9 Sep 2010 10:00 pm
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Today in Inception Fandom Is Batshit Awesome news:

- My Softer World comics remade with Inception screencaps <3

- MY LITTLE PONIES. KJAHKJADHADGHJASGAJ. Cobb and Mal are my favourites.


[ profile] ristrettoette (one of the people who taught me to write, no lie) is kicking around LJ again, as she does, and dashing off brilliant Sherlock fic, as she does. My favourite so far is the latest one, Rate of Change. For a moment you had envisioned that one cheap wheel forever embedded, cheerful, spinning. READ IT.


This is not a link, but: my parents are in Turkey and my mother keeps sending me amazing travel emails and I WANT TO TRAVEL AGAIN :(


11 Jun 2010 06:35 pm
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[ profile] inknose is amazing!


18 Apr 2010 06:40 pm
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First, some fanart produced by my flist:

Holmes/Watson with bondage (PG-13) by [ profile] lizardspots, with delicious shadows and power dynamics.

Bones doodles by [ profile] inknose, with ADORABLE TEAM and Sweets on the internet


And the book meme, stolen from kayloulee )
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* Perpetuum Jazzile doing Toto's Africa -- this is an old old link that we watched in choir last year to get inspiration for our own rendition of a very similar vocal arrangement. We did not have an AWESOME BEATBOXER, however, so they win.

* White Collar fandom is being pretty damn amazing on the Neal/Peter/Elizabeth front, so have a few recs: Contractual Obligations: A Love Story in Three Traffic Lights by shaenie is an amazing, intricate, kind of brutal fic that is mostly a negotiation between three very smart and very complicated people. I'm not sure I buy some aspects of the characterisation entirely, but it's good enough and intelligent enough that I am fully prepared to accept these versions of the characters for the duration of the story. Figure It Out by lightgetsin has a very satisfying and well-paced balance of plot, sex, and Peter's Dominance Issues (hello, my favourite thing about this fandom). Plus of course there's Taking Liberties by astolat, in which NOBODY IS SURPRISED that astolat writes these characters perfectly.

* Eyaiverse, as ever. I reread bits and pieces of these stories whenever I want to be cheered up. I am so fond of every single one of those characters <3 (Fry! We need to add the eYuletide fics to that list.)

* My best friend is pretty awesome sometimes, and by sometimes I mean ALWAYS.
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Er. Despite the many, MANY other things I am in the middle of, this piece of fanart by [ profile] lizardspots seized hold of my brain yesterday. So I scribbled very fast for a while in order to PURGE THE MADNESS, and this appeared.

This is slapdash crack. I repeat: CRACK. It should not be mistaken for good-quality fic in any way, which is why I'm posting it here instead of at the ficblog.

You will never, ever know how hard I tried not to name this GOLDENEYE. But I failed. Because the laws of crack must be obeyed. (A bitter kiss will bring him to his kneeeeeeeees!)


Get on with it, Agent Pendragon, we're working to a bit of a deadline here. We don't have much time to indulge your insane kinks. )

fanart omg

7 Jan 2009 10:10 pm
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[ profile] yutaya has done some amazing, hilarious, adorable fanart for Quickening Days and it has basically put me in the best of all possible moods.

Lady Emilia! Merlin's expressive face! The Epically Destined OT4! ARTHUR LEERING AT GWEN!


This fandom is THE GREATEST.
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I am having some kind of intense OMG NEW MUSIC-gasm here. Holy shit. So many new albums.

THANK YOU, [ profile] highlyeccentric <3333


Okay, the real point of this post is to wave my hands excitedly at the results of the latest -- well, my very first! -- [ profile] oh_shit_santa challenge, in which artists had to write and authors had to produce art. What have I learned from this? This is a crazily multitalented fandom o_O I'll just mention a few of the entries, although all of them are worth glancing at:

-- First off, [ profile] andreanna wrote (for me!) some adorable Team Seven crack that came with a bonus doodle. LOVE.

-- [ profile] sarolynne did an incredibly NSFW but incredibly lovely piece. SEXY NO JUTSU + INO IN A PIMP HAT, GUYS.

-- [ profile] bellicosus claims to be an artist and not a writer, but her SasuNaru ficlet Dreaming of Noise is simply amazing.

-- My entry for [ profile] tonko_ni was whipped up in a tortuous MSPaint session. Its only redeeming quality is that it's TOPH, who can redeem pretty much anything just by being herself.

-- [ profile] tonko_ni herself made a much more respectable shot at a Zuko-Sokka picture. IT'S SO AWESOME.

-- [ profile] myrafur decided to get her hands on some crack laced with glitter and porn, and at the height of her intoxication she wrote this little gem. Because she's A CRAZY GENIUS WITH A PENIS FIXATION THAT RIVALS SAI'S (er...ILU Myra!).
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It's a cold rainy Monday morning and I have a lab at 8:30 but am I feeling grumpy about it? NO. Because [ profile] a_white_rain linked to this doodle by [ profile] shashinboku and I have been grinning like a crazy person for at least 45 minutes straight. SUBARU. AND TEN. I CANNOT IMAGINE A COMBINATION MORE ADORABLE THAN THAT.

