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It's past midnight and I haven't had enough sleep all week, so every second keystroke is a typo at this point. POSTING TIME. I apologise in advance for the inevitable errors.

This is for my beloved CLAIRZA for her stellar efforts in the field of keeping me coffee-fuelled <3 She asked for Arthur/Eames with banter, references to the past, and suits. I then stole some prompts from Aja and Del and added my own desire to muck around with established-relationship fic, and mixed it all together, and out came the self-indulgent beast you see below.

This is NOT, in fact, my Inception WIP. My WIP and I are having a stubbornness contest. It's winning.


five ties arthur can't wear any more )
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Autoimmunity -- Inception, Eames and the art of forgery
He can always find his true face in mirrors, if he looks hard enough, no matter how many layers deep he goes.

(I believe the reading of the story to be ENHANCED if you know that Maddy looks almost exactly like Tina from Glee.)


Uh...who just wrote a 5500-word fic in one day?


Relatedly, who is DOOMED DOOMED SO DOOMED regarding her medical ethics assignment?

- Yeah.
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Tonight [livejournal.com profile] _leareth and I attended an event called 'I, Robot' as part of Creative Sydney, and it was completely wack and very loud and there was a robot dance-off! Fun times.

ALSO OF NOTE: the Ouran sequel of great neverendingness and Kyouya spilling kinky sexytimes all over my nice poignant cohabitation (the bastard) has now, huzzah, ended.

a wish to assimilate the world -- Ouran High School Host Club -- OT5, 6392 words
Kyouya tries, as a general rule, not to reach within himself and start tangling his hands in the complexity of his needs; he lets them surface one by one according to the context, and then he acts on them.

Maybe my Merlin characters will actually talk to me again now. Although thanks to tonight's event I am such an eyai headspace -- the next main-universe story is still Agatha Verey, Superspy, but I'm also starting to get a feel for the Australian tangent-story I want to write.
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The awesome [livejournal.com profile] stephiepenguin has reminded me that today is International Women's Day, and so I am going to pretend that this utterly female-centric gen fic (I have a whole lot of bubbling meta about Burton's Wonderland as a domain of female power that didn't make it into the story, but oh, it exists!) was written in full knowledge of that fact.

Jam Yesterday -- Alice in Wonderland, the White Queen -- 2612 words
The very first potion that Mirana creates on her own contains five ladles of swansong and the fingernails of a liar, amongst other things.

There are so, so many amazing women in my life, and I'm grateful for all of them :)


10 Jan 2010 12:14 pm
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\o/ \o/ \o/

Boundary Conditions -- White Collar -- Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, 6342 words
It was Neal who showed him the problem with trying to solve his wife like an equation, and it's likely that the same approach isn't going to get him anywhere now.

This is a collaboration with the inestimable [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots! Seriously, you have not lived until you have seen the art she produced for this. (The link goes to a community post so we can keep the comments centralised.)

Lizard informs me that by her porn thermostat this story is only a hard R, because she is CLEARLY a perverted little cookie, but it's the porniest thing I've ever written so I feel as though I deserve to call it NC-17. (She says, petulantly.)


Go, admire. Anyone leaving a comment on the fic that fails to also address how awesome Lizard's art is will be KICKED WITH BOOTS OF WRATH.

hello 2010

1 Jan 2010 03:14 am
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What the hell, 3am, how did that even happen.


In celebration (*cough*) I have finished my White Collar fic. It isn't threesome porn but that is only because it was already far, far too long for something that is mostly devoid of plot. The porny fics will come eventually, I'm sure. I mean. Look at my icon. LOOK AT IT. Kisses and handcuffs and fedoras, oh my!

This fic features flirting, and lots of dialogue, and also physics masquerading as psychic powers (or possibly vice versa).

Biconvex -- White Collar -- Neal/Peter/Elizabeth-ish, 8663 words
"Welcome to the world of honest work, Caffrey," Peter drawled, his mood already on the rise again. "Enjoy your stay."
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Look, I don't even know how to classify this. It's... simultaneously a high school AU and a crossover fic? Or several?


