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I've decided I'm going to write this as a series of drabbles, paying no attention whatsoever to continuity and just going with my whims. WHOO. Plot and/or logic may sort themselves out as as I go, or they may not.

Blatant theft and pastiche of events, characters and timelines from both Crying Call and Millicanon will be taking place. Fair warning: I'm going to be fucking around with all sorts of stuff.

The working title is 'letters of the void'... )
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Wow. Wow.

That was a productive and emotionally exhausting two-day break.


Highlights include Lucifer helping Puck come up with a failsafe plan to fight secondhand postpartum depression, freaking out Crowley while bonding with his granddaughter, and making...er, we'll call it friends...with Galadan of the Andain.

But what I REALLY want to talk about is this thread here. Lucifer Morningstar and River Tam and an exchange of perspectives (and whitetext from Into the Woods, because: why not?). Read it. GEN IS AMAZING.
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Have at!

He'll be there for the next -- let's say 48 hours :) With, er, the occasional break for minor nuisances like food and naps.

If in doubt, email or ping me: I can chat via gmail, and I'm going to see if I can wrangle a way onto AIM via meebo, too.
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This coming weekend is the Queen's Birthday long weekend here in Australia, and I have decided to seize the opportunity to take a sanity break from med school. My mother and sister are visiting on Saturday morning, and I'll probably spend the afternoon guiltily doing whatever work I failed to do on Friday, but my Sunday and Monday (being the Saturday and Sunday of most Americans) are free.

So: I'm going to put Lucifer in the bar.

I'll make a note in the post that I'd prefer tags from people who already know him, as I don't want to go making new connections in a one-off post, but just so I can get an idea -- who will be around? Whose characters are currently unburdened by OOM plot and available for a chat?

PS - Merc, Emmy, you two OWN MY SOUL <333

PPS - Lucifer is still averse to being compelled by his mun to be open to meeting his grandchildren. If that would be possible.
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I may not play there much any more, but this game will always have my undying love for the people I've met through it and, well, the things that they produce.

Exhibit A cannot be seen because it's locked, but you should all believe me when I tell you that it's the most wonderful, crazy, traumatising fic ever to contain Crowley cheating at video games by making James Bond glue money to pavements. (Unsurprisingly, Holly wrote it.)

Exhibit B is futurefic by Emmy and now I have a huge need to write my own futurefic about teenage girls whose parents are sprites, dead blondes, Antichrists and lady knights respectively. (Aria/Grace: mindbreaking lesbian OTP, y/n?)


15 Jul 2007 09:15 pm
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Let it be known that [livejournal.com profile] unravels has reached heights of brilliant insanity that I didn't even think were possible, and has created a THING OF WONDER.

Millicon attendees, you're not going to know what hit you.

Oh my God.

*rewatches for third time*
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Hi LJ!

*reads flist at 3.0 x 10^8 m/s*

Bye LJ!

(Don't you just love exams?)

Okay, I will stick around for long enough to whine a bit about how Milliways has triplets and also twins (Merc, Emmy...I don't even have words) and a Michael (omg) and Thom is alive and I got all re-energised about the Silver City plot a few days ago and I really really miss RP! Even though I was godawful at the logistics of it! I miss it!

It's well and truly winter here - I don't think we've had sub-zero temperatures yet, but we've had a couple of days where the maximum was less than ten degrees (not impressed, weather gods) and I'm starting to drink even more ridiculous amounts of tea and coffee than I usually do. Although my father had the bad manners to take the plunger coffee down to the coasthouse with him this weekend, so I'm stuck with instant, and it doesn't have quite the same psychological effect.

Speaking of, my mental health is...okay as long as I focus on the present. Which is very strange, for me. But the middle distance is seriously freaking me out; no idea why, and I can't afford the time needed to grit my teeth and put up with the paralysing panic for long enough to untangle the issues, so I'm shoving it aside at least until exams are over.

Oh, yeah, fic rec: Control by [livejournal.com profile] apiphile. Chilling and amazing Hard Core Logo fic, post-film.
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This show may as well have been custom-made to bring me immense amounts of joy. That is really all I can say.

