12 Mar 2013

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One of the perks of the very shift-based model that the junior doctors at my hospital are currently working under is days off after nights. I have the next three days off and another three days 'off on call' after that, which means 'off unless someone on my ward is sick'.

I have a tendency to spend these weeks staring at tumblr and baking things while tormenting myself about how much writing I'm not doing. Let's see if I can improve from that (admittedly terrible) baseline.

As a way of encouraging myself and getting back into the swing of using a text-based blogging platform regularly, I'll do a wordcount update at the end of each day.

If you're trying to write something at the moment, feel free to chime in on these posts with your own progress! We can lean on each other and moan about how terrible our willpower is.
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Not the best, but better than nothing:

- 825 words on the Merlin heist AU (!!!)

- 148 words on my Fight Like a Girl story (oops)

(SPEAKING OF, we are doing nicely, but we're still a fair way from our goal. If you've already chipped in, THANK YOU <3 If you haven't, please consider it! It's only $15 for the reward tier that nabs you the eBook copy of the anthology.)

It looks like this try-to-write-more project will involve me flitting between documents and stories like the coffee-fuelled little butterfly that I am, so if you know I've got a WIP or an existing story idea that you've been really hoping to see completed...uh, let me know? I'll open it up, I'll use it to procrastinate from something else, it's all good.

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