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Well, I just cast my vote in my very first federal election (having missed the last one by a month). I expect [livejournal.com profile] tammaiya's 21st tonight to be a grand mixture of fun, frivolity, and drunken law students bawling enthusiastically at the TV screens.

In other news, final semester results are out! )

And now: YULETIDE *cracks knuckles*

go forth

14 Nov 2007 07:29 am
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Last exam today! I am wearing one of my favourite outfits, the one that makes me look like I should be playing pre-sexification Sandy in a production of Grease, I am going to get coffee at my favourite campus cafe, and I plan to celebrate afterwards by doing Christmas shopping in the city (I am so organised this year, my friends).

Then I plan on watching the latest Dexter and playing around at the Fifteen Minute Festival, because I missed the last one. You should all come and play too! The more people we get, the greater the abundance of gifts and delight.

And then: WRITING FIC. Instead of crowding out my academic thoughts with their usual inconvenient noise, my words held off respectfully until...yesterday. Which I do appreciate, but it's a relief to have them back.

This icon is so stylish, I love it.

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My life, ladies and gents.
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Holy hell, flist, it is a fucking miracle that I did not pass out in the middle of my parasitology exam, considering that I woke up this morning dying of the plague. My limbs are made of warm lead-goop, my sinuses are threatening to go Krakatoa on me, and apparently I am swearing a lot. Go figure. GREAT TIMING THERE, IMMUNE SYSTEM. FIRST DAY OF EXAMS. WELL DONE. But I think I passed, thanks to the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals and the fact that I become mildly possessed during exams and don't really notice anything except the words. Rats could have been gnawing at my ankles. I wouldn't have noticed! I only register things that interfere with the word-production, like the cramp in my wrist. That was a bitch.

But it is DONE and I am HOME NOW and my next exam isn't for six days. I am sitting in bed dosing myself with apple tisane* and That Big Gay Boat Movie because right now I need some soothing string music juxtaposed delightfully over epic naval battles.

I can't believe I deleted my Maturin icon! And I loved it so.

*Omg, this stuff is insane, my parents got it for me in Melbourne: it's pretty much glorified citric acid and sugar and apple flavouring in a funky box going for $15 which is laughably extortionate if one thinks about it, but it's also like heavenly music on my tongue and and sweet relief for my sinuses to the extent that I'd probably pay $20. Don't you hate it when that happens?
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Oh my god, you guys. I just - just - worked out what a 'strip mall' is. (We don't have a specific name for that here.) And...it's a familiar phrase, so I must have been reading it in books and fanfic and stuff for a while, but I...I think I must have been just vaguely associating it with strip clubs in my head? ALL THIS TIME.


See, I read so fast sometimes that individual words don't actually get registered, just the overall meaning of a sentence or a paragraph, and it took me getting a brief wafting mental image of strippers to actually slow down, back up, and work out what the phrase actually meant.

How weird.

I am tired and bored and my head aches from methodical absorption of parasitology and anatomy, and I still have a whole section on tapeworms (how thrilling) and another on the respiratory system (slightly more thrilling) to get through before the end of the day. All the books I'm in the middle of require too much thought, so I think I might go and drown myself in Under Milk Wood for a while. Whatever would I do without Dylan Thomas.

I kind of want comments. How about we play Picspam Of Stuff That Is Hot?

Here, I'll go first )
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Christ, my eyes, I am never volunteering to be the subject in a perception experiment ever again. (Actually, let the record show that I did not volunteer, but the other two people in my group have corrected vision and so they nominated me.) Three hours of fixating on a glob of blu-tac and indicating the orientation of stimuli in my periphery. And then an hour and a half of anatomy study. I have a real bugger of a headache.

Two hours until choir - looks like I'll be sitting here listening to a parasitology lecture recording and attempting to convince my eyeballs not to explode. Or melt. Or mutiny.

