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I've had a pretty rocky week, and I am just going to make a tiny picspam so that if this week is equally rocky (which it is shaping up to be -- impressive, considering it hasn't even begun yet) I will have something to open and stare at and remind myself of things that bring me joy. Okay? Okay.

Spoilers, obviously )
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Okay yes I'm a million years behind the times but I have been desperately spending my internet money acquiring S4 episodes of The Office because ... I don't know, I'm stressed and it's my ultimate comfort show, I love it so much ... and I need to say:


holy shit



*flaps hands around*

Also, I have rewatched the kissing at the end of 4x13 at least once a day for the past week. I think I have a problem.
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Tra la la la laaaaaa la la la la! Sign-ups are open!

Seriously, Yuletide is the best seasonal fun a fandomer can have, and a great chance to write something/have something written for you in a small fandom, so I'd really encourage everyone to give it a go. There are some really interesting fandoms listed this year (CATHERINE JINKS' PAGAN SERIES. HOMG.) but I'm glad I did it last year, because I could scratch a few off my personal list to make room for NEW ones. I ended up requesting Dexter, Jekyll, Larklight & Shakespeare Retold's Taming of the Shrew; I'll probably write up my Letter to Santa once assignments are given out.


Watching the new Office episode. OH KELLY KAPOOR. ILU.
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What the hell, body. I skipped choir last night in order to give you ten hours of sleep, took a nap earlier this afternoon, and you're STILL EXHAUSTED? What is this? SHAPE UP.

Today after my anatomy prac (abdominal viscera -- finally, something I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about) I sat in the beautiful, beautiful almost-spring sunshine in Union Court and read The Merchant of Venice while wearing my SHAKESPEARE HATES YOUR EMO POEMS shirt. I felt very meta. And I'd forgotten how kickass that play is, seriously, it's fantastic and funny and hilariously gay. (I have a tutoring session later this afternoon wherein I will get paid to help someone with an essay on it. Shakespeare = money does not seem like it should compute. This must be what actors feel like ALL THE TIME.)

[livejournal.com profile] lone_lilly linked to this Office promo, and if I weren't feeling like death warmed up I would be leaping around going OMGOMGOMG à la Kelly Kapoor (who seems to have acquired some bitchin' attitude, by the way).
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I'd forgotten how much I love The Office. Bizarrely, though, it makes me wish I had a job. (You know. Not their jobs, but...employment. Coworkers. Etc.) Of all the S4s that are starting soon (funny how many good shows started four years ago!), I am probably most excited about this one.

Okay, and BSG :D Speaking of, I have been sporadically downloading stuff during the post-VVC festival of shiny things, and I do have a particular rec:

Signal to Noise by [livejournal.com profile] keewick. Loosely Lee-centric, but it contains footage from all three seasons, and I love it because it cleverly illustrates the moral ambiguity at the heart of the show; the decisions, and corruptions, the uncertainties of allegiance, the politics and mythology, and the shifting lines of trust and responsibility between the characters. It's a tricky song, too, but the editing suits it beautifully.
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1) This Good Omens art by [livejournal.com profile] jdillon, which is a phenomenal series of character portraits.


3) Spooks. Gazing at the screen and wanting to do very, very dirty things to Rupert Penry-Jones. (I cannot WAIT until Hermione Norris appears, although I will have to restrain myself from squealing "Carol!" every time she is on screen.)

4) This song.
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For once, for once, my immune system has impeccable timing - I'm getting sick, but my mid-semester exams are over and I only have one assignment to get done this weekend. This afternoon/evening I have finished S5 of The West Wing, made some embarrassing flaily noises at Bradley Whitford and Jason Isaacs (GAZA. OMG.), and I am now planning to sleep. A lot.

The latest Office episode was probably the greatest. thing. imagineable. )

fic rec!

24 Feb 2007 11:36 am
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I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time pimping the works of [livejournal.com profile] pirateygoodness, but she keeps writing things that are so crazy nobody else would even bother to humour the concept, let alone indulge it hilariously.

Ergo: If the Colonial Fleet Ever Finds Earth, They'd do Well to Take up Beet Farming

Four moments in Dwight and Angela's relationship that involved Battlestar Galactica.

Read and love.


In me-news, I am EVEN MORE SICK, wtf body, but have promised my mother I will clean the bathrooms, kitchen and family room today.

*girds self with tea and Panadol*
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1. “No sex forever, Apollo,” she says without raising her eyes, and his hand wavers near his pile of coins, under the amused gazes of the entire table, before he sighs and folds on a hand of full colours.


Yuletide is drastically incomplete and yet all I want to do is write fifty-sentences fic of pilots in an established relationship because the fandom has a sad lack of that and CLAIRZA IS A HO (yeah, remember that one?) and she is encouraging me in an extremely unhelpful manner.

I watched all of Arrested Development S3 yesterday and today, which meant many gleeful hours sitting on the couch stuffing my hand into my mouth to keep from shrieking with laughter. WHAT. As I told Ji: S1 was funny and random, S2 was hilarious and batshit insane, but S3 was like what might result if Shati, Emmy and Sweeney took a lot of illegal drugs and then sat down and threw ideas around and only kept the MOST RIDICULOUS ONES.

I want to watch all of The Office S2 again. Randomly.

I am yet to watch the latest ep of Torchwood, even though it is sitting there on my hard drive. Mostly because everyone's reactions to it, even the purely non-spoilery stuff that I've been exposed to, have been less than enthusiastic.
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Despite the large amounts of cell physiology study that I did not, in fact, get done, today was a good day for many reasons.

1) A BLUE HOUSE OF REPS! A female Speaker! Oh, America. I am so pleased for you.

2) My two Threadless shirts arrived and I love them to pieces. They look really good. And I am lacking-in-chest enough that the Small size fits perfectly, which I was a bit worried about.

3) I watched a billion episodes of The Office. I have grown to love it, aided by that fact that I think I am becoming immune to Steve Carell. ALSO JIM AND PAM. JIM AND PAM. EEEEE. It makes very good mindless entertainment.

4) I have decided that I am going to move to London after I am a qualified physician. My mother says that I can get my dual citizenship renewed easily. We're talking something like ten years in the future, here, but...this is something I have wanted to do for, oh, my whole life? Long-term goals are comforting.

5) I may or may not have volunteered to get drunk and write something deeply disturbing for [livejournal.com profile] schiarire and [livejournal.com profile] muffinbutt. WE'LL SEE.

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