1 May 2013

fahye: ([luth] metal on our tongues)
I'm here in the tiny country town where I will be spending the next few months, trying to adjust to GP medicine from the hospital mindset. The town itself has a couple of nice coffee places, a library, and -- within a five-minute walk of my house! -- a gym, two large supermarkets, a Dan Murphy's, and a pizza place. So. There's the basics covered. No Thai restaurants, but what can you do :(

I have a lovely large house all to myself, two doors down from the GP practice. And by 'lovely and large' I mean 'spacious and creaky'. I can't shake the feeling that I'm inhabiting the first few chapters of a Gothic novel. Branches keep knocking in a terribly Poe-esque way against the windows of the kitchen/dining room -- the only room where the wifi works well enough for me to set up my computer.

It's a good, modern kitchen though. I made epic amounts of tomato sugo tonight and threw zucchini and mushrooms into it, and then I salt-scrubbed and re-seasoned the rusty steel wok I stole from my parents (what sort of self-respecting kitchen lacks a wok? how do you cook anything??) and now I am drinking apple cider and contemplating unpacking the rest of my suitcase.

Maybe I will stare at my Hannibal fic some more first.

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