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Here they are! All credit goes to our incredible photographer, David.


[livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix as the Captain
[livejournal.com profile] fahye as the Ship's Doctor
[livejournal.com profile] _leareth as the French Turncoat Pilot
& some other lovely people as the Navigator and the Villain

Holy shit, they turned out SO WELL )
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Mardi Gras with [livejournal.com profile] _leareth and [livejournal.com profile] armyofone, in a nutshell: turned up mid-afternoon to pick up Tshirts, located our float in the marshalling area, wandered off for sushi and udon, wandered back to the float, spent a couple of hours waiting for night to fall and taking photos, danced for 4km (ow ow ow OW my poor legs and back), had a quick look at Carnival and decided it wasn't for us, walked to Mickey's on the Paddington (ie. less Mardi-Gras-crazy) end of Oxford St and had garlic bread and icecream at midnight, spent $15 discovering the futility of trying to catch a taxi anywhere from Oxford St on parade night, gave up, walked into the city instead, and caught a bus home.

Mardi Gras in a nutshell full of photos )
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I realised yesterday that even though [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix posted these sections of last year's trip a LONG time ago, I forgot to link to them! Well done, me. Hopefully the next part (Dublin!) will be up soon, but in the meantime:

Birmingham (by which I mean Cadbury World) -- in which I have chocolate-induced maniaface


Edinburgh -- in which the weather is ridiculous


If you missed them the first time: Singapore and Prague. Still to come: something like 90% of the trip :D

I can't believe we were in Rome a year ago, about to fly home. I miss Europe so much.
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HUZZAH. [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix's photos from our recent shoot in the Chinese Gardens are up! She's even made hilarious animations out of some of them. I expect there'll be another post when our official photographer gets his collection of shots to us, but in the meantime, Mel's are fantastic :D

Character roll call: Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Sokka, Suki, Katara, Toph

(picture takes you to the full post on her LJ)
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In which I cosplay another of my favourite fictional characters!

On to Sunday! )
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I have acquired some resizing software that doesn't suck. Ergo: con report!

[livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix took most of these, though some were taken by whoever was holding her awesome camera at the time.

Lots of photos, natch )
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Proper report & full photoset later. But this one is my favourite.
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I adored Prague beyond words and I hope this shows you some of why. Includes snow, foodstuffs, statues of saints, and pictures of me looking unimpressed in doorways.


Completely unrelated, but brought to you by my continued Farscape-watching: 'Through the Looking Glass' is one of the most entertaining, suspenseful and ultimately joyous episodes of ANYTHING that I have EVER SEEN <3333


Also unrelated: red wine mixed with lime-infused soda water = excellent impromptu sangria. Now let's see if I can get some writing done.
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Holy fucking shit it is unbelievably hot. And there are mosquitoes in my room. I have sprayed Mortein everywhere and am waiting for them all to DIE; there is nothing, nothing I detest more than mozzie-whine in my ear as I try to sleep.

(It was 40 degrees today. They think it might break a 40-year record by going over 42 this weekend. I am getting the hell out of here tomorrow and going back to my beloved Sydney where it is forecasted to be seven degrees COOLER.)


[livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix has made the first of many, many posts containing photos from our trip! She has done a wonderful job of culling, formatting and uploading them, so I will simply link you to her posts and you may drop comments whereever you please.
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Okay, guys, hairstyle advice needed.

Should I get a fringe cut? )

Also: holy shit I turn 22 in less than three weeks how did this even happen. WHERE DID THE YEAR GO.
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Instead of taking a picture of myself, I have decided to take a picture of the AWESOME skirt I bought today. [livejournal.com profile] _leareth and I should not be allowed out in Newtown unsupervised, we always end up buying clothing. And normally I'd consider clothing an unacceptably frivolous buy, but I found this skirt at a designer's market and the designer was running the stall and was very nice and helpful and honestly, I was in love as soon as I saw the fabric.

A closer look at the fabric )

I've also found a fantastic flickr set by the girl who was taking pictures during the final night of Med Revue. You can browse through and giggle at how crazy we are, and I've stuck a handful of those featuring yours truly under the cut )
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The official set of photos from our Disney cosplay at Supanova is up!

Our photographer did an absolutely amazing job. You can see all of them here, but my favourite has to be this one:


So. Awesome.

No, Fahye, dying your hair black would be a VERY BAD IDEA. You're a blonde.

All comments re: how sexy we are/what a ridiculously nice day it was for the middle of sodding June/how perilous my blouse looks can be left here or at Mel's journal. I expect I'll be looking at that post approximately once every four minutes just to make sure it isn't a hallucination. (You have no idea how rarely I actually look GOOD in photos. This is a miracle. A DISNEY MIRACLE.)
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Warning: lots of photos. LOTS.

This was a good weekend )
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So today I was a metre away from Jared Padalecki in the foyer of the Sydney Olympic Dome and almost didn't even notice because I was too busy trying to keep my bags of shit together on the way outside for the photoshoot. The man is ENORMOUS, I tell you.

I'm way too tired for a coherent report. That may come later. (Along with photos, most of which were taken by our lovely group photographer, so they will be BEAUTIFUL but I don't have them yet.)

Okay, I have one. I feel this encapsulates the day nicely.

I think I'd make a fantastic Companion )
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Actually the funny thing is that we're the least famous people there. I wish I'd spotted Rose Byrne on the night.

(If you ever wanted proof that yes, I'm British, THERE IT IS. The only reason my face is that pink is because I'm a wee bit sunburnt. My legs are probably a reflective hazard.)
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Hiatus or no hiatus, my digital camera has been busy lately.

Image heavy, obviously.

This is why I like living in Canberra. Especially in the spring. )
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That neuroscience exam that I was tearing my hair out about a few weeks ago? I got an HD :) I'm very pleased with the way my marks are going in neuroscience and genetics. If I can pull off some very good final exam marks, I'll get a mark over 90 for both courses.

I am going to a) print off my genetics slides and b) take notes on schnizophrenia from the APA Textbook of Clinical Psychiatry, which is sodding enormous. 2.5 inches thick and as heavy as a very heavy thing.

And then I am letting myself sleep.

Because even though it may not be readily apparent, I do know when I am pushing myself a little too hard. And it's only MONDAY, for crying out loud, and if I don't sleep well tonight then I will fall to pieces later in the week.

A very minor photospam, for Ji. )

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