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ALICE (2009)

Phantomwise -- Alice/Hatter, Jack/Duchess -- 11,556 words -- December 2011
Hatter’s tried to explain the problem that Wonderland folk have with standing between two mirrors, but none of it makes a lot of sense. It’s something that you don’t do, something to do with memories, and Alice can’t quite tell if it’s anything more than superstition.


Jam Yesterday -- The White Queen -- 2612 words -- March 2010
This morning Mirana painted her lips the colour of very old wine. Now she pulls them into a smile.


unbolt the dark (three games of hide and seek) -- Mai/Zuko -- 663 words -- February 2008
Crouching under the low table requires Mai to simulate obesiance.

to cover a bruise (the rainy days remix) -- Azula & Mai -- 3953 words -- September 2008
[remixing Reign Within by [livejournal.com profile] rawles]
In the darkness of her chambers Azula splits the story and splits it again.


Contrecoup -- Kara/Lee -- 2269 words -- January 2006
The only thing handy is a cleaning rag, but she shrieks when it hits her in the face.

Suspect -- Kara & Lee -- 443 words -- January 2006
"Starbuck," he says, pulling the remnants of a smile together from where they have scattered and shattered on his face, fixing them together as best he can.

Seven conversations in the life of a genius -- Gaius Baltar -- 8041 words -- January 2006
She seems to wrap herself in strings he can’t quite see, invisible creeping cords that caress him like cobwebs, and sometimes he feels like he’s living inside one of those knots that are deceptively loose until you try and pull free.

A Night On Mount Olympus -- Kara, Lee, Tom Zarek -- 383 words -- January 2006
"Artemis, I presume?"

Deluge -- Kara/Lee -- 4721 words -- January 2006
So Kara has a stunning bruise across her cheekbone in shades of violet and ambrosia, and she smiles and hums little tuneless things as she pounds a dent out of her Viper.

Human Limits -- ensemble gen -- 2408 words -- January 2006
There's certainly no denying the fact that they're all going to die if this keeps up; it is, like everything in this crazy mess, simply a matter of time.

Amateur -- Samuel Anders -- 8710 words -- February 2006
When he runs his fingernails along the grooves in a pyramid ball, the octagonal pattern of stitching below the paint, he remembers that he too was a captain of something, once upon a time.

Infidelirium -- far too many pairings -- 3850 words -- February 2006
The third thing is that it's the end of the world.

Done With Mirrors -- Billy Keikaya & Laura Roslin -- 1066 words -- March 2006
Billy watches her and wonders how much she is hiding.

Benevolent Sibling -- SHEER CRACK -- 7671 words -- April 2006
"Couldn’t we be watching something a bit more stylish?" Simon muttered.

every flying machine has four basic controls -- Kara/Lee -- 548 words -- May 2006
They’ve always been good at pretending.

Rendering -- Kara & Sharon -- 451 words -- May 2006
Starbuck is spinning a pen on the table.

Almost Rhymes With Orange -- Lee Adama -- 2064 words -- June 2006
Letters are composed in your head, never on paper.

dagian (to dawn) -- Kara/Lee -- 1218 words -- June 2006
He's humming and his XO is looking at him strangely.

Timebomb -- Six & Gaius -- 320 words -- June 2006
(Tick. Tick. Helplessly, the scientist part of him is counting down.)

Belomancer -- Billy Keikaya -- 2401 words -- July 2006
Counting time to a heartbeat that isn’t yours – thun-ka-thun-ka-thun – a muffled rattle in your empty spaces, in your bloody cavities, an alien beat.

Our Pataphysical Divigation -- Kara/Lee -- 5242 words -- August 2006
pataphysics - the science of imaginary solutions or of nonsensical philosophy

Tesselation -- Kara & Leoben -- 3404 words -- October 2006
Submerged and bumping noses with her own mortality, wearing the edge of the bucket like an icy metal necklace, she counts her heartbeat.

end of the world again -- Kara/Lee -- 822 words -- October 2006
She feels the shiver run across her face in the same way that she feels the puff of cold air from the oxygen filter near where her fingertips rest on the metal.

High Road -- Kara/Lee -- 903 words -- November 2006
"Maybe you're not all that easy to leave," he says, and this time the bitterness rings out loud and clear.

Deadly -- Kara/Lee -- 1144 words -- December 2006
His chin jerks like she's got him on a string, like she's the one in control of this frakking parody of a love story, like if she pulls hard enough all of his limbs will lift into the air and tangle.

