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[livejournal.com profile] nextian requested this fic (House, AU) which is cool because I had no idea that more than four people in the world had ever READ it :D Looks like I'm doing another creepy-kidnapping-pairings story! (This is [livejournal.com profile] liminalliz's lucky day, clearly.)

The fic is longer than Eleusis but less crammed full of meta, so hopefully this won't get entirely out of hand )
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So my determination not to start any new shows kind of fell by the wayside with Pushing Daisies. Oops. I am finding endless amusement in trying to pinpoint the perfect combination of influences that would go into the recipe (ha) for this show. So far I am thinking...Torchwood + dash of Dark Angel, obviously + Kiss Kiss Bang Bang + heavy saturation of Amelie (they even stole Amelie's music for the scene in the aunts' house).

I am really, really loving House so far this season! Old ducklings being awesome! New ducklings being also kind of awesome! Spoilerish for 4x03, I guess? )

Okay, that got long. What I really wanted to put my hand up and beg for was the Alanis Morissette song that was used in the episode - 'Not As We'. Anyone?

vid rec!

20 May 2007 06:20 pm
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House S2 vid - Vertigo - by [livejournal.com profile] bradcpu

[livejournal.com profile] bop_radar recced this, and I'm reccing it in turn because it is a phenomenally awesome vid. Even if you don't watch House. ESPECIALLY if you don't watch House, because then you won't pick up on how this is almost constructed-reality in the way it picks the edgy, creepy footage and turns the show into something that...it is, but only for brief moments. This is triple-concentrated disturbing!House. It kind of makes take to witness all the gods look like something that could actually happen in canon!

So Ji and I discussed this further )
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Best. episode. ever.

Why? )
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I don't talk about House much - I just watch it and love it, for the most part - but I just finished 3x07 ('Son of Coma Guy') and the last few episodes have been so fantastic and gritty that I feel it's worth stating the opinion. Cameron's thick fringe, from underneath which she delivers her patented new Unimpressed And Smouldering Glance, is kind of alarming (I am not a fringe person), but her personality has improved so much from S1 that I feel it more than compensates for the slight drop in hotness.

I also have a shiny new moodtheme, which doesn't go at ALL with the rest of my layout but I don't really care. I've been wanting an Owen or Gwen moodtheme (Burn Gorman and Eve Myles have such expressive faces) and this one combines both!

What else? Hmm. My Yuletide fic continues apace - 2701 words, 1000 of which are actually in order, from the beginning - and I'm confident it'll be done well within the deadline. I am working 9-5:30 Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs this week, which I expect will be exhausting. Present-day Lucifer met Firefly-era Gabriel Tam (now slowtimed), and so Aspen and I spent some time giggling and making DOOOOOOM noises at each other. I haven't told the internets how much I love [livejournal.com profile] schiarire and [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust lately, which needs to be remedied, because these girls can cheer me up instantly and unfailingly with an email or a phone call or a package or a snippet of fic or simply by existing in my (figurative) vicinity.
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I have decided that watching House can kind of be considered studying.

Cameron: Blah blah adrenoleukodystrophy?
ME: ALD! I know about that! *muses on the molecular basis for 0.047 seconds*
House: Blah blah some distressingly unrelated medical jargon.
Me: I should learn about vasculitis.

S2 is fantastic. My love for everyone just keeps climbing and climbing. Except, actually, House himself. And Foreman. (I'm sorry! I just really dislike Foreman. HE HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOUR.)

Also Cameron's hair has been rehotted which makes me SO HAPPY because now whenever she and Chase stand together I can just sigh happily and think of what beautifully Pantene-ad babies they could make.


13 Sep 2006 06:32 pm
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'Tis the season, it appears: [livejournal.com profile] unravels, your postcard arrived today :) I will reiterate my jealousy that you have such events over there. And much as I would love to be part of any sort of Milli-contingent in future years, I don't anticipate having the time or money for such a venture for, oh, maybe a decade?


