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Nobody asked for this one, but I had enough to say about it that I wrote it anyway :)

...holy shit, it is TOO LARGE FOR ONE POST. How embarrassing.

The fic itself is here.

Warning: contains approximately equal measures of erudite rambling and incoherent character-based flail. )
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Emma asked, Ji encouraged.

Warning: contains less science than usual, but bonus discussions of French verbs and genrebending.

PLEASE don't read this unless you've already read the story itself. It will ruin all sorts of things for you.

Here we go )
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I refuse to do a full-on commentary for this one, because it's epic and ruthless and scary and I only wrote half of it, but [livejournal.com profile] nextian asked me some questions about it.

I am doing this for Aria & Emma on the condition that they show me their Thomas/Henry. As I told Ji: this will render the vicious quadrilateral complete, and the four of us will never again be able to disentangle our cynicisms, and there shall be wacky crossover drabbles galore!

In which I spend a lot of time waxing enthusiastic about Thomas Beech )
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[livejournal.com profile] nextian requested this fic (House, AU) which is cool because I had no idea that more than four people in the world had ever READ it :D Looks like I'm doing another creepy-kidnapping-pairings story! (This is [livejournal.com profile] liminalliz's lucky day, clearly.)

The fic is longer than Eleusis but less crammed full of meta, so hopefully this won't get entirely out of hand )
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I promised back when I first wrote this fic that I would write a commentary for it because the sheer amount of references and meta that went into it were worth explaining, but it's taken me over six months to find the time :D And man, did it take time. There was a LOT to talk about.

Feel free to pick out anything you like and discuss it with me further, especially in the light of post-Maelstrom S3 events.

Here we go! )
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I needed to write this out for myself, so that I could make some of the concepts cohere, but if anyone wants a peek at how my brain works when I'm writing...this'll probably give you a fair picture :)

It isn’t, interestingly, really about the Doctor – inasmuch as anything connected to Jack Harkness can not be about the Doctor, which is not-really-at-all. )

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