Written fast-and-dirty for [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix, who needs it. Quality not assured in any way at all :D

Honestly, Jim had no idea how he had been selected for this conference; maybe he was just getting better and better at talking fluent bullshit to authority figures. )
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(posting this here because it's SO COMPLETELY OBSCURE that I intend to inflict it upon only my nearest & dearest)

Title: Dreamwork
Fandom: Linnets & Valerians
Rating: PG
Word count: 6395
Notes: Linnets & Valerians is a children's fantasy book by Elizabeth Goudge; it's old and obscure and lovely, and I am quite aware that [livejournal.com profile] bookelfe is the only other person on the planet to have read it (because I told her to). It was one of my favourites as a child, and I reread it as an adult and came to the quick realisations that a) wow, Timothy was coded as extremely gay, and b) there was a lot of scope there to take the themes and run with them into the future.

Plus I have a thing for Oxbridge boys & romances, I think I can admit that right now.

You may think that this story is a bit odd, but let me assure you, nothing happens in it that (I'm quite confident) wouldn't happen in the canonical setting. Which should tell you something about the book, namely: you should read it.

Dreamwork is a Freudian term for the mental activity that transforms latent dream content into manifest dreams, ie. weaving themes and symbols and wish fulfilment into a coherent storyline.

Somewhere in Timothy's head: a single faint note of the panpipes, as pure and as final as the edges of two red curtains, sweeping to touch each other in the cente of a stage. )
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Last night I went to see HBP and as I was walking home I was thinking pleasingly meta thoughts about how deftly the film parallelled Draco and Harry, and the dark undercurrents of manipulation that the story was built on, and I thought: maybe I should do a meta post!

And then I sat down and wrote for six hours and it turned into a fic.

the game of kings -- Harry Potter -- Here you are at the end of the beginning; this year is the axis upon which your fate spins, widdershins, the direction of undoing.
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I did say I would break hiatus to post fic, if I wrote any. And while I am still working diligently on everything else, there was a small hiccup in the spacetime continuum in which, er, this happened.

(NB - The picture is NOT WORKSAFE.)

Unlisted Side Effects of Metacetamin-Derived Opiates -- Star Trek XI -- Kirk/McCoy
He takes one look at Jim, narrows his eyes, and then points his index finger like a scalpel and snaps, "Sit," despite the fact that Jim is in fact already fucking sitting.

This is a collab between me & the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots :) If you're going to comment, do so at the community post so she can see her share of the praise.

The title reaches new heights of hardcore medical and Trek geekiness because we are both med students, so we = geekiness SQUARED.

more fic

2 May 2009 12:35 am
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I told you! All I want to do at the moment is write!

like a ruthless force -- Doctor Who, largely Lucy Saxon -- Their empire is ushered in with music and with music it continues, much to Lucy's pleasure.

If I get through all the uni work I need to do tomorrow before my mother arrives (unlikely, but we'll see) then I'll apply this energy to my eyai story, which is the next thing I'm dying to finish and release into the world.
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This is for [livejournal.com profile] brynnmck, who threw me the prompt, and [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust, who gifted me with coffee <3

five things Booth thinks about when he's driving home at night )
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Today's to-do list is pretty daunting (and contains annoying numbers of Official Phone Calls & Emails, which I tend to put off out of...sheer contrariness, it seems?), but I'm getting through it. Of course, the item I'm working on now is 'finish all 6.07 notes' which is going to to take forfuckingever because I kind of dropped the ball at the end of last term, and now my brain has gone soft with chocolate and relaxation over Easter.

For reasons related to time & health & money, I'm trying a new thing where I only watch a single episode of television a day, if that (currently I'm rewatching S1 of Farscape), and also seeing if I can replicate the crazy stress-illness time at the end of last year, when the doctor ordered me off chocolate, coffee and alcohol. I slept a lot better and didn't worry so much about other foods, and the money flew out of my wallet a LOT more slowly when I wasn't buying coffee.

