9 Feb 2013

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I've just signed my contract for a second year of work at my hospital; this is my residency year, which essentially means I do the same work as an intern but I'm expected to be better at it and I'm paid more. My terms this year are great: a general medical term, a GP placement in the coastal town of Bega, obstetrics & gynaecology, and Emergency.


I'm applying both to general practice AND psychiatry training this year, because I haven't made up my mind and GP apps are due in April so I can't twiddle my thumbs thoughtfully until the end of my GP placement in the hope that some decisiveness pops up in my soul. Either way, I'm hoping to stay in Canberra for at least the first three years of training. I love the city, it's where most of my support network is. But 2013 is absolutely going to be my last year living at home, so I'm going to be saving like mad and educating myself about real estate in the hope of putting a deposit on an apartment next year. I might as well: renting on your own in this city is almost as expensive as a mortgage.


Eeeeeverything. I just finished Perdido Street Station, which has been on my shelf for years. As with all of Miéville's books that I've read so far, I admired the plot and enjoyed most of the journey, but was pleased to reach the end and have no plans to reread it. Especially as PSS is a long, long story that puts its characters through hell and then refuses to provide even a smidgen of reward for the few left alive at the end. YOU SAVED THE WORLD. THAT'S ALL YOU'RE GETTING. NO, NONE OF YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT, INCLUDING HAPPINESS, NOW FUCK OFF. I do not always have the patience to deal with Miéville's thesaurus-happy brand of authorly sadism, and I can only cope with one of his books per year.


Polishing up an old story to submit to an anthology and trying desperately to trim its wordcount down; if unsuccessful, I've got another idea percolating for the same collection, but it'll have to be, you know, written. More on that later! I'm pretty happy that for the first time in my life, the majority of my creative ideas are tending towards the original. Not that I have any plans to abandon fanfic -- the document for my Merlin heist AU is OPEN AS WE SPEAK -- but I finally feel that I'm at a place where I can start to attack some of my own ideas without giving up in a fit of inadequacy. (There will still be fits of inadequacy. But hopefully I can move past them!)


In a worrying turn of events, my self-cheering impulse buy has moved from 'nailpolish' or 'lipstick' to 'cookbooks'. Oops. My most recent purchase is Nigella Lawson's Kitchen, and I've already tried out a few recipes on my family. I'm also totally obsessed with the Smitten Kitchen book's margarita pizza, and have been making it on a weekly basis.


can't buy clothes must buy HOUSE oh god adulthood help

This is a lie, I bought two pairs of hideously-expensive-even-on-sale work shoes from ecco and a pair of trousers to replace my beloved blue pinstripes, which after five years of heavy use have finally worn through :(

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