28 Sep 2013

fahye: ([other] mining & translating the light)
I am intrigued by this 30 posts in 30 days meme, if only because it is surpassingly more suited to a blog platform like DW than FUCKING TUMBLR.

1. Introduction and recent photo

Hello! As most of you on here know, I am Fahye, though I've started going by my real name (Freya) as well because I am the privacy-slack person my sixteen-year-old self was determined never to be.

Partly this is because I have published and, with any luck, will continue to publish, under the name Freya Marske.

I'm 26 and have been kicking around fandom for more than a decade. Of my two passports I identify more with the Australian one but have the highest hopes for the English one.

I'm a doctor; next year I'll take the first steps down the specialisation road and start training under the College of General Practice. I spend a lot of time wishing that fanfic writers would send me anonymous asks on tumblr so that I could answer their medical questions and stop their fic from being wrong about everything from stab wounds to sexually transmitted diseases, but I'm not sure of the best way to publicise my willingness to provide such a service.

I like nail polish, dresses, secondhand book shops, baking things, musicals, people assuming that I'm a natural redhead, and the cities of Sydney and London.

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