I predict a lot of tea-drinking and book-reading as a result of the above, which sounds dandy-fine.

Also: the second chapter of the heist AU, as promised :)
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And we're done. Now excuse me while I go and sit in the corner with my hands over my bright pink face and have a quiet attack of the vapours. OMG. Where did that porn come from. WHERE.

(After some consideration I have decided to blame it all on Stephen Campbell Moore, for playing Irwin in such a way as to leave me firmly convinced that the man has a dirty imagination hidden deep (deep, deep) beneath his exterior.)

when our falsehoods are divided -- The History Boys, Irwin/Dakin -- In the imperfect subjunctive the verb mentir becomes mentissions, its edges dragged out into alluring sibilants. First person plural, because Dakin knew that neither of them were ever completely honest; imperfect, because the past had never been anything but.
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Er. Despite the many, MANY other things I am in the middle of, this piece of fanart by [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots seized hold of my brain yesterday. So I scribbled very fast for a while in order to PURGE THE MADNESS, and this appeared.

This is slapdash crack. I repeat: CRACK. It should not be mistaken for good-quality fic in any way, which is why I'm posting it here instead of at the ficblog.

You will never, ever know how hard I tried not to name this GOLDENEYE. But I failed. Because the laws of crack must be obeyed. (A bitter kiss will bring him to his kneeeeeeeees!)


Get on with it, Agent Pendragon, we're working to a bit of a deadline here. We don't have much time to indulge your insane kinks. )
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The non-linear perfectionist in me is going to live to regret this, but:


(part one of what will in all likelihood be a depressingly large number)

This is the secret Merlin AU about which I have wailed to enough people that it doesn't really count as secret any more. And now you're ALL IN ON IT, which -- hopefully -- means I'll write the damn thing faster than I otherwise would.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeep time.


2 Feb 2009 01:29 pm
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Finally back at home. Tired. Busy beyond belief. All I want to do is sit around and read Patrick O'Brien novels and catch up on HIMYM and The Office (my unconditional-joy shows!) but I have to book appointments and shave my legs and throw out half my clothes and pack for Sydney and aaaaghghghghgh.

Photos will be a while in coming due to the lost-luggage scenario: Mel's camera cord is in her suitcase.

Belated 2008 books read/fic written posts should happen some time today.

In the meantime, here is the fic I wrote for the Xmas exchange at [livejournal.com profile] oh_shit_santa -- it is about KABUTO and SAKURA who are basically my favourite characters in Naruto ever, and I love dark medical fics (uh. as you may have guessed.) so it was heaps of fun to write.

The Anatomy of Need -- Naruto -- On his back in the dust, staring up at the bursting sky of a giddy summer morning, Kabuto thinks: yet another typical Konoha welcome.
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22,174 words later...

(I wrote a fucking novella in a week, you guys)

...the fic that shall henceforth be known as GROUNDHOG GAY (thank you, random commenter) is complete! It has way more dialogue and action and plot than my usual fics and is much less prettily written, but it is done and that is all I care about.

Quickening Days -- Merlin/Arthur -- This, whatever they had, whatever they were creating simply by existing in the same space at the same time, was too important to risk losing.
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OMG 1x10 OMG




If I start going on about all the ways in which this episode made me flail like an idiot, I will never stop, and this study break has gone on long enough.

Also, I just wrote a 4500 word fic in two days, which is a MIRACLE.

Meteorology (five ways to defuse a prince) -- Merlin -- Destiny was a bitch sometimes.
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I've decided I'm going to write this as a series of drabbles, paying no attention whatsoever to continuity and just going with my whims. WHOO. Plot and/or logic may sort themselves out as as I go, or they may not.

Blatant theft and pastiche of events, characters and timelines from both Crying Call and Millicanon will be taking place. Fair warning: I'm going to be fucking around with all sorts of stuff.

The working title is 'letters of the void'... )

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