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Hello, flist, hello. Part of me is sure this is a disastrous idea given the amount of unread books languishing on my bookshelves, but part of me is always up for an excuse to acquire long lists of new books, so here we go.

Last year my reading habits, so long based firmly around Novels with the occasional Play thrown in, expanded somewhat: I read a lot of poetry, and I also began to read a few more non-fiction books and memoirs. This year I would like to continue this expansion!

To that end, I am soliciting recommendations for:

- short story collections (either by single authors, or anthologies)
- non-fiction books on any subject*
- essay collections

...these being the areas in which I am very much Under-read.

*Thanks to [personal profile] highlyeccentric I just finished a book about the political history of modern Australian pornography and censorship laws; it was excellent! I am open to books about pretty much anything as long as they are well-written and engaging. I will also admit to a serious predilection for chatty pop-psych books by people who have given TED talks.
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Well, that was definitely the least eventful Australia Day I've ever had. I actually forgot all about it until the Aussies on my flist started posting about it! Apparently Prince Charles did not forget, and gave some kind of speech about the floods.


Right! Audience participation time! In order to help me tease out some ideas for an original story, I would appreciate it if you could comment with:

1) TWO things you remember about being in your late teens (seventeen/eighteen-ish) -- what was important? What were your insecurities? What consumed your spare time and your mental fretting? If you are actually IN your late teens, you do not have to play, but you're welcome to chime in with some fresh insider knowledge!

2) TWO questions that you would ask a seventeen/eighteen-year-old girl in order to get to know them as a person.

Plot development is sort of trickling along, but I need to get to know my protagonists before I let them narrate anything. And one of my planned eyai fics is also about teenage girls, so hey, two birds, one stone.
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There's a question I'd like to pose to you all, and that question is this:

What do you want from your doctor?

I know a lot of people who have had bad experiences because they're queer, or overweight, or trans, or have a disability. I know a lot of people who have had bad experiences because they weren't listened to or weren't taken seriously, or because the doctor walked into the consultation with certain assumptions or communicated poorly with them.

I'm not really talking about the healthcare system as a whole, more about doctors as people and the one-on-one relationship they have with patients, both in primary care settings and in hospitals. I don't want to turn into the doctor people blog about because their experience was degrading or insulting or unhelpful or embarrassing. And as the daughter of a surgeon and a GP, someone who's never gone to a doctor herself except for basic things like stress somatisation and vaccinations (and even then, armed with a fairly thorough medical knowledge), and as a healthy white cissexual upper-middle-class person who's still struggling to recognise and own her privilege, I know I haven't had the same experiences that a lot of other people have.

I want to know what to look for when observing others in my profession for the remainder of my degreee. I want to know: what should I become? What shouldn't I become?

(Mental health is definitely included in this; it's a particular area of interest and concern of mine, and I think it's poorly understood and poorly approached by a lot of medical professionals.)

Feel free to link this post, if you like. The more opinions & anecdotes (good or bad) I get, the better.
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Hey, Mac users: has anybody else had problems with kernel panics?

(I love the name, I do, but I don't appreciate getting sudden half-transparent screens of death and instructions to restart. Followed by long periods in which my computer tries very hard to restart, but requires a good long rest before it can manage it.)

Preliminary research indicates that it could be a problem with simply not having enough power to run the computer, but...my power source hasn't changed...and I had a couple of panics even BEFORE I plugged in an external hard drive to the same power board. Other preliminary research wants me to reinstall OS X (I WOULD REALLY RATHER NOT) or download software updates, which is actually impossible due to the fucking college network settings, which hate connecting to useful things like the iTunes store or ANY SOFTWARE UPDATE SERVERS EVER.


Heeeeeeeelp. Does anyone know what else could be causing the panics? I had two today, and each time the computer was more reluctant to start up again. THIS IS A VERY NEW MAC. I AM UNIMPRESSED.

ETA: Following the advice of some helpful websites, I have also removed a couple of startup items, because apparently they can be the cause of this kind of problem. FINGERS CROSSED. But something wacky is obviously happening, because when I restarted the computer after deleting these things, it took ages to shut down.
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I have an invite! But I still have no idea what I want to DO with it. I guess for now it could be a reading list for those of you who are uprooting entirely/using DW for something different to your LJ, but...I could use my OpenID for that. I could crosspost, but I am yet unconvinced of the value of having two separate & identical blogs in existence.

