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Yuletide reveals

I had heaps of fun with my stories! Two full gifts and two treats, and I don't think anyone guessed that they were by me (muahahahaha?)

Phantomwise (11556 words)
Fandom: Alice (2009)
Summary: Hatter’s tried to explain the problem that Wonderland folk have with standing between two mirrors, but none of it makes a lot of sense. It’s something that you don’t do, something to do with memories, and Alice can’t quite tell if it’s anything more than superstition.

I watched Alice almost the day before signups, and I'm so glad I offered it! Writing this allowed me to stretch my weak plot-muscles, and include a huge amount of random stuff from the books, and generally kick around in an absurdist sandbox for a while.

seven wonders of the scientific world (2376 words)
Fandom: Luther (TV)
Summary: Alice has long known that she only has respect for things she can't manipulate; very few people fall into this category, which is mostly populated by constellations and the elusive wavelengths of invisible light.

I nabbed this as a pinch-hit; I'd really hoped to write something about Alice Morgan, and this came out just as I wanted.

eff-em-ell, and other quotes for the official biography (2334 words)
Fandom: Shakespeare Retold
Summary: Tim flat-out refuses to use either 'ma'am' or the proper styling of The Right Honourable with someone who's been comparing him to various parts of a donkey's anatomy for as many years as Katherine has, so Prime Minister it is.

Last minute treat! SO MUCH FUN. I love the Retold version of Taming of the Shrew.

A Daughter of the American (Psycho) Revolution, via the Lineage of Marion Crane (645 words)
Fandom: World's Wife - Carol Ann Duffy
Summary: Bad things happen to girls who want too much.

Woo, poetry! Poetry about girls who die in horror movies!

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