Gold To Iron -- Kara/Lee -- 4936 words -- December 2006
[cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust]
"We nearly die, Kara," he said. "That's what we do."

Those Journeymen Divine -- Kara/Lee -- 14,330 words -- January 2007
[cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust]
"Leave it to me," she says, grinning. "I have a plan."

Eleusis (and by my God have I jumped over a wall) -- Kara & Leoben -- 2833 words -- March 2007
Persephone never stayed still.

Set Light To Me Some Surprising Day -- Anastasia Dualla -- 4491 words -- March 2007
It is a new feeling to be ashamed of the echoes of her own feet, but death does strange things to the people it doesn’t rip apart.

A Sunny Day In Tartarus (The Nameless Things Remix) -- Kara/Lee -- 2839 words -- April 2007
[remixing The Reasons by [livejournal.com profile] daphnaea]
Actually what he likes most about the list is the impossibility of it all, and the messages she’s left in the gaps.


party like it's 1889 -- Bernard & Manny -- 2045 words -- December 2012
"Bernard, you hear that? The alcohol fairy needs our help!"


five awkward moments -- Booth/Brennan -- 1044 words -- May 2008
Unfolding their secrets one by one, origami in reverse, each new flattened crease laying something of themselves bare.

every man must choose his way -- Zack Addy -- 1103 words -- July 2008
"I'm going to draw you," she says as she sits down.

five things Booth thinks about when he's driving home at night -- Booth/Brennan -- 1626 words -- April 2009
He gives himself exactly the length of the drive back home (and no more) to think about Brennan in her dress.


Some Unexpected Properties of Wood -- Elinor & Merida -- 6897 words -- December 2012
Elinor remembered the slow drift from humanity to wild animal, like falling asleep listening to music until only the drumbeat remained.


a distinct lack of tutus -- Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz -- 2879 words -- December 2013
"Sure, whatever," says Diaz. She slouches even further into today's leather jacket. "Women hit on me all the time. I know how to handle it."


Best Supporting Actress -- Bang Bang -- 2254 words -- December 2012
Whatever role Bang Bang is going to have in the post-Stephen future, it's not going to be a silent one.


Ask Me How -- Dexter -- 4727 words -- December 2007
We haven't met, but I killed someone you passed in the street once.


Suture -- Nine & Rose & Jack -- 8376 words -- September 2006
Your stitches are ripped apart and she screams with a high weird voice that sounds like the cold seasons, like a child’s hand going limp, like empty prophecy, soaring through the din and making you want to cry.

No Sleepers Must Sleep -- Lucy Saxon -- 3513 words -- July 2007
These are the things that Lucy finds infuriating: transparent liquids, vanilla ice cream, slow music, and people who cannot speak Shakespeare correctly.

Mendelian Inheritance -- Doctor/Master -- 1300 words -- June 2007
They are what they become, which is the spontaneous dispersal of energy.

Resonance Structures -- Doctor/Master -- 2027 words -- July 2008
As a general rule, the way humans think about the universe is incorrect by a magnitude of a single dimension.

Uncertainty Principles -- Doctor/Master -- 4592 words -- July 2008
Every time he doesn't leave, every time he makes a choice, he feels the universe splintering under his hands.

Like a Ruthless Force -- Lucy Saxon -- 3860 words -- May 2009
[sequel to No Sleepers Must Sleep]
Their empire is ushered in with music and with music it continues, much to Lucy's pleasure.


Whatever They Have -- Bartleby/Loki -- 4592 words -- May 2005
When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen.


Number Systems -- Fraser/Kowalski -- 5355 words -- December 2005
See, before this 'Fraser is sexy' had just been one of those facts that everyone knows, just harmless facts like 'two and three is five' and 'the capital of Canada is Ottawa no wait Montreal no hang on Vancouver' and really it’s fucking ridiculous that nobody knows.


The Evolution of Reptiles -- Jamie Moriarty & Joan Watson -- 7708 words -- December 2013
"You could at least pretend at some small talk before you pull out the crayons," Moriarty says.


Dreamwork -- Timothy Linnet -- 6395 words -- October 2009
Somewhere in Timothy's head: a single faint note of the panpipes, as pure and as final as the edges of two red curtains, sweeping to touch each other in the cente of a stage.


things that are wrong with this picture -- Brittany/Santana -- 2798 words -- January 2012
It's like a game of Simon Says only you can't get caught out.