I have some interest in using it as a more formal medical school blog, discussing issues related to medical education, but I'd then want a bit more separation from my 'fahye' identity, which is largely a fandom one. So I would be writing under my own name or an entirely new pseudonym. And confusing my flist. And seeing as DW is set up to be fandom-friendly, using it for a new RL blog seems silly...

AS YOU CAN SEE, I am rather at a loss.

Help me, flist! What do you think I should do? What are you doing re: Dreamwidth? Is it working for you?


ETA: Right, I've set up as fahye @ Dreamwidth so you can go ahead and add me. I'll be working out exactly what I want to do with the journal...soon.
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Yesterday I discovered that nobody watching my ficblog is interested in my original fiction, so I probably won't post any of it there again. Good to know.

(Er, if there were some kind of font in which I could write those last sentences so that they didn't come out as passive-aggressive and sullenly entitled, they would be IN THAT FONT. I'm not actually upset. People watch ficblogs of writers who are in their fandoms. It was an experiment! That's all.)

Today I have a myriad of wonderful time-wasting choices:
- I could repeat yesterday's feat of 9km on the exercise bike while watching S4 West Wing
- I could continue reading Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon (Alan Turing & math porn & wartime cryptography HELLO <333)
- I could start my planned reread of all eleven volumes of Mike Carey's Lucifer
- or I could keep plodding away at the heist AU (which has now passed 10K words as a whole document even though the Next Chapter still has quite a long way to go, because my attempt at this linear writing thing is not going so well)

Or I could study.


FINALLY, and this is quite important: if you've got the time and the interest, would you mind dropping me a comment telling me if you're planning on (or already have begun!) using Dreamwidth, and why? And if I should be hopping aboard? I know the basic premise of the site, but it seems that a lot of people are planning to use Dw for separate blogging projects instead of uprooting entirely.
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Elliot the iMac has arrived, and she is sitting in her box because I am too busy right now to set her up. HOWEVER. I need some advice on transferring all my shit from Fabian (IBM laptop) to Elliot. I think I'll probably just use an external hard drive for moving all of my files, and then re-download (*winces*) all the software I want.

I have two questions!

1) What is the best way to export/import an entire iTunes library database?

I'm thinking about consolidating my library into a single folder and then just using that, but I'm not sure if that saves the STRUCTURE of the library as well as the files (also: it would require a huge headachey reshuffling of everything because I don't HAVE the spare 30+ gigs needed to back up the library on either my hard drive or external drive). What I need is a way to save the playlists as a file such that I can import them all onto the Mac, preferably one that does not require me to save every single list individually, because I have over seventy playlists.

I have a feeling I am going to need to move all the music onto a different external drive, too, which will probably kill ALL HOPE of saving the library structure because the file pathnames will be all buggered up, but perhaps there is a way?? SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET WILL KNOW.

2) What free software is available for Macs that I need?

I'll need to grab VLC again, obviously, and then I'll need things to zip and unzip .rar files and things to edit music and anything else you have that you would like to pimp at me!
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(because I do try to stay positive)

1. THE HEAT. Not too bad indoors thanks to the aircon, but my laptop is ridiculously warm and is making my hands sweaty. It's going to be 39 on Saturday, so as you may imagine, I am SUPER KEEN about the prospect of being stuck in the car for four hours.

2. Also THE SUN, which is threatening my beloved pasty whiteness.

3. My little Clio has had an engine cylinder die or something because she is shuddering at low revs and accelerating with all the enthusiasm of a tired sloth and creeping up hills only with the speed of the same. This is the first driving I've done in months and months and I'm doing it in a senile car.

4. My five AU characters are simming along nicely, but even though I am getting to know them well and I adore the premise of my fic, I am unable to write anything. Bet you any money the words come flooding back the day after I start second year med.


