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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello! Thank you for offering one of the following canons of my heart! Your taste is obviously impeccable.


I love this canon so much for being a lesbian romcom with absolutely no pretense at angst. It's ridiculous and enjoyable and hot and makes fun of itself. If you want to write 1000 words of Amy and Lucy making out, I would be down with that, but I would really love an ensemble piece that extrapolates the ridiculousness into everyone's future careers. What does Janet become? Where does Dominique's inevitable sexpionage career take her? Just how badass is Max? (A: the badassest). (I also have a secret longing for a future where Amy eventually gets bored of being good and instead she becomes a kickass art forger or something, and she and Lucy proceed to Bonnie & Clyde it up. I only ask that you don't let anyone sink Australia, because I live there.)

Queen's Thief series

Gen/Irene is probably one of my favourite literary pairings, and I would love any sort of story that demonstrates their complexity and sharp edges and hopeless attraction and agendas and growth. King of Attolia is my favourite in the series because I have a weakness for relationships being seen and described by a third party, so anything like that would be great, but we have so few decent peeks into the mind of Attolia that if you felt up to tackling something from her POV, I would be very impressed and grateful!

Howl series

I am going to keep requesting this forever, I expect. I felt DEPRIVED OF ROMANCE by House of Many Ways, because the Howl/Sophie interaction, while hilarious, was not designed to fire the hearts of faithful shippers. And I want to know so much about how Howl and Sophie's parenting styles differ, and what sort of kid Morgan grows into. I added Charmain to the list because I really loved Charmain, and if you wanted to write solely about her life and training then I would eat that up with a spoon, but I guess my IDEAL fic for this request would be some sort of awesome mentoring relationship between Sophie and Charmain, with bonus Howl and Morgan interactions on the side.


In general: I like subtlety, humour, moral ambiguity and fucking around with continuity. I like flawed relationships that work anyway, and friendly violence, and science & medicine, and mythology, and utterly gratuitous references to Shakespeare. I like interesting metaphors and fics that include sneaky meta commentary on the canon itself. I like romance with an edge to it, be it snarky, violent, amoral or begrudging.

My own master fic list is here, if you want to poke around and see what sorts of things I enjoy writing.

If you have any questions or worries at all regarding my tastes and inclinations, I suggest you message [livejournal.com profile] schiarire, who knows me far too well.

Most importantly: have fun and write something that you enjoy <3

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