5 Jan 2013

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Hello, flist, hello. Part of me is sure this is a disastrous idea given the amount of unread books languishing on my bookshelves, but part of me is always up for an excuse to acquire long lists of new books, so here we go.

Last year my reading habits, so long based firmly around Novels with the occasional Play thrown in, expanded somewhat: I read a lot of poetry, and I also began to read a few more non-fiction books and memoirs. This year I would like to continue this expansion!

To that end, I am soliciting recommendations for:

- short story collections (either by single authors, or anthologies)
- non-fiction books on any subject*
- essay collections

...these being the areas in which I am very much Under-read.

*Thanks to [personal profile] highlyeccentric I just finished a book about the political history of modern Australian pornography and censorship laws; it was excellent! I am open to books about pretty much anything as long as they are well-written and engaging. I will also admit to a serious predilection for chatty pop-psych books by people who have given TED talks.

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