Okay, unrelated -- I am thinking of getting an iMac (no input needed here, believe me, I am SO EXCITED at the prospect of maybe being able to finally make the millions of fanvids currently residing in my head) AND a teensy portable laptop for use in lectures. The latter needs to be highly portable but with a keyboard large enough not to drive me insane, possess a long battery time, and run basically Office and Firefox. Does anyone own such a thing? Or know of a good brand?
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My list of books read so far in the month of November:

- E.M. Forster, Howards End
- Diana Wynne Jones, Howl's Moving Castle
- Tony Kushner, Angels in America
- Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens

I may as well put a big sign on my head saying FAHYE IS SICK AND INSOMNIAC. That's like. All of my comfort books devoured in less than two weeks. (Except Larklight, which is in Canberra.)

Now all I have to do is watch Amelie & Strictly Ballroom and I will have completely run out of things-which-cheer-me-up. Maybe I will watch Hairspray tonight. For the millionth time.

Seriously, this sucks. I have had to invent a new tag for my delicious account: pie.fic

It needs more entries. Which fics do you reread over and over again when you need to be cheered up?
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I know some of you put your hands up and waved them vaguely around earlier, but PLEASE COMMENT HERE anyway. Seeing as [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix and I will very likely be in the UK from December 16th or so until the end of the month:

WHO would like to see us?

WHERE will you be (or where can you get to)?

WHEN in December are you free?

If all goes well then we'll be using my aunt's house in Birmingham as a base until Christmas, and staying in her flat in London between Boxing Day and January 2nd (so for Londoners: I don't need anywhere to stay, but would love to meet up with you, and if you know of anywhere good to be for New Year's, let me know!).

([livejournal.com profile] copinggoggles, I am unwise in the ways of transport -- what's the cheapest way to visit you? We only have a week do do ALL OF BRITAIN THAT IS NOT LONDON so, uh, we'll be picking and choosing. If you know of somewhere that is awesome in winter, we could MEET YOU THERE :D)

Also: anyone anywhere else in Europe that I've forgotten? *peers*
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This post is largely directed at anyone who lives in Europe, but anyone planning to be anywhere in Europe during December of 2008 and/or January of 2009 might be interested too.

Who wants to offer me a couch? )
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So...Fabian just died. Although by 'died' I mean 'I shut him down just as death was imminent', because there's some kind of virus on my C: drive that just keeps eating and eating and eating disc space even when I'm not saving anything or doing anything, and right at this moment my 50GB hard drive has about 20GB of visible files on it and another 30GB of invisible seemingly self-replicating SHIT that is threatening to crash my system because there's just. no. room.

I'm not starting him up again until I know what's wrong, because at the rate things are going, the disc will fill itself to the point of crashing within ten minutes. I can work from other computers in terms of downloading lecture notes, and I can get my dad's computer guy to have a look at it when I go home on Thursday, but fuck. Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this?


*works on fic, which was luckily emailed to self just in time*
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8137 words, nine days until deadline, and I've had to reduce my writing playlist for this particular story to three songs -- though it could be worse, I've written some things to the backing of a SINGLE song.

In case you're curious, the current songs are:

* Vienna Teng - Eric's Song
* The Mountain Goats - Autoclave
* The Lion King (Broadway) - They Live In You

Do other people write like this? Do you have a general playlist that suits your writing style? (I do.) Do you build new playlists for particular fics? (I do.) Do you sometimes end up writing to just one song on constant repeat? (*looks balefully at Turn Your Sail and 'Up Is Down'*) Are there one or two songs that will always help you past a block?
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I'd like some advice.

Here's the situation: I'm currently tossing up my living options for next year, provided I'm accepted into Sydney med. On the one hand there's sharing an apartment with [livejournal.com profile] _leareth, and on the other is the option of living on campus in a residential college - probably Women's College, as their postgrad rooms looked really nice. Finance isn't an issue; I think basic costs will be about the same whether I'm on campus or off, and I'll probably get a weekend job for pocket money.

Pros and cons! )
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Okay, vidders.

I am assuming the fact that the program/my entire computer freezes up every ten seconds whilst I am trying to make a vid means that I don't have enough memory. But which type of memory? Is my hard drive not large enough, or do I need more RAM?

