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Ji: you should lj post about your non-academic life
in fuller detail


*salutes* )

ETA: Okay, I am only doing this because I am pretty damn sure that nobody on my flist is coming to Med Revue (except Nilru & Highly so they are to keep VERY QUIET about this, because otherwise I will be slaughtered for leaking material). We made some videos of small groups of us (there are ten couples in the actual dance) so that we could see who needs to improve what. The guy yelling out counts at the beginning is one of the other choreographers :D

Tango rehearsal -- look! it's me! dancing! (I'm the tall one in the red top.)


5 Apr 2008 10:12 am
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Outside the Maples building is an old wooden bench with a plaque on it, donated by one of the college alumna, and I've never stopped to actually look at it before this morning. The name on the plaque is, in fact:


Me: sjhdisaudsbdsdb??

Awesome, y/n? I wish my surname was half as lit-geeky.

Anyway, once again my grand plans for the day have been swept out the window by the prospect of coffee + Glebe markets + Thai lunch + fun shopping with some of the other postgrads. Oops. Tonight I am going to chain myself to a library table (oh yeah. you wish you had Saturday night prospects as exciting as mine.) and STUDY.

(I have not forgotten about the top fives meme, it's just...taking a while.)

hey pretty

1 Apr 2008 01:48 pm
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It's kind of nice that I have a failsafe way of turning what looks like it could be a bad day into a promising one instead. It involves MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER. And a little bit of eyeshadow.


Seriously, I was in a bit of a sad mood last night and I woke up determined to be proactive and cheery today, and so my hair looks fabulous and I had my first PBL and everyone's lovely and it's such an awesome environment to learn in and we now have elaborate food-bringing rosters and a hilarious English population health manager with a bow tie as our tutor. And college served satay beef for lunch. And a group of us postgrads are going to formal dinner at St Paul's, the male counterpart to Women's, tonight, so that should be fun.

This afternoon I'm typing up my paediatrics assignment and then doing the reading for Thursday's PBL, but I have enough time that I want to play memes. This one is nicked from [livejournal.com profile] a_white_rain and it's an attempt to get my writing mojo back from wherever it ran away to:

Comment to this post with a subject for a top five (ships, songs, books, etc) you would like to see me answer. I will post my answers in a separate entry. Be as specific or as broad as you'd like.

Fannish fives preferred, but anything goes :)
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the good

Developmental paediatrics assignment, part one -- done and done! Babies are fun <3 And taking a history from a mother who's a GP is the easiest thing in the world.

the bad

I can pick up my laptop tomorrow. The day I leave. So much for all those shows I wanted to catch up on :(

the ugly

I DO NOT WANT to spend this afternoon sitting in an ice rink judging a technical comp and trying to convince the judge administrator that I can't be the technical specialist for the ISA divisions because I haven't been trained above Aussie Skate, sjdadkhdsanmcslk >:(


I've gotten a lot of reading done over the past week, after not having finished a single book since med school started. I've reread the first two Thursday Next books and The End of Mr Y, and last night I began One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, which I am LOVING.

the scary

*looks balefully at [livejournal.com profile] oh_shit_santa*

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This post is largely directed at anyone who lives in Europe, but anyone planning to be anywhere in Europe during December of 2008 and/or January of 2009 might be interested too.

Who wants to offer me a couch? )
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Whoa. Waaaaay too much chocolate was consumed today. Or rather, way too much chocolate considering that it was hotter than it's been for a month, thank you, Sydney, way to spring summer on our asses now that it's officially autumn.

Tomorrow I am actually going to study. (She says, with a straight face.)

My feelings about my current fic can best be summed up by the following equation:


"How's everything going?" asks Tenten.

"Fine," says Neji, who feels as though someone is pouring molten wax across his eyelids. "Everything's fine."

4800 words and I've finally worked out that the secret to writing Neji is that he is a self-centred little drama queen who nonetheless possesses a martyr complex the size of a mountain.
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Ji wanted a list of things currently making me happy.

1) This fic, omg, it is everything I ever wanted out of Naruto fandom, even if it took me a long time to find. It's got fairy tales and Sasuke talking to snakes and basically I read it three times in a row when I first came across it, that is how utterly charming I found it.

2) Debussy understood that a work of art, or an effort to create beauty, was always regarded by some people as a personal attack.

3) The weekeeeeeeeeeend.

