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Apparently I have enough to say about this film that I want to make a post!

Spoilers, obviously. )
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You guys you guys there was occultism and cravats and bustles and cunning disguises!! and explosions and fights with guns/swords/fists/RDJ's naked torso and DEDUCTION and SCIENCE and did I mention the cane and the hats and the drugging and the HANDCUFFS and WATSON OH MY GOD and the epic, epic lovesong to codependency and snark and transparent invitations for dirty weekends at Mycroft's country estate (sure, bring your wife along, whatever) and WHY DO I PUT UP WITH YOU and I SUPPOSE I'M GLAD YOU'RE NOT DEAD and WE AGREED THAT WAISTCOAT WAS TOO SMALL FOR YOU and DON'T GET EXCITED.

And I think I need to own the DVD just so I can rewatch spoilers, I guess )

Aria! Emma! Sares! I demand fic featuring awesome ladyfolk and the long-suffering badassery of John Watson.


19 May 2009 07:11 pm
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Courtesy of Fahye's Awesome Friends, a one-word review of Star Trek:


(I knew juuuust enough of the names to be able to grin when people appeared. I must say it didn't really inspire in me any desire to watch the old series; rather I find myself possessing the fervent desire to watch the continued adventures of those people.)


1 Dec 2008 08:44 am
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I want to make a post about Australia (yes, the film, not the country of which I am a citizen) because my mother and I went to see it at the cinema two nights ago and I absolutely adored it and I'm going to see it again as soon as humanly possible.

From all I've heard, it's been getting poor reviews and bad box office performance in the States, and...well, I can't honestly say that I'm surprised. The film's sense of humour is very Australian; it's like Luhrmann took the Aussie humour from Strictly Ballroom and then mixed it with the slightly fantastical air of Moulin Rouge! and then layered it on top of an epic plot. (So, uh, predictably, I thought it was AMAZING.) It also makes some points about how Australia's culture has been woven out of bits and pieces handed down from America and England, and some points about the relationship between Indigenous and European Australians, and from what some of the foreign reviewers have said, I think they missed what Luhrmann was attempting to illustrate there.

It's not perfect -- for one thing, it takes a little while to settle into its own tone -- but it's sweeping and it has everything! War, romance, financial intrigue, murder, race relations, comedy, tragedy, and some incredible action sequences. And visually it's stunning, of course: Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are pretty hard to beat when it comes to art design and cinematography (the CLOTHES, oh my god, the clothes) and they did some sensational location-scouting in the far north.

I thought both Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman were very good, and David Wenham (Faramir!) was great too, and the kid they got to play Nullah was a bloody revelation.

AND THE BOMBING OF DARWIN. OH MY HEART. I am not even a big fan of war movies and this one still managed to throw my heart around like a rubber ball. Oh. You know that my emotions are not easily manipulated, but there are some moments of beauty and some moments of pathos and some moments of sheer JOY that I defy anyone to sit through without being swayed.

This trailer makes a HUGE DEAL out of the romance aspect when in fact the romance isn't nearly as important to the story as a lot of the other storylines and relationships, but it's probably the best one I've found.

Anyway: I would like you to see this movie, if you get the chance. Especially if you're not an Australian yourself. It's the first thing in a very, very long time that has made me feel something akin to patriotism, and it will tell you a lot of things that you probably don't know about my country.

And it's DEFINITELY worth the big-screen experience. Trust me on this.
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This is a good weekend. [livejournal.com profile] _leareth and I are having an accidental Awesome Movie Trilogies With Equally Awesome Soundtracks celebration, triggered of course by going to see the fourth Indiana Jones last night (<3333 YAY INJOKES) and then spending today sewing and also watching early Indy, classic Star Wars, and now Lord of the Rings.

Actually, I am on a bewildering Han/Leia kick (oh, pairing that defined my shipping preferences at a very young age! I still love you!). Um. This is probably a long shot, considering, but does anyone know of any good fic?

Also: man, Frodo was so innocent and happy once upon a time :( *scruffles his hair* I was one of those freakish people who saw Fellowship seven times when it was in cinemas, but I haven't seen the extended edition DVD for yonks.

PS - the green cincher in the above icon is actually the most EVIL AND FRUSTRATING garment ever invented by Disney. True story.


2 Apr 2008 08:19 pm
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*dances round in circles*

They'd better cast the Mumby siblings and Jack Havock perfectly or I will weep tears. Tears of BLOOD.
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You guys. I don't know what is wrong with me. I think I have an illness.

Solfege -- Naruto -- 7720 words

This is a war that none of them has ever been trained to fight and they are learning everything by ear and by touch. The only lesson that can still be applied is this: know your teammates.

Finally taking advantage of Naruto's enormous cast, this one has a shitload of awesome characters in it (including seven POV characters, because I am a masochist) and it's about teenage ninjas during the apocalypse, so you all definitely want to go and read it right now.