Note: I am using WMM. I do not need anything fancier than WMM. If it would cease and desist FUCKING UP ALL THE TIME, I would be perfectly happy to continue using WMM. But is there a chance there will be less upfucking with a different program? And if so, what should I use?

I have a pet project that I fiddle with occasionally and want to work on a lot during the holidays, and it'd be nice to get through it without screaming and putting my fist through Fabian's dementedly flickering screen.
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I don't know about you, but I find one of the most fascinating things about online fandom to be the reversal - or at least the complete destruction - of the heteronormative assumption that I act upon in real life. I am sure there are a whole lot of social reasons for this that I'm not even going to touch (though you're welcome to give me your two cents in comments, as I do find it interesting!) - this is, to satisfy my own curiosity, a simple Kinsey poll.

(Feel free to link to this, by the way - the more responses I get, the more illustrative the results will be.)

Poll + further information )
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I put this request out via email but I figure I'll throw it open to the world, too:

What plot devices are your pet loves? I'm not really interested in fandom-specific stuff, just devices that you really love seeing. As major or minor or profound or ridiculous as you like.

(This is in the interests of helping me develop structure for a WIP that I have just unearthed, so bonus points for things creating tension/deepening the dynamic between people in an established relationship, but absolutely anything will be helpful. I'd like to be able to pull this post up for inspiration at a later date!)

Here, I'll go first. )
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O FLIST OF MINE: what sort of software (preferably freeware) is available that allows one to auto-cap DVDs? Because I have a burning, burning urge to make a zillion Blackpool icons, but I am not capping 6 x 1.5 hour episodes by hand.

M'AIDEZ, S'IL VOUS PLAIT. My ability to icon David Tennant's oral fixation and the scene in which he and David Morissey do an angry tango to 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' is entirely in your hands.

And now I am off to watch this week's Shakespeare Remade, which features Sarah Parish and Damian Lewis as Beatrice and Benedick (omg), and Billie Piper as Hero. And Nina Sosanya, who I swear is in everything these days, as Margaret. And it's set in a news station. And it's going to be THE BEST THING EVER. I fucking love the BBC.
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*waves arms*

Hello? Hello? [livejournal.com profile] villainny, [livejournal.com profile] varadia, [livejournal.com profile] unravels? This means YOU.

So Sophie and I were talking, and she got to fiddling with shirt designs. And she is genius, because:



...just, y'know, hypothetically, if she were to design ones with different coloured wings/names/text colours...which she may, actually, have already done...

Would you buy yours? :D

Fahye Dielle: I LIKE the idea of having the personalised one. but the other is a cleaner design
scuba soph: I am leaning towards the - yeah. Basically. But the personalised ones are so, like.
scuba soph: GO TEAM.
Fahye Dielle: I will see what everyone else thinks!
scuba soph: foist the decision on the masses!
Fahye Dielle: less demonically, BE DEMOCRATIC :D
scuba soph: - or that. ¬_¬
Fahye Dielle: admittedly my thoughts ran to the first
Fahye Dielle: you can tell which side of the moral line WE come down on


(O Entity That Is RamiSelkieMir? If I order mine, can I get it shipped to you?)
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Last bout of wistful TV babble for now, cross my heart, but I made the mistake of downloading a Doctor/Rose vid and it had some footage from the only DW episode I've actually seen - the one with Charles Dickens! - and now I am totally besotted with Christopher Whatsisface's smile, which is fine because I was totally besotted with David Tennant's yonks ago.



Files on Fabian are mostly sorted out, but I still have some exhaustive organistion of folders and installation of software to do, and oh yes - [livejournal.com profile] baggers? I don't suppose you still have that rego code for DVD/CSS Region Free lying around and could email it to me, do you?

And does anyone want to tell me how, exactly, one imports one's old Favourites list into a new version of Firefox? It doesn't seem to recognise the files.

AND (last one!) I appear to have lost the Firefox add-on that lets you quickly log in and out of different LJ accounts, so if someone has the link to that...


Point of awesome #74 about having a widescreen laptop: I can use one of [livejournal.com profile] carrielh's gorgeous backgrounds and still have some space to either side to put all of my shortcuts and thumbnails, so the graphics aren't cluttered up *pleased*

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