Unless anyone is around and wants to distract me or something. HINT HINT.
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Ow, ow, ow, I am typing and clicking the mouse with my middle finger at the moment because my poor index finger is developing a bruise from the vicious disposable lancet that we used to get a blood sample during my parasitology lab. I wasn't sure if I'd bleed well because I have kind of shitty peripheral circulation sometimes, but, well, I bled. Boy, did I ever! No modest drops welling up on the skin for me, no, my finger got really into the whole thing and started gushing everywhere. It was hilarious because I was the first person to get my finger pricked, and I was standing there chatting to my lab partner as she calmly pipetted the sample into an epi, and there was blood just streaming down between my fingers and everyone else in the queue for pricking looked kind of like: o_O

Er, I've realised that I've been talking more than usual about things like body parts and blood and dead people, all of which I find to be very cool, but...are you guys all right with it? Am I upsetting anyone? I can make an effort to put things behind cuts if you'd prefer.

Anyway, tomorrow I am taking the bus to and from Sydney for the USyd open day. I need to inspect a couple of res colleges (I am not living in the same corridor as a horde of drunken undergrads) and pick up some Arts/Law pamphlets for my brother. Arts/Law at USyd requires a completely ridiculous UAI, something like 99.85, but he's crazy smart (just got 100% for his HSC musicology essay) so he's got a fair shot.

USyd gets NO love, however, for the online administrative snafu that gave me a minor heart attack ten minutes ago: having booked my interview slot as soon as I got the email, and then promptly snapped up one of the last two non-refundable discount bus fares for that day, I arrived home this afternoon to an email explaining that there'd been an error and could I please re-book my interview?


But there were still some places left in my preferred slot. Thank goodness. WELL DONE, USYD. THIS HAD BETTER NOT SET THE TONE FOR THE REST OF OUR LONG AND BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP.
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Having spent two hours of the morning digging around in a (dead) human chest cavity with my begloved hands, waggling various bits of the human heart at people and spouting things that sound like Potter-verse spells, I am tentatively proud of the fact that my current state of death-warmed-up is not due to anatomical squeamishness ("Hey, look, you can peel back the skin! It's got a nipple on it! Awesome!") but rather due to a bad cold and severe cramps deciding to descend upon me on the SAME DAY.

My plan for the rest of the day is thus:

- meet with friend to drink coffee and discuss our perception experiment design
- psych & physics combined committee meeting to organise ball
- go home
- crawl into bed with a huge mug of tea and some Jekyll and not move for a very long time

Gina Bellman OWNS MY SOUL, by the way. I think that if she and Sarah Parish were ever in anything together my heart might explode with love. Yes! This heart! The semifunctional one on the icon, in which I can see the right and anterior left coronary arteries, the aortic arch, the pulmonary trunk, both left and right pulmonary veins, and the superior and inferior vena cava.

(Except of course my heart doesn't look like that; my aortic arch curves to the right, not the left.)

I think before coffee I'm going to go and distract myself in the beautifully heated Co-op bookshop, and maybe stroke a few DVD-based anatomy atlases.
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This is completely and vehemently not the detailed update you're looking for; well, perhaps not vehemently, as that implies a certain amount of energy, and I am existing in a state of rarefied exhaustion brought on by a mild cold and a weekend spent gadding my merry way around the Melbourne CBD. And tomorrow I need to spend frantically doing the two assignments that I neglected in favour of said gadding. So...this update will be lacking in depth.

Melbourne was visited. Anthony Warlow's Phantom was attended, and I know I won't be able to do justice to that experience with my current level of brain functioning, so I'll just say that it was sublime. I ate a lot of nice food and read I, Lucifer which was even better than I expected it to be and now I will resent Glen Duncan forever for writing the book that SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE TO WRITE, DAMN IT.

Money was spent. )

I may not be around a lot for the next week - heaps to do. Alas, I hear you all say, with a sad shake of the head, she's returning to her default state of only being online at wildly sporadic and perpetually inconvenient intervals!

Which, well, mea culpa. You know how life goes.
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This morning I got to hold a human brain. It was the most fucking awesome thing that has ever happened to me. Two and a half years of learning how it works and what the lobes are called and how signals are propogated in the cells, and today I got to hold one. And poke the cerebellum. And trace the lateral fissure. And also play with the spinal cord, which is an extremely cool-looking thing indeed.