4) I'm reading a dry but interesting history of psychiatry at the moment, and today in a half-hour break between lectures I wandered down to the Nicholson Museum just off the main quad and looked at the 'Freud's Collection' exhibit, which included lots of Egyptian artifacts from his office, and videos introduced by his daughter Anna, and the actual throw rug from his actual couch, which was many many kinds of cool.

5) The French Blend coffee that I know is just sitting in the door of the fridge waiting for me to put it in my baby insulated plunger.

6) The fact that [livejournal.com profile] profound_poppy and I tried out the new-ish Mexican-and-crepes (??) place at the union building, and we now know that it does good crepes. Mmmmmmcrepes.

7) Temari turns her face upwards to catch even the strongest sun. Temari's hair is a constant fair mess and when she dances from rock to rock, her fan whips a roaring spinning violence out of the air and she is beautiful. She is the sand and she is strange and she is far more trouble than Shikamaru ever expected to find himself sleeping with.

(Ummm, so yet another fic is dragging me along in its terrible claws, but this one has all three of my favourite characters in it AND ALSO a whole section about my not-very-secret Naruto OTP, plz see above, so...yay?)

Wow, this is like way back when I just talked about BSG non-stop and everyone on my flist got very sick of me. SORRY GUYS. It's a civic duty thing )
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Things still to happen today:

4pm: History of Medicine lecture at my hospital (\o/)
5:30pm: dinner
6pm: College AGM
post-AGM: helping put together charity birthing kits to be sent to Vietnam

Things to be done before lecture/post-evening events:

1) Go shopping for laundry powder & other assorted groceries.

2) Read a few chapters of my Clinical Examination textbook.

3) Do histology lab assignment from dodgy lecture slides & less dodgy textbook.

Things I want to do:

1) Reread Ji's contributions to eyaiverse -- have I even recced these yet? omg. maybe not. -- so that I can sort out Wolf and Dieter's voices/worldbuilding details/etc. and start scribbling my new eyai stories.

[Okay, you should definitely read ascending analogy and l'Homme machine and then tell her how large your crush on Oliver Wolf is on a scale of one to ENORMOUS.]

2) Watch period dramas. Er. I'm not sure why. But I have two unwatched episodes of Tipping the Velvet and also the burning need to rewatch the new Jane Eyre and Sense & Sensibility.
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(Sorry that all my updates lately are just scattered lists of randomness, but my life is stuffed so full that when I come back to college in the evening it takes me a couple of hours to unwind enough to even think about rehashing the day's events. I want to write grand insightful things about med school and Sydney and How It All Makes Me Feel (okay, not so much that last) but finding the mental energy is...difficult.)

1) Left my wallet in the Great Hall, well done, Fahye, please remember to be properly appreciative to the nice MedFac lady who picked it up and then called you about it.

2) Sat through a two-hour seminar on professional ethics and actually found it interesting.

3) Proved yesterday's vow re: swearing off Naruto for a little while a TOTAL LIE by having something new start to write itself in my head. It's about sex. It's about gay teenagers having sex. I...I think it landed in the wrong brain by mistake. HEY, NARUTO MUSES. I WRITE PRETENTIOUS CYNICAL THINGS ABOUT SCIENCE AND CHARACTER DYNAMICS. I DON'T WRITE PORN. I THINK YOU MISSED YOUR INTENDED TARGET BY A FEW BLOGOSPHERIC YARDS.

That said, I'm writing it anyway, as an interesting experiment in just how dirty something can become if the author flatly refuses to use absolutely any noun that could remotely mean 'penis'. Apparently: quite dirty indeed. Yikes. (Sai is disappointed.)

This is my porn-writing song. Ideally I would also have a bottle of porn-writing alcohol to help the process along, but we work with what we've got.
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You know what there is not nearly enough of in my life? IMPROMPTU WACKY FUN.

Context: [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix is up in Sydney for a few days (*CLINGS TO HER*) and we, through a friend of [livejournal.com profile] queencattabby's on the production team, managed to score free tickets to the opening night of Rocky Horror Picture Show at Star City. This was a seriously awesome professional show, with pyrotechnics and stunning costumes and an incredibly talented cast.

Of course, the condition attached to the 'free tickets' was that we were audience plants who had to get up and dance like maniacs during the Time Warp -- though nobody else danced, but I don't blame them, the stuff going on onstage was far more interesting anyway -- but I figure that getting a free seat at a show worth something like $90 was well worth a little public humiliation.

