletide is the best seasonal fun a fandomer can have, and a great chance to write something/have something written for you in a small fandom, so I'd really encourage everyone to give it a go. There are some really interesting fandoms listed this year (CATHERINE JINKS' PAGAN SERIES. HOMG.) but I'm glad I did it last year, because I could scratch a few off my personal list to make room for NEW ones. I ended up requesting Dexter, Jekyll, Larklight & Shakespeare Retold's Taming of the Shrew; I'll probably write up my Letter to Santa once assignments are given out.


Watching the new Office episode. OH KELLY KAPOOR. ILU.
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Well, almost everything that could go wrong today did, indeed, go wrong. I'm so used to dealing with minor crises and then moving on with a shrug that I didn't even notice until my mother repeated a request in a manner that seemed slightly unreasonable, and I raised my voice as I left the room. Me, I don't raise my voice much. I am Miss Unflappable. But...reminiscent of that time in Year 12 when I totally lost my shit and threw someone's books across the room because I was having a small mental breakdown, it turns out that enough crap in one day will push me over the edge without me even noticing until, well, the edge is a few metres behind me and I am hovering in midair like one of those cartoon characters who won't be affected by gravity for a few humourous moments. And then they fall. (But luckily, they generally pick themselves up again quite cheerfully.)

I'm going to listen to this song a few more times, and then watch an episode of Dexter, and then do some soothing French grammar and drink some tea. And tomorrow my mother and I are going to the Lifeline book fair and then to the Canberra Philharmonic Society's production of The Producers, which I have been told is fantastic, and this weekend: CHOIR CAMP! Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, trivia competitions, crazy revue acts, and a whole lot of alcohol.


My Yuletide fandom shortlist )
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Can I just say:

HAHAH MEM. I TOTALLY SUSPECTED IT WAS YOU <3333 Thank you for stuffing my stocking, filthy as that sounds. I love how I recced, like, three of your fics.

So: I owe a huge thank you to [livejournal.com profile] sullensiren, who wrote both the Lucifer fic and the Mirrormask fic from my prompts, and did them both amazingly. And another thank you to [livejournal.com profile] memlu for giving me the gorgeous little Howl's Moving Castle fic.

Now that everything is out in the open, I can wave my fics under your noses! I've stuck them both up on [livejournal.com profile] mercurial_wit: Paramagnetic, a longass Torchwood fic written for [livejournal.com profile] calapine, and Genesis, the Tempest stocking-stuffer that I did for [livejournal.com profile] anotherusedpage.

I've spent the past few days slowly putting together a DVD-commentary thing for 'Paramagnetic', because as any of my betas will tell you, I overthought it ridiculously. I'll post that later tonight.

Long live [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! I'll definitely be signing up again next year.
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Fahye: Okay, I'm not all that tired.

Fahye: Maybe I'll check the Yuletide site and see what fandoms are up for stocking-stuffers.

~ An hour later ~

Fahye: *uploads completed fic*

Fahye: Well, that was certainly unexpected.

~ In other news ~


I think I'll turn the computer off before I start writing something else. Though I am AMAZED at the quality of what I managed to produce in an hour, bulletproof fandom or no.
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Having spent two hours fretting horribly over my Yuletide fic and tweaking the formatting and putting words in and taking them out and generally being a paranoid freak, I finally forced myself to press the upload button.

And of course I can now see two pronouns that I need to change or else it will be THE END OF THE WORLD.

This is so unhealthy.

I am going to make caramel tea and watch all of the S3 Office episodes I have while I write my Christmas cards. (Yeah, sorry, Americans. My cards are going to be fashionably late.)
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Ladies and gentlemen, I win at Yuletide.


*cracks whip*
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1. “No sex forever, Apollo,” she says without raising her eyes, and his hand wavers near his pile of coins, under the amused gazes of the entire table, before he sighs and folds on a hand of full colours.


Yuletide is drastically incomplete and yet all I want to do is write fifty-sentences fic of pilots in an established relationship because the fandom has a sad lack of that and CLAIRZA IS A HO (yeah, remember that one?) and she is encouraging me in an extremely unhelpful manner.

I watched all of Arrested Development S3 yesterday and today, which meant many gleeful hours sitting on the couch stuffing my hand into my mouth to keep from shrieking with laughter. WHAT. As I told Ji: S1 was funny and random, S2 was hilarious and batshit insane, but S3 was like what might result if Shati, Emmy and Sweeney took a lot of illegal drugs and then sat down and threw ideas around and only kept the MOST RIDICULOUS ONES.

I want to watch all of The Office S2 again. Randomly.

I am yet to watch the latest ep of Torchwood, even though it is sitting there on my hard drive. Mostly because everyone's reactions to it, even the purely non-spoilery stuff that I've been exposed to, have been less than enthusiastic.
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People who have done Yuletide before - you have to upload your story as a plain text file, all right, but how do you format things like centering and italics that plain text doesn't support? Do you use HTML tags? ARGH.

ETA: NEVER MIND I'm a moron and missed the 'Upload Help' page. All good. All good.

(No, I'm not finished (3843 words!) but I was perusing the upload form and started to panic.)

Wow, this is now a pointless post. Have a snippet of something [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust and I are cowriting:

What he hadn't counted on was the distraction of her lips when he could remember what they tasted like; the way his head could be turned by her knuckles gripping a handrail just as they had once gripped his shoulders. Never before had her physicality been so difficult to separate from her personality. He would have hated her for it, for frakking him and leaving him with this frustrating set of hooks and barbs, but most of his hate had been washed out of his system by the sluicing scalding water that he stood under for twenty minutes – a selfish luxury, uncharacteristic – after they had finished pounding their marks into one another.
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I don't talk about House much - I just watch it and love it, for the most part - but I just finished 3x07 ('Son of Coma Guy') and the last few episodes have been so fantastic and gritty that I feel it's worth stating the opinion. Cameron's thick fringe, from underneath which she delivers her patented new Unimpressed And Smouldering Glance, is kind of alarming (I am not a fringe person), but her personality has improved so much from S1 that I feel it more than compensates for the slight drop in hotness.

I also have a shiny new moodtheme, which doesn't go at ALL with the rest of my layout but I don't really care. I've been wanting an Owen or Gwen moodtheme (Burn Gorman and Eve Myles have such expressive faces) and this one combines both!

What else? Hmm. My Yuletide fic continues apace - 2701 words, 1000 of which are actually in order, from the beginning - and I'm confident it'll be done well within the deadline. I am working 9-5:30 Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs this week, which I expect will be exhausting. Present-day Lucifer met Firefly-era Gabriel Tam (now slowtimed), and so Aspen and I spent some time giggling and making DOOOOOOM noises at each other. I haven't told the internets how much I love [livejournal.com profile] schiarire and [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust lately, which needs to be remedied, because these girls can cheer me up instantly and unfailingly with an email or a phone call or a package or a snippet of fic or simply by existing in my (figurative) vicinity.


3 Nov 2006 05:44 pm
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Assignments are out! Now all I have to do is suppress the rabid bunnies that are already staging a coup against all the stuff I have learnt for my exams.


And here's my mini-manifesto:

Dear Santa... )

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