15 Mar 2013

fahye: ([science] the body is a roman thing)
- 178 words of Merlin fic

- 62 whole words of the short story

Even allowing for the fact that I was called in to work a busy afternoon/evening shift on my ward, that's still dreadful. Nevertheless! Making these posts is forcing me to at least write SOMETHING each day, which is a lot better than I was previously managing, so I'm going to keep it up.


This is your regular reminder that the Fight Like a Girl anthology now has LESS THAN $1000 TO GO before we make our target, new reward tiers are popping into existence, and there have been ideas for exciting bonus rewards tossed around in email threads, so go go go! give us your money!


My mother is twice as cool as me, this weekend: she has taken her new iPad mini to her intensive Tai Chi course in Brisbane and is using it to send me pictures of exciting art exhibitions.

Meanwhile I slump on my computer chair thinking vaguely about eating a Cadbury Creme Egg, like the glamorous and sophisticated creature that I am.

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