(Paul Gross + Shakespeare + injokes + sneakily brilliant meta + theatrical hijinks = WONDER BEYOND IMAGINING.)

I am going to write fic. It will probably involve Tempest because, as I told Brynn, I will seize just about any opportunity to fuck around with that text.



*bashes away at the Chokmah design*
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Silver City-ers - I have exhaustively revised and fleshed out the plot outline, Sophie has exhaustively annotated it, and I'll try to have it posted later today. Be warned, it contains requests for input and assignments. Buckle up.

[livejournal.com profile] drewcypher has uploaded the promo pics for BSG 3x17 and OH MY GOD. They are driving me insane with how good this episode has the potential to be.

Pictures! And picture-specific babble. )

oh dear

29 Jan 2007 01:05 am
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Not even close to being a GIP, even though this icon GLADDENS MY HEART - thank you, [livejournal.com profile] chaos_pockets - because I have to display the results of my insanity (& gross enabling on boxchat's behalf) as well.

This is set loosely after 2522, Rematch and Disrepair.

It's a sestina. Much to my disgust, it also insisted on being written in iambic pentameter. I have structured myself into oblivion. Later on I may write, you know, actual fic.

Distillation )
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I started writing this ages ago and finished it tonight so that I could move it out of my WIP folder. There isn't a whole lot of point to it, which is why it doesn't get the honour of immediate ficblogging, and it's very self-indulgent, and written mostly for the sake of solidifying Grace's character in my head. Fair warning. (That said, I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching the nitty-gritty of the Cambridge gradutation ceremony because...I'm a freak.)

The title is taken from Hebrews 1:4 - being made so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they. You'll see why.

a more excellent name )
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Working 9:30-5:30 today and then I am only working TWO DAYS between tomorrow and Sunday week. Oh. Blessed freedom. I only asked my manager for three days off (in order to properly entertain Miss Clairza when she arrives) but it seems I've been granted....many. YES.

Silver City-ers, expect me to randomly attack you with plot theories and assignments. Muahahaha. ALso, I'm hoping to be around tomorrow (your Thursday night, for most of you) to finish slowtiming Meg-Lucifer with Becca, so if anyone wants to chat about plot then I will hopefully have my own laptop (with AIM) by then.


30 Dec 2006 11:07 pm
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*stalks around the intarwebs muttering for a while*

Yeah. Figures that my annual holidays would coincide with me finally finding a character I'd really like to RP, and I'd app him on the second day of the month, and someone else would still get in first.

They'd better be good. That's all I'm saying. They'd better be GOOD.

'Course, if it's one of you lot, you can smack me hard across the head and tell me to grow up, and I expect I'll allow my natural pragmatism to assert itself now rather than indulging in some quality sulking first.

*retreats in high dudgeon*

...dudgeon is such an ugly word. Its vowels are ugly (not an 'a' in sight!) and the only decent consonant is the 'n' on the end and it's dark and kind of prickly. If only there was a more aesthetically pleasing synonym.

Yes, when I'm in a bad mood I insult words.

(They're all we have to go on.)

(Oh, bugger off.)
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*gulps down cinnamon black tea, sullenly*

I am also listening to my CD of worship songs from years and years ago when I went to youth group every Friday night and spent hours singing in the band. Literally hours. It was fantastic. As I believe I said recently, music has always, always been the thing that makes me feel the most spiritual, and even though I no longer adhere to most of the tenets of the Anglican faith, my love for the music hasn't changed. (And I don't regret any of it; partly because I honestly believe it was one of the best things to happen within my teenage years, and partly because I don't really do regrets.)


People should be obnoxious and elitist with me in comments. About anything. I am in that kind of mood. Just stare at the awesome icon that Imry made for a while and see if you don't feel Incensed To Wank. Rant at me about the morons in your fandom of choice! Etcetera!

*I feel I should hasten to point out that I do not feel like I have a torso peppered full of shot, as my mood theme would have you believe. My sinuses are just rebelling against me.

ETA: Because Ji is efficient like that, the Milliways version of the love meme is happening in the back room! Go forth! Spew love!
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I don't talk about House much - I just watch it and love it, for the most part - but I just finished 3x07 ('Son of Coma Guy') and the last few episodes have been so fantastic and gritty that I feel it's worth stating the opinion. Cameron's thick fringe, from underneath which she delivers her patented new Unimpressed And Smouldering Glance, is kind of alarming (I am not a fringe person), but her personality has improved so much from S1 that I feel it more than compensates for the slight drop in hotness.