Can you imagine Subaru as a companion for Ten, though, they'd just end up going to a bar somewhere and getting totally shitfaced while complaining about their respective sadistic boyfriends.

(Meanwile, Seishirou and the Master plot to kill lots of people! Again!)
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I wasn't going to post about OotP because I've been living in a state of near-complete apathy about the whole HP thing for years now Since seeing the film I am slightly more excited about the last book, but slightly is still not a whole lot.

Anyway, some thoughts )
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1) This Good Omens art by [ profile] jdillon, which is a phenomenal series of character portraits.


3) Spooks. Gazing at the screen and wanting to do very, very dirty things to Rupert Penry-Jones. (I cannot WAIT until Hermione Norris appears, although I will have to restrain myself from squealing "Carol!" every time she is on screen.)

4) This song.
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My friends list is a hilarious/awesome place sometimes. I should do this more often.

- [ profile] mercuriazs has solved all of our fandom woes with the concept of wikicanon.

- [ profile] stars_like_dust wrote a sequel to Stupid Thing Last Night in which she sort of remixes Benevolent Sibling and includes gratuitous Kat/Racetrack and it's hilarious and hot and full of pilots both old and new. YAY.

- [ profile] marenfic wrote Kinesic, a deliciously bitter Dee-POV piece focusing on 'Unfinished Business'.

- [ profile] blackboggart should be getting way more attention from HP fandom than she is, because I think her art is just gorgeous (she's on a Remus kick at the moment).

- [ profile] emiloy did a Jack fanvid to Savin' Me, which, well, come on. It had to be done sooner or later, and although it could certainly have been done better, this chooses some interesting clips to include. (Okay, I especially like it because it uses 'Small Worlds' footage, and I loved that episode to tiny pieces.)

- I believe I first got this recipe from [ profile] bantha_fodder, though I could be wrong...anyway, these are the best cookies in the world. (I use the word 'cookies' for soft, chewy things like the ones that Subway makes, and 'biscuits' for harder ones like gingernuts. That is just me. I embrace all Western food terms!) I am making a batch this afternoon )

Finally...thank you, everyone who commented on my last post, though I really was serious when I said I wanted to hear what you liked about you :) I won't be ungracious, however; I was in a low spot, and there's no remedy quite like feeling loved. Thanks.


23 Feb 2006 11:20 pm
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A general post of pimpage. Because I can!

[ profile] blackboggart's art remains the shiniest thing in the world, and I am totally not biased because she's giving me one of the originals as a late birthday present.

I have been listening to Mighty Six Ninety's Leave This World over and over. It's a great song by what I'm fairly sure is a little-known group. Unless this is one of those songs that's played on the radio all the time. But I got it from Ji, so it probably isn't :D

Gratuitous self-promotion of the day: my latest BSG fic, which is heavy on the disjointed structure and confusing pronouns and light on anything resembling happiness. Yeah. I'm going to go and drink vividly coloured soft drink and try to write something cheerful, now.

Lastly, I would like to pimp Alex Band's hair and sunglasses.

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Being the annual celebration of [ profile] izumihydra's birthday, otherwise known as A Bunch Of Aussies Do Their Darndest To Celebrate Halloween. And a grand old job we do too.

Image hosted by

Warning: lots of pictures. Lots. Though none larger than the group shot above. I have Resizing RSI.

(Tink, m'dear, I'll be putting the 1200x1600 pixel versions of these on CD at the end of the year, so I can give you the disc then if you want to get them developed)

Pimps, pirates, priests and party madness! )

On an unrelated note, everyone should go and worship [ profile] blackboggart. Partly because she is my Op-Shop Guru and talks me into buying many pieces of secondhand clothing, but mostly because her art is amazing and I think I may be in lust with her Charlie Weasley.
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*smiling like a mad thing*

So not too long ago I wrote a Good Omens fic for [ profile] linnpuzzle's birthday, right?

And lo, for Linn is all things marvellous, she has produced art! And it's hot and sharp and an amazing illustration of the last scene in the fic, and you should all go and tell her how wonderful she is.

...the first thing to touch Crowley’s back is a quick brush of lips, where shoulders meet neck.

And now I shall go bury myself in notes and studying, because I am getting sick AGAIN but I am also stressed out of my mind and it's not going to abate unless I'm doing something constructive. Ji, Holly - if I'm not online tomorrow to slowtime that thead, it's because I'm frantically trying to finish my essay and organising meetings and visiting florists and attempting to pull my sanity together.
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Dangnabbit, I should have kept my PIMP icon. Ah well. Crowley! Everybody loves parfait Crowley!

Very quick update to say that anyone who wants their journal to remain spoiler-free for HBP and/or just wants to see some hilarious and adorable HP art should go and look at these banners by [ profile] tairamika. Her pissy little Harry owns me.

Also, thanks to [ profile] crazylittleme for this link here, which should be read by anyone who likes Penny Arcade and/or the amusing intricacies of Engrish. Warning: move all liquid refreshments to within a safe distance of your computer before commencing reading.

Last night? I skimread aaaaall of Good Omens, pausing to stare and take notes at the bits about Crowley, Aziraphale and the Horsemen. Ideas = taking shape! Nny, Linn - if you see me online, poke me until I start writing! I have less than a week of free time left.

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