And then there's the little things like the fact that the four of us were all dressed up Rocky Horror-esque and looking smashing, so we got our pictures taken for a newspaper article, and we were sitting in the same row as the Veronicas, and after the show a nice guy offered to take a picture of us all with Mel's camera and it turns out he was an actor from Home and Away. Apparently opening nights in Sydney are SRS BZNS and attract ACTUAL CELEBRITIES. Whoodathunk?

So yeah, that was my night, and considering I dropped everything at 5pm in response to a phone call which ran along the lines of 'hey! want to come to a show? you have to dance, but it's free!' ... I think it was a pretty damn good one.
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Internet in my college room = accomplished!

I have never been in a situation where I have to pay for every MB of internet, so I am warning you now that I will probably not be downloading music or episodes any longer (that's right: just as the writers' strike ends, I stop being able to get TV), at least until I work out how much it costs me just to keep up with LJ and online banking and things.

And now I think I'm going to go for a nice walk in Newtown and buy my few remaining essential things like a bathmat and a hairdryer, seeing as how this is my last day of summer holidays!
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Time I eventually fell asleep: 2:40am

Time I was awakened by my sister's (loud) trumpet practice: 7am.

There may be some variant on a 'priceless' joke to be gained herein, but -- as should surprise no one -- I am far too tired for my brain to piece it together. All current brain functions are being devoted to making sure I don't leave any important things behind.

The plan is that I bus to Sydney today and stay in [livejournal.com profile] _leareth's apartment, and then register at the medical school tomorrow, and then my parents will drive up on Saturday with the greater part of my worldly belongings and we'll move me into college. And six days from now, MEDICAL SCHOOL BEGINS.


Also: goodness, Naruto fandom is friendly <3
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My farewell barbeque yesterday was lovely -- lots of people, sunny weather, good food provided by my father (including the Best Potato Salad In The World, which was demolished in record time) and I was even given FAREWELL GIFTS which I wasn't expecting. A huge book of Russian verbs, optimistically bestowed in the hope that I will have the time to get off my ass and teach myself Russian (which I still intend to!), a nice bottle of Riesling, Anna Karenina (which I am going to take as my reading-on-the-bus-to-Sydney book) and HUGE AMOUNTS OF BANDOM MUSIC from [livejournal.com profile] tammaiya. Which I'm now going to stick in my iTunes and pump up loud as I pack.

That's right, folks: today is the day of Packing. The only things that should remain unpacked after today are my outfits for the next three days, and some toiletries.

And madly determined music or cheerleading-type comments to aid me in this mammoth task would be greatly appreciated :)
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It is so, so unbelievably hot. I am gulping lime cordial & tonic water in an effort to avert the very real prospect of MELTING INTO GOOP. And it's only 34 today -- summers here can get up to 40, but clearly I've become sensitised to the heat.

Today I finally found the perfect bag to lug all my stuff around campus next year! It's a black Fossil messenger bag with contrast stitching on the leather straps and coloured stripes inside, and it's roomy and beautiful and it was reduced from $260 to $180, so I'm pretty happy.

And now: to guzzle more fluids and watch more Naruto and never move again.


18 Jan 2008 11:27 am
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I'm not dead! Just AWOL-ish. I've been camped out at [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix's house for the past few days with six other people and seven sewing machines and a metric ton of fabric, glue, ribbon, papier mache, soft drink, very loud pop music and DVDs of animated movies. Operation Disney Cosplay For Supanova 08 is GO. Photos of the completed bottom half of my costume may be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, I WANT TORCHWOOD, and I also want everyone's reactions to Torchwood, but that'll all have to wait until tonight. Or maybe a few weeks from now when I regain proper Internet speed. But anyway, if you've made a Torchwood 2x01 reaction post, please comment here with a link to it. There is no way I can track them all down on my own.


14 Jan 2008 06:24 pm
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Er, just to clarify for anyone who was confused by the recent 'I'm off to Sydney!' post -- I was just in Sydney for the weekend! I bought cheap fabric at Cabramatta and swanked my way through an evening at an Oxford Street restaurant, fell in love with [livejournal.com profile] _leareth's neighbourhood in Chatswood, dressed up for a picnic and drove through the upper-upper crust eastern coast suburbs to get there, and watched all five hours of the BBC Pride & Prejudice miniseries. IT WAS FUN. But now I'm back in Canberra for the rest of the month, and I expect to spend most of my time either sewing or packing, because I have to produce this (no, not the goat. hilarious as that would be.) and convince myself that applying a fake tan will not signal the end of the world (MY BRITISH SENSIBILITIES. THEY HURT.) etc. etc.