Ars Gratia Artis -- Aziraphale/Crowley -- 1436 words -- June 2005
Colour fades from the world around them, and when Crowley pushes open the door of the bookshop Aziraphale is sitting in front of a fire drawing with black, black ink.


Mnemonics -- Cristina/Burke -- 671 words -- March 2006
She passes him in the hallway, running to a code, barely noticing the painful slap of her aching feet against the hard floor.

Hiding Again -- Meredith & Addison -- 739 words -- August 2006
"We're having an illicit lesbian encounter. With jellybeans," Meredith said.


Medico della Peste -- Hannibal & Will & Abigail -- 5150 words -- May 2013
Will grasps the knife in his bloody hand and says, "This is what you did to Abigail, isn't it?"

Isometric -- Abigail/Will/Hannibal -- 1330 words -- May 2013
She accepts their anger, their investigation of her dented anatomy, and the love that lies beneath it.

we will become silhouettes -- Will & Hannibal -- 1060 words -- May 2013
Perhaps Will Graham would always have learned to smile like that, given deaths enough and time.

no hope of falling down -- Will/Hannibal -- 22,940 words -- May 2014
A circus should be a series of miracles, barely scraped into existence.


Twelve Pater Nosters -- Bruce & Billy -- 3535 words -- June 2007
This is a familiar feeling, this one, left over from the first film: it's so easy to slip into their world and start thinking like their games are real.


Delta -- Sirius/Remus -- 1811 words -- February 2005
They fight about families, of all the things never to bring up.

tip of your tongue -- Sirius Black -- 778 words -- July 2007
Making a good cocktail is in many ways exactly like a Potions class, and in many ways nothing like it whatsoever.

Healer -- Padma Patil/George Weasley -- 4506 words -- October 2007
Padma feels crowded with the words that are already scrawled on every inch of her, the power that she alone possesses, and she wonders if this new graffiti of education is overwriting that which already exists.

Wards -- Harry/Hermione/Ron -- 432 words -- December 2007
She imagines that she is a monitoring charm in human form, that if anything happened to either of them then she would know simply through the contact of her palms against theirs.

the game of kings -- Harry & Draco -- 6560 words -- July 2009
Here you are at the end of the beginning; this year is the axis upon which your fate spins, widdershins, the direction of undoing.

pick your apple (take a bite) -- Draco Malfoy -- 4328 words -- November 2010
His father wanted to fight for an idea, but that time has passed: Draco is in this war for no more and no less than the art of preservation.


when our falsehoods are divided -- Dakin/Irwin -- 8486 words -- March 2009
Et pourquoi mentir, à qui mentir?


five ways it could happen -- House/Cameron -- 922 words -- March 2007
"This," says their patient fervently, "is an awesome hospital."

take to witness all the gods -- House/Cameron, AU -- 6572 words -- March 2007
She could be almost dead and he could tell her in that voice to stand up and walk, and she would, she would.


five days that were difficult and one that wasn't -- Hiccup/Astrid -- 1732 words -- December 2010
These days Stoick liked to clap Hiccup heartily on the shoulder, and then, once Hiccup had picked himself up off the ground and stopped wincing, declare that not even impossibility could stop his son.


Autoimmunity -- Eames, gen -- 5590 words -- August 2010
He can always find his true face in mirrors, if he looks hard enough, no matter how many layers deep he goes.

five ties Arthur can't wear any more -- Arthur/Eames -- 2210 words -- August 2010
When he finishes swearing, Eames is looking at him with that infuriating expression that says Arthur is as transparent as the glass covering the face of his watch, and he knows every cog and every tick.

OH&S -- Yusuf, Arthur/Eames & Ariadne/Saito -- 2753 words -- August 2010
It's always the most experienced dreamers who get blasé about the process and start falling into bad habits.

The Manor House -- Ariadne/Arthur/Eames -- 23,636 words -- November 2010
[fic & art collab with [livejournal.com profile] inknose]
"The aims of this session are twofold," Arthur lies.

and little other care hath she -- Ariadne -- 2857 words -- April 2011
Every craft has its own language and she's already fluent in her own, so it's nice, in a way, to be starting at the beginning again.


the rope you began with (was never that straight) -- Cinderella, ensemble gen -- 3819 words -- December 2012
For all of her happiness, part of Cinderella is afraid of being stuck in a small story with the same few people for the rest of her life.


dance this silence down (the emergency room remix) -- Enjolras/Grantaire -- WORK IN PROGRESS
He's sitting in a car with all of his belongings in the back seat and his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, admitting to himself that a stupid, dizzy firework of a one-night-stand with a man he'd barely known is one of the only bright memories he has right now.
[remixing The People Sing by littledust]