It's very very cold in this computer room, so I think I'm going to go up to my room and make tea and read sullenly under a blanket until it's time to leave for the movies. We're seeing The Black Balloon, which is an Australian film about which I know very little apart from a) it's meant to be quite a good portrayal of autism, and b) it has Toni Collette and Gemma Ward in it. I'm not so sure how I feel about that last, but Toni Collette can generally hold up a film, so we'll see.
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Whoa. This whole 'basic account' thing is even more drastic than I thought. I never voice post and I can get by easily without polls, and my six icons are surprisingly adequate, but...no comment editing? Really, LJ? And now Plus ads are jumping up all over the place, too. Clearly I am a spoiled brat.

Importantly, however, I spent a good two days wondering where my layout header had disappeared to before realising that it was hosted in my now nonexistent LJ Scrapbook. OOPS. [livejournal.com profile] dopplegl, would you be able to...I don't know, give me the picture file to host on Photobucket and then tweak the coding accordingly?


I watched the first half of Becoming Jane today and while I still don't have any particular fondness for Anne Hathaway, my love for James McAvoy -- already strong -- has doubled as a result. I think this calls for a rewatch of the Shakespeare Retold Macbeth.

Fun fact! The three films most beautifully combining Fahye's male & female celebrity crushes are The Runaway Jury (Rachel Weisz & John Cusack), Match Point (Scarlett Johannson & Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Macbeth (Keeley Hawes & James McAvoy).

This can't really be a meme, can it. Well. Any other bisexual (or...sexuality label de choix) flisters are welcome to weigh in! Or we could all just throw pictures of hot people around.

Yeah, let's do that. )
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*flaps hands*

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to watch Wilby Wonderful! Someone should really have told me that not only does Callum Keith Rennie wander around grinning sexily and displaying his Upper Arms Of Ultimate Hotness, but PAUL GROSS IS MARRIED TO SANDRA OH.


Seriously, folks, if I had to name actors whose characters' hypothetical children would be too gorgeous for this world, they would be it.

Canadian cinema FTW.
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I wasn't going to post about OotP because I've been living in a state of near-complete apathy about the whole HP thing for years now and...eh. Since seeing the film I am slightly more excited about the last book, but slightly is still not a whole lot.

Anyway, some thoughts )
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Today was a great day for spending money on worldly goods!

- [livejournal.com profile] _leareth and I went to see 300 and I loved it SO MUCH. SO MUCH. I have some rather incoherent meta comments about the fantastic juxtaposition of extreme beauty and extreme ugliness and XERXES OMG and how they pretty much stuck word-for-word to the Frank Miller graphic novel and how kickass Lena Headey was as the Spartan Queen (she was Luce! in Imagine Me & You! I KNEW I'd seen her before. lesbian points! doubleplusgood. etc.) and how I wish David Wenham had been allowed to use his real voice instead of sounding like he was permanently trying to gargle with wet gravel, but...they won't be much more profound than that. SO WONDERFUL. Exactly my kind of film.

- I bought Missy Higgins' new album, 'On A Clear Night', which I am excited about beyond all reason.

- I also found The Royal Tenembaums, one of my favourite films, on sale for $10.

- AAAAND (*drumroll*) I finally caved to my months-long craving for Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. I won't shell out $130 sight-unseen for just anything, but I trust Alan Moore implicitly and I've been dying to find some texts on the complex sexualisation of 'innocent' characters from existing literature because of one of my own germinal projects. I've heard this one is phenomenal.
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PSA: I successfully survived The Silence of the Lambs, though there's no way I would have been able to cope with the last fifteen minutes of it sitting in a dark movie theatre in ignorance of the narrative *shivers*.

And of course now I'm stuck wondering what to watch - I'm in the middle of SG:A S1, The West Wing S3 and Deadwood S1, and I have the latest BSG to watch, though I'm sort of staring despondently at that file and wondering if I can be bothered. (Notice how around episode 13-14 of a season, this show falls to pieces? Remember That S2 Episode We All Pretend Doesn't Exist? Clearly this is one of the reasons why S1 was so good. They had the good sense to stop after eleven.)

TOO MANY SHOWS. Maybe I'll just lie on my bed and read some more of The Bell Jar, which I am really enjoying.

Oh - Heroes 1x01 screens in Australia tonight! Finally I'll be able to see what a large proportion of my flist has been yammering about.
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[livejournal.com profile] schiarire and I saw this musical in San Francisco. It's not a flashy song-and-dance spectacular, and it's no Les Mis, but it's fun and funny and very clever.