My paid account runs out in three days; to distract myself from the loss of all those things I never use, like phoneposts, I have been tidying up my LJ tags! The 'writing' tag is now handily subdivided into 'fanfic', 'origific', 'drabbles', and so on, so that if I'm looking for an actual fic I don't have to trawl through all those entries in which I am merely moaning about how stuck I am. Now all I need is a tags page that doesn't look like it's been put through a garbage compressor, or a layout that actually lets me display all tags instead of a handful. Sigh.

I am also acquiring TV at the speed of light, so that I have things saved up to watch in Sydney. I watched the pilot of How I Met Your Mother today to see if I should download the rest, which was a mistake, because now I want to download it all and watch it IMMEDIATELY. I'd forgotten how much I have an enormous crush on admire Alyson Hannigan.
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a) Bewilderingly sexy hair. It's all sleek with just the right amount of flick.

b) Two arms which cannot be lifted above an angle of 45 degrees without pain thanks to my HPV and tetanus injections, both of which seemed to cause a totally unreasonable amount of muscular spazzery out of PURE SPITE. Hmph.

c) Great expectations of this weekend, which will involve cosplay & shopping adventures in Sydney with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] _leareth, and [livejournal.com profile] profound_poppy's 19th-century themed picnic.

d) 5164 words of my current fic, an end in sight, and a narrator of whom I remain fond despite his occasional fits of unhelpful asshattery. I expect I'll post it tomorrow morning.

e) Increasing amounts of excitement re: the rest of the year. You guys, I am moving to Sydney to go to doctor school. I own a stethoscope. (I think the sheer amount of bewildered joy I feel at all of these facts kind of implies that I made a sensible career choice somewhere along the way, right? I'm going to hold on tight to said joy for as long as I can, in the hope that I can delay the fits of wailing OH GOD OH GOD WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS LIFE KILL ME NOW until at least, say, the third week of term.)
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Well, the polls have closed in the east; WA, SA, NT & Qld are still pre-6pm. Everyone VOTE SAXON cross your fingers that Maxine McKew gets the Bennelong seat and that Labor kicks the ass of the Coalition. Even if you've got no idea what that means. TRUST ME, IT'S FOR THE BEST.

And I'm off to [livejournal.com profile] tammaiya's 21st, looking kind of smashing even if I do say so myself, and fully prepared to periodically race towards the nearest television or radio to get a count update.
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- read Darkly Dreaming Dexter on bus to Sydney (verdict: meh)
- had interview at Women's College, then was told I had a place there if I get into medicine (\o/)
- met with [livejournal.com profile] the_grynne for delicious toasted sandwich things and kind loan of Pratchett
- met with [livejournal.com profile] _leareth for ramen and admiration of her shiny new Admission To Practice Law Or Something certificate
- read Making Money on bus back to Canberra (verdict: SO. GOOD. OH MAN. HOW I HAVE MISSED CRAZY ANKH-MORPORK SOCIOLOGY.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to fall into bed.
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Ahem. In addition to 'Brown Derby Jump', I am also seeking copies of:

1) Pink's 'U + Ur Hand'.


My siblings are on holidays. In my brother's case this means that he spends even more time in his room with his enormous amounts of HSC study papers, although occasionally he emerges to grunt at people, consume food, watch my NCIS DVDs, or set up little colonial settlements of study papers on the floors of other rooms. One day I will awaken to a house entirely papered in essays about WWII and musicology and postmodernism.

In my SISTER'S case, this means we are either going to see Ratatouille tomorrow, or we're going to the National Zoo & Aquarium. I need to take advantage of a thirteen-year-old sister as an excuse to do these things while I still can!

[livejournal.com profile] hpmugglestudies has had a few fics posted to it (hurrah!) and I am going to have a nice long reading session this weekend once the psych ball & my parasitology assignments are all over. Mine is here -

Healer - Harry Potter - Padma/George, 4506 words

Padma feels crowded with the words that are already scrawled on every inch of her, the power that she alone possesses, and she wonders if this new graffiti of education is overwriting that which already exists.

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