Girls on Film -- Shannon/Boone -- 1755 words -- June 2005
When he climbed onto the plane he almost wished that the ocean would open up and obey her words, swallow him and his guilt and their whole fucked existence.

the new cartographers -- Sawyer/Claire -- 245 words -- July 2006
His smile tilts north-north-west and she spins, longing, like a compass needle.


seven wonders of the scientific world -- Alice Morgan -- 2376 words -- December 2011
Alice has long known that she only has respect for things she can't manipulate; very few people fall into this category, which is mostly populated by constellations and the elusive wavelengths of invisible light.


we may be better strangers -- Freyja & Loki -- 4933 words -- May 2011
Freyja was born after, but in the same hour as, her brother. If anyone puts them in any order, it's purely by accident.

love is for childen and other lies -- Natasha Romanoff -- 30,205 words -- November 2012
War is the child's emptiness, the surrender of identity, the transformation into a simple system: purpose goes in, action comes out.

today begins and it's all that we have -- Clint/Natasha -- 6858 words -- April 2014
Clint has to blink blearily at the ticket before he accepts that it does say Boston and not Bogota or Berlin; in the past he's walked off one twenty-hour flight and straight onto another on Natasha's instructions, and he was half expecting to do the same now.


my secrets are doors -- Attolia/Eugenides -- 1315 words -- December 2010
As a young girl, the queen of Attolia thought about the manner in which love might strike her.


even the milky way -- Haruhi/Kyon -- 576 words -- April 2008
The attempted shy smile falls off her lips with an ease that suggests it was never really there in the first place.


Meteorology (five ways to defuse a prince) -- Merlin & Arthur -- 4596 words -- November 2008
In retrospect, it had taken a surprisingly short time for Merlin to decide that Arthur Pendragon was not actually a complete prat.

Quickening Days -- Merlin/Arthur -- 22,174 words -- December 2008
"You might destroy reality if you don't wear the hat," Arthur tried.

GOLDENEYE -- Merlin/Arthur, AU -- 1578 words -- March 2009
"Get on with it, Agent Pendragon, we're working to a bit of a deadline here. We don't have much time to indulge your insane kinks."

miss the train before -- Merlin/Arthur, AU -- WORK IN PROGRESS
Merlin turned the plane radio to a comedy channel, jabbed the volume down low, and fell asleep to the sound of Monty Python informing him that watery tarts going around distributing swords was not a reasonable basis for a system of government.


So Great & Beautiful -- Caspian/Peter, Caspian/Susan -- 8514 words -- October 2008
The sword drives into the ground, the force shuddering up your shoulders and down your back, and you wonder if Peter will be angry at you for wasting his gift.


Five people Sakura punches in the face -- Sakura -- 1712 words -- February 2008
Patience, Sakura decides, is for people who aren't holding lives in the space between their mind and their fingers.

talking for the dead -- Sai -- 873 words -- February 2008
Sai knows that the name that was chosen for him was a fortuitous one.

The Listening Sky -- Naruto/Sasuke -- 16,149 words -- March 2008
"And then," he says, "life goes on."

Gloss -- Naruto/Sasuke -- 2844 words -- March 2008
It begins with the way Sasuke reaches out and picks up Naruto's hand, with the way his lips are dry and smooth and he never even blinks as he pulls Naruto's fingers into his mouth.

Solfege -- Naruto/Sasuke, Shikamaru/Temari, but mostly ensemble gen -- 7720 words -- March 2008
When the land turns against you, what do you do?

Triage -- Sakura/Naruto/Sasuke -- 7838 words -- May 2008
Sakura has grown adept at recognising the point at which a fever teeters between recovery and fatality.

Anchored in Dust -- Naruto/Sasuke -- 9758 words -- July 2008
"You should probably know that I'm not very good at telling stories."

The Anatomy of Need -- Kabuto -- 4207 words -- January 2009
Call him a traditionalist, but Konoha's checkerboard existence has never been his favourite game board: light or dark, duty or disgrace, really, shinobi should know better.