Apple Trailers is, as ever, a fantastic place to waste a few hours. Hugh Jackman continues his excellent script-choice streak with The Prestige (with bonus Christian Bale and Scarlet Johansson!), though it's interesting to see it coming out at the same time as The Illusionist (Ed Norton, Rufus Sewell & Jessica Biel. YES PLZ.). Renaissance looks very much like a cashing-in-on-Sin-City project, but that's not going to stop me from rushing to see it. I do not plan to see Say Uncle, but the trailer makes me giggle because it's EMMETT and CUDDY in a MOVIE TOGETHER. The Science of Sleep looks amazing, kind of Kaufmanesque, and I am very much in favour of Gael Garcia Bernal's recent projects: Babel looks good too.

Silver City-ers: I'm going to work my ass off and try to get the theory post up this weekend, so we can start throwing ideas around and bashing out a narrative.

For my own reference - the Lapis Exilis and the Aradia Gospel )
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I spent half the time being distracted by how Lucas Grabeel looks exactly like Stuart Townsend and the other half wishing that the female lead would stop smiling, but OMG. Who has the soundtrack and would like to engage in some charitable piracy?


I mean. I didn't spend a large part of the evening squealing like mad over a Disney Channel movie. No.

...oh, like I had any indie cred in the first place. YAY MUSICALS.
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I can't wait for Kinky Boots to come out.

I mean, that small part of me that will never be able to think of Chiwitel Ejiofor as anything but the Operative is dying slowly and painfully (There is...nothing left to see. I expect I'll just disappear AND BECOME A FEMALE IMPERSONATOR. Um. Anyway.), but I love movies like that! Music! Non-American humour! Totally over-the-top costumes! It has been far too long since I saw Priscilla. Though I think it is a bit too soon after the wonder that was V for me to be reminded of just how well Hugo Weaving pulls off full drag.

And omg I just saw Dead Poets Society for the first time and why did nobody warn me that it would make me want to cry like a baby? Someone write me fic in which Neil goes to medical school after all and grows up to become Robert Wilson: Doctor By Day, Thespian By Night.

Robert Sean Leonard/Shakespeare is my new OTP.

I need to rent Much Ado About Nothing again and watch him and Kate Beckinsdale out-pretty each other.
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just saw v for vendetta

would speak in all caps

there are not enough caps in the world

must abandon them and resort to irritatingly extravagant punctuation



There is going to be fic. There is going to be SO MUCH FIC.
Post-marathoning BSG S1 from 'Flesh and Bone' onwards, I Have A Theory.

See, in the BSG 'verse, a man's intelligence is directly proportionate to the length of his hair.

Baltar's flowing locks are obviously a sign of his genius. Zarek's is ominous in its thickness. There's a whole bunch of people who have a decent amount of hair and equally decent amounts of Clevah (Tyrol, Billy, the Adamas...). Tigh's bald spot is repesentative of his terrible lapses in judgement (ELLEN WHY?). Helo prefers the close-cut army thing and we all know that he, whilst a pretty face, is not so terribly gifted in the IQ department. And then we have Crashdown. Who tries hard, but with his almost-shaved head? Honey, it's amazing you're capable of ANY independent thought. Just shut up and let Tyrol make the decisions.


I use the NEKKID PILOTS icon because I can. There's probably some kind of theory to be gotten out of how insanely attractive Jamie Bamber's torso is, but I'm damned if I can find it.


Saw The Producers! I had fun. Uma Thurman was great. But I'd forgotten quite how in-your-face Mel Brooks' humour is, and I had to fight down the cringes during the initial scene between Max and Leo. It's very physical, very BIG humour, and I have a feeling it would have seemed much less out of place on the stage. Film humour can afford subtlety. Yeah, I know, Brooks /= subtle.

Will Ferrel is INSANE. By the way.

And the big Broadway sequences brought joy to the singing-dancing-sequins-YAY corner of my heart.
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All right, I have two reactions to this movie. One of them is pretty much incoherent DROOL because fuck me, Adrien Brody is the most beautiful man alive sometimes.

The other is, um.

Highlights Of King Kong, OR, Why The Fuck Is Everything So Big? )
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Justifiable use of icon! Duh duh duh!

A month or so ago I wrote a short story (had to be less than 3000 words, which I am Not Good At) for a competition being run by a bookshop in the city. And today they had a little sign up in the window with the winners.

I came third! And I win a $50 voucher for the shop. Boooooks. I have my eye on Hilary Mantel's latest and the new John Berendt. It's about VENICE. If they make this one into a movie with John Cusack in it as well, I might just die happy.*

So yeah.

That's kinda nice.

(I'll stick the story itself up at [livejournal.com profile] mercurial_wit if anyone wants to read it; Beth, this is the one with my Marcus character in it :D)

* Speaking of John Cusack movies - today I bought myself a post-exams treat even though I'm only 3/4 of the way there: DVD box of Being John Malkovich, Lost In Translation and Secretary for $24. I'm going to watch Secretary, make lentils and spinach for dinner and relaaaaax. Study for Human Bio can start tomorrow.

ETA: Story posted here.

And Jiiiii, you should see Secretary. If you haven't. Not least because the soundtrack is by Angelo Badalamenti.

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