Still feeling woozy, still coughing, not much voice to speak of. Staying home from choir in the hopes that my vocal cords will recover in time for the rehearsal weekend.


Some more Five Times, from [livejournal.com profile] crazylittleme's prompts:

Five times Faith wanted to kiss Buffy )

and five ways Cameron tried to get over House )
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Two more drabbles Longish Things Wot I Wrote from the icon exchange:

For [livejournal.com profile] fryadvocate: House/Wilson, featuring the normal abuse of the Ducklings. Especially Chase. Who doesn't like abusing Chase? Fry also wrote me awesome Grey's girlyfic in exchange, so you get two for the price of one here.

For [livejournal.com profile] lone_lilly: Addison/Derek/Meredith (not like that. well, kind of like that. er. NOT ACTUALLY PORN.)
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Ji suggested I do an OTP picspam to cheer myself up after exams. So I started looking for pictures of my OTPs. Which led to much agonising indecision as to whether one could have more than one OTP for a series, or if one was allowed two OTPs as long as they involved different characters, or which was my favourite/most representative picture for that OTP...

And then I decided fuck that, I was going to include as many pictures of as many different pairings as I wanted, because really, restricting oneself in this kind of situation advantages nobody.

So! Pairings that make me happy. )
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I now own the entire first season of House, MD.

When I fail all my courses and become a juvenile delinquent, send Hugh Laurie to my garbage can to be unshaven and snarky at me and I shall consider my life a success.

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Icons, icons, everywhere! *revamps liek wo*

Is this icon not the sexiest thing you have seen all day? Week? Year? I thought so.

Crossover of doom is just over halfway done, but I am in a valley of emo and feeling ridiculously, horribly untalented. Someone might want to prise me away from this document before I start getting itchy fingers and deleting things and/or writing bad poetry.

I am craving House so much that I have been reduced to seeking out fic. This is not altogether a bad thing, but now I'm on a suicidal kind of snowball...thing...and devouring House/Wilson. Hmmm.

"There's nothing to know," Wilson protests, but he still doesn't look up. "It's not like we're dating. I haven't asked you to the prom."

"I have high hopes, though," House says. He slouches a little further into his chair. "If you rent a limo and tell me how pretty I look, I'll
definitely put out."

Ehee! This is a damn good fic, actually.
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Right, okay, update!

Housemate and I (mostly housemate, who is a Cooking Wonder) hosted a fantabulous dinner party on Friday night. Many courses! Much alcohol! Conversation ranging from spring-loaded pants to comparative religion and the rights of government in an ideal society! My contribution was mostly industrial vacuuming and sparkling wit, but there are still piles of washing up gloating at me from the kitchen bench.

Marking done. Three weeks of doing blissful bugger all await.

Now I need to scream like a mad fangirl for a while and ask Hugh Laurie if he'd like my firstborn child by Robert Sean Leonard. Because, damn. HOUSE.

Watching a medical show and knowing the exact difference between CT and MRI and knowing what an eosinophil count is makes me feel kinda...smug. Hah. Well done that show for managing to shove me just a little further in the direction of graduate medical school.
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I wish I had more than a day to study for this psychology exam; not particularly because I have to learn a stunning amount of information, I actually have great faith in my ability to absorb facts in a short space of time.

But it's so damn cool.* I want to read each chapter carefully and think about the ethics and form my own opinions and go and do futher reading. Instead I whiz through at the speed of light, taking quick notes in my completely indecipherable handwriting and hoping the key points embed themselves in my consciousness.

Santiago Ramón y Cajal is a dead sexy name, wouldn't you agree? Sounds like someone who'd be played by Antonio Banderas. And carry a guitar. And write songs. About the neurone doctrine.

I guess it's nice to occasionally confirm that I am studying the right thing.

A small amount of pointless television-actor squealing. )

* Not stats. Stats is the anticool. There is no way stats could be made cool in any way.

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