Sleight of Hand -- Naruto/Sasuke -- 3194 words -- November 2009
There is no such thing as magic.


except in my affections -- ridiculous OT4 -- 3576 words -- December 2013
"It would be very irresponsible of our husbands and wives to let us go wandering, in what must be an enchanted forest, without their close supervision. It's nearly certain that we are married to each other."


daddy's gonna buy you a looking glass -- Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi/Hikaru/Kaoru (WHAT) -- 4946 words -- October 2007
It's exactly like and yet exactly unlike the old days: they are older, their edges are sharper, and they drag at one another's orbits with more and more force.

a wish to assimilate the world -- Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi/Hikaru/Kaoru -- 6392 words -- June 2010
[sequel to daddy's gonna buy you a looking glass]
Kyouya tries, as a general rule, not to reach within himself and start tangling his hands in the complexity of his needs; he lets them surface one by one according to the context, and then he acts on them.


turn your sail (never say we die) -- Will/Elizabeth -- 6301 words -- June 2007
Somewhere there are a thousand shores and ports where time is captured in clocks and passes in regular beats for the people of the dry ground.


Snapshots -- multicharacter gen -- 5009 words -- April 2005
His hands curl around a length of ribbon, a single feather, a letter folded so many times that the creases have begun to rip at the edges.

Circles of rust -- Lucifer & War -- 1238 words -- April 2006
Olive oil runs down onto her fingers and her grip becomes sloppy, sliding, slick with calories.

magic mirrors -- Lucifer & Grace -- 2625 words -- September 2006
Family was more than just the promises and the legalities, by now; it was grit in the bones, words in the blood, and effortless instinct.

a more excellent name -- Lucifer & Grace -- 1997 words -- January 2007
"Are you ever going to use words of fewer than three syllables again, or are there rules preventing that for Cambridge BAs?"

Gésir -- Mordred/Galahad -- 606 words -- October 2007
There is a long cold river tipped with the petals from God only knows what flowers; nothing grows on the banks but grass.


what the thunder said -- Kenneth Day -- 1557 words -- April 2007
He was getting a little tired of the city throwing curve balls at him, and even more tired of sending men down to this particular club to pick people up for interviews.


Genesis -- Ariel & Miranda -- 1297 words -- December 2006
Words are less important in some forms, but language is a habit not easily shed.

all afire with me -- Ariel, Miranda, Ferdinand -- 853 words -- July 2008
In the line of Miranda's smile is a childhood spent as sole mistress of an empty kingdom, princess in blood and stature and everything but name.


eff-em-ell, and other quotes for the official biography -- Tim Agnew -- 2334 words -- December 2011
Tim flat-out refuses to use either 'ma'am' or the proper styling of The Right Honourable with someone who's been comparing him to various parts of a donkey's anatomy for as many years as Katherine has, so Prime Minister it is.


look west from London -- Molly Hooper -- 4588 words -- February 2012
There are almost no lies in the way that Molly presents herself, only omissions.


five gifts casey mccall has given dan rydell -- Dan & Casey -- 1227 words -- December 2007
"I owe you, man," came Dan's voice from under the desk. "I owe you so hard."


Mixers -- ensemble gen -- 1183 words -- February 2007
"All of you shut up," Elizabeth told them, "and put on your paper hats."

No More To Leave It -- Weir & Sheppard & Atlantis -- 3275 words -- April 2007
The city and John are so alike; they prefer to negotiate down the barrel of a gun, or at the tip of a knife.


Unlisted Side Effects of Metacetamin-Derived Opiates -- Kirk/McCoy -- 2441 words -- June 2009
[fic & art collab with [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots, NSFW]
He takes one look at Jim, narrows his eyes, and then points his index finger like a scalpel and snaps, "Sit," despite the fact that Jim is in fact already fucking sitting.


Mach 2 -- Ben Gannon/Kara Wade -- 1548 words -- August 2006
He doesn’t know what he was expecting; if he thought she’d be more streamlined, more precise, less human.


Lines on Palms -- Laurent/Damen -- 13,639 words -- December 2013
"Ah," says Damianos. "The game is not to be seen."


Intrapolate -- Dean & the Crossroads Demon -- 791 words -- September 2007
You want to see if what's under your feet is really concrete and if she'll gasp as you slam her down into it.

Snegurochka -- Dean & Sam -- 539 words -- November 2007
The girl has an ice-carved look, her features all in sharp shades of blue and white, a cold drowning depth to the shadows and hollows of her face.


Jokes I May Have Misremembered -- Jack Harkness -- 1624 words -- November 2006
He travels and travels until the jetlag would have killed anyone else, until he can feel the time sickness shredding his sanity, and then he aims himself at the last clue he’s got and pulls back on the throttle.

Paramagnetic -- Jack & Suzie -- 5977 words -- December 2006
They are the house that Jack built, and they reflect the flaws of their architect.


