5 Jun 2013

fahye: ([other] is not that strange)
1) I've totally lost track of who knows about this (the people I email? probably twitter??) but: I'm buying an apartment! It's a tiny one-bedroom place, buying off the plan, won't be ready to move into for at least another year. But it will be MINE, and it will be brand new, and the location is one that I didn't expect I'd be able to afford. Adulthood, Jesus Christ. I'm going to have a mortgage.

2) I listened to the 'Internet friendship' episode of [community profile] slashreport and I'm having a horrible fit of longing and self-pity about how much I miss hanging out with fangirls. I love my RL friends, but none of the ones I am in close proximity to are fannish at all. It was wonderful to hang out with people in the US last year -- even though by the time I ran into most of the Boston people I was in the midst of a severe introvert reaction and barely holding it together sociability-wise, SORRY -- and I am really sick of not having fannish friends on my CONTINENT, let alone in my city. I keep wondering if I should move to somewhere like Melbourne where I know a handful of fannish people and would be able to stumble across plenty more, but, well, a) incipient mortgage and b) work.

2a) How the fuck do people make friends on Tumblr? I DON'T GET IT. Which is a pity, because the Hannibal fandom seems 99% Tumblr-based (with the exception of the kink meme) and also full of cool people. How...do...connect??

2b) Dreamwidth, let's be friends. GROUP HUG. LEAVE A COMMENT.

3) I'm really liking my GP placement at the moment. I'm interviewing for the training program next weekend and am feeling very positive about it as a career path, especially considering the fact that it's easy to subspecialise as a GP in the two areas I like best (mental health and women's sexual/reproductive health).

3a) So many fucking adorable babies in clinic this week. "Yes, I must hold your child on my lap. It is important for...medical reasons. AREN'T YOU AN ADORABLE BALL OF GERMS, YES YOU ARE."

3b) How I have not yet come down with every virus under the sun, I have no idea.

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