I also have a shiny new moodtheme, which doesn't go at ALL with the rest of my layout but I don't really care. I've been wanting an Owen or Gwen moodtheme (Burn Gorman and Eve Myles have such expressive faces) and this one combines both!

What else? Hmm. My Yuletide fic continues apace - 2701 words, 1000 of which are actually in order, from the beginning - and I'm confident it'll be done well within the deadline. I am working 9-5:30 Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs this week, which I expect will be exhausting. Present-day Lucifer met Firefly-era Gabriel Tam (now slowtimed), and so Aspen and I spent some time giggling and making DOOOOOOM noises at each other. I haven't told the internets how much I love [livejournal.com profile] schiarire and [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust lately, which needs to be remedied, because these girls can cheer me up instantly and unfailingly with an email or a phone call or a package or a snippet of fic or simply by existing in my (figurative) vicinity.
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*throws up hands*

All right. Owen Harper. I need an LJ name. So far all I can come up with is [livejournal.com profile] welsh_prat. (Because he is.)

Ideas, anyone?

RP poll

10 Nov 2006 03:18 pm
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LJ polls: the best friend of indecisive girls all over the world.

This summer I'm going to try and do a lot more RPing at a handful of games, and I'd kind of like a Milliways character who doesn't take quite as much brainspace as Lucifer, because I haven't fleshed out any headvoices for a while and I think I need to relearn how to put someone together. I'd also like someone with an active canon (for once!) and Torchwood is new enough that the characters are available, as well as having the element of the unreal that I need to get a hook in a character. But I am torn between two!

I realise there are maybe...three...of you who would cast a vote in this, normally, so the rest of you can have uberfast character outlines on which to base an objective opinion *coughs*. We don't know a whole lot about either of them yet - there have only been four episodes.

Toshiko Sato = computer genius, probably a lesbian (Ji seems to think this trumps all other considerations), a decent person, quick thinker, lacking in depth & backstory at the moment but I'm sure something cool will be provided by canon

Owen Harper = biologist/doctor, kind of an arse, defensive and self-centred, smart mouth, interestingly inconsistent behavioural code and moral judgement

[Poll #864362]
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For [livejournal.com profile] schiarire - five things about Judas that almost made Lucifer love him

1) From the angry passion that infuses his voice to the defensive angle of his chin, he is every inch a revolutionary. The salt of Galilee is in him, bitter and rough; if not for the similarly salted winds of his desire for change, he would be entirely barren. He produces the hardy grains of determination and innovation, grown up straight and sparse in his saline personality.

The first time they meet, Judas is a little bit drunk, and he talks for almost an interrupted hour on the wrongs that he sees and the fact that someone has to hold even the most powerful of authorities accountable.

He is correct, and inspired, and doomed.

2) “Nehorai,” he says, and kisses Lucifer with neither strong affection nor ignorance of social convention; just curiosity, and a little kinship.

3) He does not trust Lucifer implicitly, and that is a good thing, because Lucifer is no longer someone that anyone should place all of their trust in. Judas does, however, recognise that he was. At one time.

4) “You’re right,” Judas says without preamble. “I know what do to.”

Lucifer shrugs one shoulder and traces a slow spiral on the back of Judas’ hand, closing his eyes for a moment over the expression of approval.

Judas lifts Lucifer’s hand away, his touch lingering a little but not too long, and looks at him with distance. “This isn’t for you,” he says.

5) Judas kills himself because he is intrinsically too proud not to; because the extrinsic pride has been replaced by shame, and that is unbearable.
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This is mostly for Rami and Heater. But it's also for Ji, and Shivs, and Emmy, and Selkie, and Becca, and Viv, and Meg, and Josie, and um I can't even remember what other characters I stuck in here.

It's the result of a conversation Rami and I had a while ago. I had to get it all out tonight so that it wouldn't dance around in my head for days.


Maybe we should have sent her to that boarding school in Manchester after all )

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