[livejournal.com profile] setissma and [livejournal.com profile] schiarire and anyone else I'm meant to be talking to: give me an hour to make lunch and wash my hair, yeah?


18 Jul 2007 10:54 pm
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I tell you this: if I make it though this anatomy course without my brain exploding from the sheer number of words and facts and images I am going to have to cram into it, it will be a miracle. A miracle that will result in me feeling smugly well-educated, as though waltzing into a cocktail party and casually listing the features of the C1 vertebra is going to win me any friends at all.

Fahye: *in highly put-upon tones* Today we did the vertebral column! In 50 minutes! All of it.
Mum: There, there.
Fahye: This is possibly the one week of my life where having a father who is a spine surgeon could actually benefit me academically. So of course he is in India being world-famous and knowledgable about spines to other people.
Mum: Well, he has a plastic model of the spine at his office, we could go and get that. And we also own an entire set of bones that could help you study for the practical exam.
Fahye: ...oh.
Mum: *enters Dad's study and emerges moments later with a plastic baggie full of, yes, vertebrae* Here you go! They're numbered and everything!
Fahye: *weakly* I don't know if I ever thanked you properly for raising me and feeding me and letting me play with your set of real human bones.

Real bones, you guys, this is so awesome.

Anyway, you know what this means, don't you?

Yes. Yes. Everything I write for the next five months is going to be crammed full of anatomical terms and thus be absurdly indecipherable, and I will glee quietly to myself and pretend that describing the muscles of Sam Winchester's back using the proper medical terminology counts as studying. What. What. He has a nice back. DON'T JUDGE.

heigh ho

17 Jul 2007 09:31 am
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My beloved hometown thoughtfully pulled out all the stops, climate-wise, in honour of my return to university: it was minus four when I left the house this morning, with the result that by the time I got into my car the warm water I had, only seconds before, poured over the windows to melt the ice, was already forming icicles again. Yes, Canberra. I love you too, you crazy bitch.

But here I am - I had a flat white and muffin for breakfast at the Street Theatre cafe and now I'm blissing out in the heated medical school computer lab. It's like I never left!

My first anatomy class is at ten (well, actually, due to my personal knack for truly inconvenient subject choices, all three of my subjects have their first lecture at ten, so I'm going to have to do a lot of listening-to-lecture-recordings this semester), and I think I'm going to have to take a picture of my brand spanking new Grey's Anatomy for Students to show you all because it's enormous and LITERALLY SHINY in a psychedelic hologramesque kind of way. It's awesome.

I just realised that I won't have to touch a single test tube or plate of agar for six whole months. The thought is immensely liberating.

I'm feeling good about this semester, flist. Those three weeks of intense laziness managed to work most of the figurative stress-knots out of my mind, and I have people to smack me in the head if I start sabotaging myself again.
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...wow, I fucked that 60% exam up but good.

Ugh. And I was in such a jubilant mood last night.

I'm off to study for the two neuroscience exams now. If anyone wants to comment-spam me with joyful screencaps or tiny snippets of fic or babble about characters that I love, that would be really nice.
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Hi LJ!

*reads flist at 3.0 x 10^8 m/s*

Bye LJ!

(Don't you just love exams?)

Okay, I will stick around for long enough to whine a bit about how Milliways has triplets and also twins (Merc, Emmy...I don't even have words) and a Michael (omg) and Thom is alive and I got all re-energised about the Silver City plot a few days ago and I really really miss RP! Even though I was godawful at the logistics of it! I miss it!

It's well and truly winter here - I don't think we've had sub-zero temperatures yet, but we've had a couple of days where the maximum was less than ten degrees (not impressed, weather gods) and I'm starting to drink even more ridiculous amounts of tea and coffee than I usually do. Although my father had the bad manners to take the plunger coffee down to the coasthouse with him this weekend, so I'm stuck with instant, and it doesn't have quite the same psychological effect.

