26 Dec 2010

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Packing! Packing! So much packing!

I think I'm going to save a whole bunch of Yuletide fics as html files and read them on the plane ride to London until my laptop battery dies :) HOWEVER, I have already devoured the two lovely fics written for me:

E.B.S. -- a D.E.B.S. future-fic (yesssssss) which is, excitingly, the first part of a series. MORE TO COME. Janet in this is my favourite <3

A Token for a Token -- a clever Queen's Thief story about the dedication of the temple in Attolia. I am so pleased I got a fic in this fandom!
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I really, really dislike the AO3's Kudos function.

If I get one, all I think is 'seriously, you liked it but you couldn't be bothered to leave a tiny comment?' and if I don't get one (new most depressing thing ever: the ability to calculate the Hits:Comments ratio on a fic) all I think is 'they must really have disliked it if they couldn't even be arsed to CLICK A BUTTON EXPRESSING POSITIVE OPINION'.

I can see why people like it, but it doesn't sit right with my idea of fandom courtesy. If I like something enough to read it all the way to the end, I leave a comment.

ETA: It has been pointed out to me that in my kneejerk sulkiness I missed the fact that it has accessibility merit and also oh-man-the-server-is-dead-again merit. Both good points!


ANYWAY. Despite that, this has been a fantastic year for Yuletide! I have been reading and bookmarking like crazy.

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