My Friday Smile -- Amanda -- 1930 words -- March 2007
She’s never had the courage to defy a trend; she wears them too well.


the lights burn blue -- Evey Hammond -- 1078 words -- April 2006
Of the eight hundred and forty-two songs she will allow herself only one per day.


Biconvex -- Neal/Peter/Elizabeth-ish -- 8663 words -- January 2010
"Welcome to the world of honest work, Caffrey," Peter drawled, his mood already on the rise again. "Enjoy your stay."

Boundary Conditions -- Neal/Peter/Elizabeth -- 6342 words -- January 2010
[fic & art collab with [livejournal.com profile] lizardspots]
It was Neal who showed him the problem with trying to solve his wife like an equation, and it's likely that the same approach isn't going to get him anywhere now.

five orders Peter gave Neal in public -- Neal/Peter/Elizabeth -- 1441 words -- January 2010
[sequel to Boundary Conditions]
Neal wanted to say something clever, something outrageous, but Elizabeth was watching him with a challenge in her bright lovely eyes and Neal's body was conditioned, by now, to that particular note in Peter's voice.

three times the link proved embarrassing, and one time they didn't care -- still Neal/Peter/Elizabeth-ish -- 1564 words -- January 2010
[sequel to Biconvex]
"It's a professional arrangement," Peter said firmly.


Liquidating the Assets -- Fuuma, Seishirou/Subaru. CRACK. -- 3662 words -- July 2004
"You’re the Dragon of Earth." Kanoe pointed out. "You should take responsibility for financing your own apocalypse."


Anthem for Doomed Youth -- Raven -- 12,918 words -- June 2011
For so long it's just been the two of them; her and Charles, the first and only person who wasn't afraid of her real form. Erik is the second.

Prayers for the Living -- Charles/Erik -- 29,589 words -- August 2012
[cowritten with [personal profile] littledust]
"And you?" Erik says, putting his glass neatly down next to the chessboard. "What do you fear, Charles Xavier?"


Where all the veins meet -- Lost/Cruel Intentions -- 10,824 words -- July 2005
All he could think, standing there under the trees with his mouth open like every other stunned spectator of a disaster of this sort, was that it was his fault for not paying attention.

Nights of endless conversations -- Sandman/Firefly -- 3026 words -- September 2005
Morpheus looks up, then, looks the man straight in the face, and Captain Malcolm Reynolds sees black pricked with the perfect, distant, blue-young stars that he has been sailing towards his entire life.

Crying Call -- Good Omens/Firefly/Sandman(/Milliways) -- 17,383 words -- October 2005
"Are you sure you want to hire this bunch, Mr Crowley?" Mal says dubiously. "They’re obviously a bunch of unreliable lunatics."

today & tomorrow -- Stealth/The West Wing -- 533 words -- January 2007
"Hello, you're the Navy pilots who averted World War Three, aren't you?"

The Holes in the Ground -- Doctor Who/Stargate: Atlantis -- 5152 words -- September 2007
Rodney has absolutely no clue what to do, what to say, but the Doctor keeps spinning and keeps talking and maybe all he's expected to do is sit there and listen.

From Another Country -- Narnia/Stardust -- 760 words -- May 2009
[cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics]
The years have left their marks on both of them, inside and out

five and a half people that james t kirk never succeeded in seducing -- Star Trek XI/VARIOUS -- 2556 words -- November 2009
"What the fuck just happened?" Jim demanded. "Don't answer that, Spock."

This Town We're Painting -- St Trinian's/Sherlock BBC -- 7932 words -- December 2010
She'd never expected to find herself a government employee. But these days Kelly had a boss who'd never once tried to hit on her, an expense account of apparently exospheric height, and a job that was almost as fun as outright crime.

Playing Games

(Anonymous) 2011-02-03 04:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, I adore your fics I honestly think you are the most talent fanfiction writer I have ever had the fortune of coming across. The way you write is so beautiful it's more like poetry than prose.

But I do have a minor compaint - the story through which I fell in love with your writing isn't here! Playing Games - A Les Mis fic! I hope you'll add it to the list here but until then I'll just read it on FF.N!

keep writing!
Azelia Sekai (ff.n) xx
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Re: Playing Games

[identity profile] fahye.livejournal.com 2011-02-03 04:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, thank you :) When I was putting this post together I made the decision to leave out most of my stories written before a certain date, largely because I don't consider them to be up to the standard of the others. I'm really glad you like Playing Games that much, but yes, it will probably stay at ff.n only.