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I have already started writing fic, who's surprised?

Also, unspoilery: Bruce Banner, MY UNEXPECTED FAVOURITE AVENGER <3
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UNEXPECTED BRUCE FEELS! I'm usually completely indifferent to the Hulk, and lost interest in retrospectively seeing the movies when I realised Mark Ruffalo wasn't in the role for those. BUT I LOFFED HIM. And the metaphor for mental illness, which is probably not new to the series, but hey, I liked it anyway.
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*laughs a lot* Everyone I know who's seen the movie (including me) has developed total adoration for Bruce Banner. Bruce, how are you so awesome?
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I have been reading everyone's spoilery reaction posts because I cannot help myself, and I am therefore completely unsurprised that Bruce is your favorite! This seems to be everyone's reaction! So lots of looking forward to Bruce here.

Also YES YES FIC OH GOD I ALREADY NEED SO MUCH, so I am delighted that you are getting on this. :DDD