Speaking of, my mental health is...okay as long as I focus on the present. Which is very strange, for me. But the middle distance is seriously freaking me out; no idea why, and I can't afford the time needed to grit my teeth and put up with the paralysing panic for long enough to untangle the issues, so I'm shoving it aside at least until exams are over.

Oh, yeah, fic rec: Control by [livejournal.com profile] apiphile. Chilling and amazing Hard Core Logo fic, post-film.
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While everyone in the US seems to be starting jobs this week (gainful employment! well done, folken!), I am wondering how long I can delude myself into forgetting that my major exams are less than a week away. OH, STUVAC. Such a deceptive dichotomy of laziness and panic.

I'm off to make myself a meal that by this point I do not think I can reasonably call breakfast, and then attempt to organise a semester's worth of assignments and lecture notes and lab handouts into a form that I can start to study from.

In the meantime, have a meme that (thankfully) has no chance of exploding into long crazy drabbles:

Name a pairing that I am familiar with, in a fandom I am familiar with, and I will write one line for that pairing and fandom.

And speaking of one-sentence fics, [livejournal.com profile] rawles has gone on a sublime spree of capslock with one-sentence fics/personal canon/hilarious reasons why characters suck. Contains spoilers for Heroes, BSG, PotC:AWE, The Office and Avatar, and is a wonderful mess of glee shot through with snarky rage.
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Papers and journals and page after page of handwritten notes everywhere - pain developing in my right wrist - fate of hundreds hanging in the balance intense craving for junk food.

Seems like it's going to be a Rodney McKay kind of day.

*levers self off chair*


*goes to get more coffee*

ETA: This song is getting a lot of my iTunes time at the moment: Evermore - Running
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Me: Shit, I'm such a procrastinator, I just watched three episodes of Friends instead of working. I am so unproductive.
Me: Hang on, that equates to...an hour of free time. ONE HOUR.

Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony SOME PERSPECTIVE.

GAMSAT results come out later this week. I didn't think I was worried, but my body has decided that I am, so for the past three nights I have had insomnia combined with unpleasant squirming in my stomach. Let's review the things I have to get done before the end of the month:

- mark another ten or so calculus papers (supposedly by tomorrow. HA. we'll see.)
- do five HORRIBLE assignments
- put together resume + addressing-of-criteria + references + ubiquitious piles of paperwork for my application for the DHA Graduate Program next year
- apply for medical schools & residential colleges at said medical schools
- lots of other juggling balls like tutoring jobs and skating judging and choir rehearsals, all of which I am kind of wishing I could just drop and let shatter

And then: exams! Hahahaha.

I...this has not been a good year so far. BUCK UP, 2007.

It's freezing in here. I'm going to go and get some tea.


10 May 2007 11:05 am
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You have to admire their balls, if nothing else.

I am at uni, slogging my way through the surprisingly vast literature on neuroimaging and lie detection. Getting a headache from staring at pdf files. Time to head home and do something soothing like...mark the enormous pile of maths papers that my boss dropped off yesterday.


zoom zoom

8 May 2007 04:29 pm
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hi lj can't stop & chat too busy even for capitalisation uni is eating ENTIRE LIFE hurrah(?)

less than two months to go of year 3 semester 1. existing on coffee (and prospect of three blissful weeks without stress).

hate: windows movie maker aka the scarlet whore. uni administration snafus --> paycheque being three weeks late. walking between campus and city bus interchange lugging 3kg journals. distressing lack of anything resembling a) sufficient sleep, b) exercise.

love: missy higgins. peppermint green tea. my sister. sunsets that start at 3:30pm and get greyer and thinner and fainter and more lovely.


25 Apr 2007 03:11 pm
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I'd forgotten the downside to leaving lab reports until the day before, especially when said day is a public holiday: when you realise that your results are so hilariously fucked that you can't analyse the viral titre by choosing an absorbance value within the linear section of each graph because those sections don't overlap, your only hope is frantic emails to the lecturer's uni email address, which, if it's a public holiday, she won't be checking.

*rends own hair and clothing*

Looks like it's time for some real, quality, desperate bullshitting.

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