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Words specifically for [livejournal.com profile] schiarire, and as such probably of limited interest to people who are Not Ji, but they exist and I wrote them and that is all I care about.

Three drabbles, different POVs. Fandoms (uh, such as they are) indicated by tags.

Thomas Beech, I missed writing you. )
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It is a constant source of amazement to me that [livejournal.com profile] schiarire and I can talk as often as we do and yet never run out of things to say. In fact, sometimes we produce conversations of WONDER.

Emma, Aria -- this is relevant to your interests )
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Ji & I declare: Thomasine Mystique drabble-a-thon! )
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JI: You should drabble something.
FAHYE: What?
JI: Thomas Beech/your choice

Brand new original character ahoy! Also, this is not a drabble. )
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Okay, so only two other people in the world will actually give a damn about this thing that Ji and I wrote tonight as part of our grand and near-heroic Yuletide procrastination (ohgod), but I am still making a whole new LJ tag just for the occasion. I expect it will be getting quite a bit of use in the future *looks balefully at [livejournal.com profile] ariastar and [livejournal.com profile] nextian*.

It's a sequel to this. Sort of.

Thomas is just beginning to be proud of his career )
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I refuse to do a full-on commentary for this one, because it's epic and ruthless and scary and I only wrote half of it, but [livejournal.com profile] nextian asked me some questions about it.

I am doing this for Aria & Emma on the condition that they show me their Thomas/Henry. As I told Ji: this will render the vicious quadrilateral complete, and the four of us will never again be able to disentangle our cynicisms, and there shall be wacky crossover drabbles galore!

In which I spend a lot of time waxing enthusiastic about Thomas Beech )
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I had a few constructive/fandomly things to say, but the unremitting exhaustion that Wednesdays confer on me has driven them all out of my head. I am crazily stressed; my coursework is tough as nails and sometimes feels like it's crushing me into the ground, I'm very worried about the GAMSAT, and once again I'm in the position of only seeing my friends one day a week and spending the other six days walking around campus in my own silent bubble, all the anxiety percolating and self-propogating. It can't be good for me. I'm getting a bit ragged at the edges, and it's only the third week of term.

I'm going to watch an episode of Avatar and go to bed.

Also: Ji & I have spent the last few weeks out-heartless-ing each other with this fic here. Maybe we shouldn't be allowed to cowrite very often; just as a fraction multiplied by another fraction produces an even tinier fraction, the combined powers of our grandly minimalistic brands of fictional cynicism seem to have the power to quash all joy.

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