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17 Apr 2011 08:17 pm
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I apologise if this makes you hungry. I was very hungry while I wrote it. I made [livejournal.com profile] schiarire hungry by showing her bits of it.

I also started writing it without having much idea where it was going, which was a lot of fun and something I should try more often. Somewhat to my surprise it turned out to be established-relationship fic (sort of) and also to contain unhealthy amounts of Tennyson.

and little other care hath she -- Inception -- Arthur/Ariadne/Eames, 2857 words.
Every craft has its own language and she's already fluent in her own, so it's nice, in a way, to be starting at the beginning again.
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the manor house -- Inception, Ariadne/Arthur/Eames -- 23,636 words
"The aims of this session are twofold," Arthur lies.

Make sure you admire the gorgeous illustrations by [livejournal.com profile] inknose, who extracted the settings right out of my head and onto a page :) It's the first collab that I've managed to wheedle her into, but I hope it won't be the last. If art school ever gives her a spare moment to breathe.


Fridaaaaaay. Hurrah. A whole group of the Orange students are heading off to see Deathly Hallows tonight. I have forgotten enough of the plot that I am sure it will be a very entertaining experience.


9 Sep 2010 10:00 pm
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Today in Inception Fandom Is Batshit Awesome news:

- My Softer World comics remade with Inception screencaps <3

- MY LITTLE PONIES. KJAHKJADHADGHJASGAJ. Cobb and Mal are my favourites.


[livejournal.com profile] ristrettoette (one of the people who taught me to write, no lie) is kicking around LJ again, as she does, and dashing off brilliant Sherlock fic, as she does. My favourite so far is the latest one, Rate of Change. For a moment you had envisioned that one cheap wheel forever embedded, cheerful, spinning. READ IT.


This is not a link, but: my parents are in Turkey and my mother keeps sending me amazing travel emails and I WANT TO TRAVEL AGAIN :(


3 Sep 2010 07:18 am
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Do you know what today is?


I have a lot of busy-making plans for the weekend but my plan for this evening is basically to write and write until my fingers fall off. I've discovered that writing short fun things helps my long fun-but-also-exhausting fic along, so:

I'm taking Inception 'five things' prompts

Inception because I need to keep my brain at least a little focused. Five things because I LOVE THEM. I admit right now that I probably won't write every prompt, but I will give as many of them as possible a shot. Prompts can be serious. Or ridiculous. Or anything you want, really.
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So, that Inception fic I was never actually going to write about proper technique for IV access?

Uh, yeah.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

OH&S -- Inception -- 2753 words of Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Saito and Yusuf/workplace safety

The first one of them to get infected is Arthur, which doesn't surprise Yusuf at all. It's always the most experienced dreamers who get blasé about the process and start falling into bad habits.


Here, have a totally unrelated icon of Benedict Cumberbatch's neck. AND WHY NOT. Just look at it!
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Dear Inception fandom,

Here are some things that can be put into a human vein:

- cannulae

Trocar needles are used as insertion vehicles for cannulae, yes, and then they are immediately removed and put into a sharps bin or something.

Here are some thing that DO NOT REMAIN IN A VEIN:

- needles, Jesus Christ (do you want all your characters to wake up with massive haematomas?? NO YOU DON'T)

Repeat after me, fandom: you do not slide a syringe into your vein. Or anyone else's vein. The anatomical logistics of that are completely fucking baffling.

Okay then.

I'm glad we've sorted that out.
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It's past midnight and I haven't had enough sleep all week, so every second keystroke is a typo at this point. POSTING TIME. I apologise in advance for the inevitable errors.

This is for my beloved CLAIRZA for her stellar efforts in the field of keeping me coffee-fuelled <3 She asked for Arthur/Eames with banter, references to the past, and suits. I then stole some prompts from Aja and Del and added my own desire to muck around with established-relationship fic, and mixed it all together, and out came the self-indulgent beast you see below.

This is NOT, in fact, my Inception WIP. My WIP and I are having a stubbornness contest. It's winning.


five ties arthur can't wear any more )

& & &

8 Aug 2010 03:48 pm
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Right, so, because [livejournal.com profile] moonythestrals is CRAZY and also has this habit of just rocking up to fandoms and magically REDUCING THEM TO TEARS THROUGH HER GENIUS, she wrote me a story based on the joke I made about not being able to pin a first name on Eames, and how finding it out would require professional extraction.


I can't decide if I like it better or more than the one with drinking games! Because that one had DRINKING GAMES. But this one was written for meeeee.


My need to rewatch Inception and renew my grasp on the character voices is reaching CRITICAL MASS, but this weekend I bought a book of W.H. Auden's poems and (finally! finally!) both Strong Poison and Gaudy Night, so any further expenditures will have to wait until I've done some tutoring.

I do have a day off on Thursday following my overnight shift in Neonatal Intensive Care, so maybe I will snooze for a few hours in the morning and then make a solo trip to the movies. Yes.
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Autoimmunity -- Inception, Eames and the art of forgery
He can always find his true face in mirrors, if he looks hard enough, no matter how many layers deep he goes.

(I believe the reading of the story to be ENHANCED if you know that Maddy looks almost exactly like Tina from Glee.)


Uh...who just wrote a 5500-word fic in one day?


Relatedly, who is DOOMED DOOMED SO DOOMED regarding her medical ethics assignment?

- Yeah.
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It's built around a giant medical metaphor (please, don't act surprised) but I maintain that the film went there first.
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Inception! I have seen it! And honestly I don't really care about ~theories~ and reconceptualisations and all that -- it made sense to me, I enjoyed the fact that every opened parenthesis was closed eventually, and I don't have the energy for further mental gymnastics right now. Mostly I want to think about HOW AWESOME THE ENTIRE CAST WAS.

One minor question for those who've seen it... )

What do you mean I might be writing fic about Forgers.

Shut up.

([livejournal.com profile] dopplegl is right, there's an excellent White Collar crossover in there somewhere, but I don't think it's quite what I want to write.)

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