fahye: ([eyai] as wide as the sea)
Fahye ([personal profile] fahye) wrote2012-12-13 05:45 pm

a yuletide fable

"Oh, what a nice assignment," I said.

"This should be a fairly short fic," I said.

"Maybe around 3000-4000 words," I said.


You can probably work out the moral of this story for yourself.


UNRELATEDLY: I have a sudden fierce yearning to write eyaiverse stories again! Maybe I'll just go and obsessively reread all the existing stories like I usually do. Sadly, the two -- three? uh, maybe four -- stories that fall next on my eyai To Do list are involved and plotty. I need an idea for something fun and in-betweeny like good news for beautiful people, so that I don't have to sit down with a timeline and a determined expression in order to plan the thing.

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