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Last night I went to see HBP and as I was walking home I was thinking pleasingly meta thoughts about how deftly the film parallelled Draco and Harry, and the dark undercurrents of manipulation that the story was built on, and I thought: maybe I should do a meta post!

And then I sat down and wrote for six hours and it turned into a fic.

the game of kings -- Harry Potter -- Here you are at the end of the beginning; this year is the axis upon which your fate spins, widdershins, the direction of undoing.
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Caught up on SPN today. I suppose I have some things to say but I am apparently godawful at meta (even more so than usual!) when it comes to this show, so I'll content myself with wondering where the hell all the Dean/Bela porn is, because hot dang.

But [livejournal.com profile] setissma is having a Baby, it's cold outside drabblefest over at her journal and the current contributions, including my little ficlet in which I cruelly deface a perfectly harmless Russian folk tale, are looking QUITE LONELY, so anyone SPN-inclined should head over there and leave scribbles/icons/randomness of their own.

Now: fic recs! You should realise that I read very little fanfiction; I don't follow any communities, so everything I read is either written or recced by my friends. Which suits me fine, because I have some awesomely talented friends. )

Blah blah fandomness. Still totally obsessed with Bones, still drowning happily in OTP, still prepared to tear down mountains with my TEETH if it will get me some good Booth/Brennan fic so that I don't end up writing ridiculously romantic cohabitation fic of my own, because IT WILL HAPPEN, YOU GUYS, and then my carefully-constructed reputation as a writer of shining and ruthless cynicism will be destroyed forever.
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For those who haven't heard (are there any of you left?) - Dumbledore/Grindelwald is canon.

I'll repost my initial (slightly grouchy) reaction to this, from a comment in Aria's journal:

'Wow, I would have had a LOT fewer secret gripes about the heterocentric HP-verse if she had bothered to tell us that before. If Harry's Heroic And Powerful (Though Flawed) Role Model throughout the whole frigging series was gay, that's a statement of some kind or other, even if it's fairly incidental to Dumbledore's importance as a character. So...I guess I can see why she would have kept quiet about it, even though the 'oh, I would have told you years ago! tra la!' thing just reeks of hypocrisy. She knows her fans, she knows fandom, and if she was really invested in making them squeal and not in avoiding the potential alienation of the conservative parental market, she would have told us years ago.'

I mean, I have no problem at all with the fact that Rowling waited for the series to end and then sprang a revelation like this - it means that the fact of sexuality just gets added to what we already know, rather than colouring the reading of the book, and that's fine. It's her playing coy with authorial intent that rubs me the wrong way.

HOWEVER, let it not be said that I am one to spend ages staring a gift horse in the mouth or any other unappealingly bestial metaphors. EVEN IF IT'S NOT REMUS/SIRUS (bitter? me? okay, maybe a little), IT'S GAY CANON! Considering the huge public profile & popularity of the books, this is a great thing.

Does anyone who's been actually following the pairing have any fic or art recs? I know I read one fic a while back about sex on a chair and the use of spells, but I forgot to bookmark it because I am a FOOL. Located! Hallowing Lions by [livejournal.com profile] wired_lizard.
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Pursuant to that last post, I opened a new document and decided to just start typing and see what would happen. Call it a warmup. (I think I might edit and extend this - give it something resembling a narrative - and make it an entry for the challenge.)

Making a good cocktail is in many ways exactly like a Potions class, and in many ways nothing like it whatsoever. )
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So I read OotP yesterday afternoon, and then HBP this afternoon, and resultantly my best friend has accused me of being a robot. How charming of her.

DISOWNED, Tink. For the billionth time :D

Right, right, reaction. Not very profound, I am sickasadog and didn't really make any notes as I was reading.

Or possibly there was a thing with fairy godmothers )


12 Feb 2005 11:04 pm
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Strange little Remus/Sirius has finally been completed and posted at the ficblog.



And tomorrow, the rest of my worldly belongings (of which there are a ridiculous number) are to be packed up and driven a pathetically short distance and then unpacked again, and my life as an Independent Student will begin.

Wish me luck!
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So today I washed my hair and forgot that I had a work shift and hastily shoved it into waist-length plaits and then got home and collapsed and let it out.

And it is WAVY, dear lord, the WAVY. We're talking not only launching a thousand ships here but also conveniently transporting them to the walled up city of their choice, though if Eric Bana is involved I'll take it as some measure of consolation.

WAVY NAVY *runs*

In other news, I need to open a new bank account and contact my scholarship office about transferring payment and make a list of Essential Groceries and buy a new watch and some phone credit and locate some more cardboard boxes and oh dear why did I agree to become an adult? Is there some sort of refund program I can take advantage of? For exchange: one set responsibilies, as new. Mostly intact. Will also accept cash or sexual favours.

I need new friends! New people to chat to! Possibly I should stop sekritly stalking some people's journals and actually contact them, but I have Rejection Issues and maybe I should get drunk first. Except no, because I'm on a weird Healthy!Eating!Thing! where I stop furtively living on turkish delight chocolate and start drinking water and lots of tea and am surrounded by beautiful pastries at work for six painful hours and only eat a small multigrain roll.

Um. Someone can start singing 'mad dogs and Englishmen' now. With much emphasis on the Australian midday sun, its effect on impressionable English minds, etc.

As an experience, madness is terrific... and in its lava I still find most of the things I write about.

- Virginia Woolf

*casts about for a distraction*

Cookie! )

*More Woolf. Irony is the new black.
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Rambling, mostly - cut so as not to bore most of you to tears. It's late, I'm tired and my thoughts are attempting to organise themselves and succeeding about as well as most of my organisational efforts usually do.

Author's notes? )

I'm not usually this boring and self-analytical and unmotivated.

Must be the weather.


For those of you not here for the teenage wangst, I'm going to shamelessly pimp a story of mine that was buried in the depths of my ficblog ages ago. Notable because it's one of the only times I've ever tried to tackle the Harry Potter fandom; mostly I just hover around, dip into the occasional fic, and hide in corners because it's so sodding huge.

As We Were - gen, post-war, Harry-centric. I wanted to play with the idea of the Time-Turner, which Rowling could do so much with and hasn't as yet. Addiction, Remus!tea, and coping with old memories and new wounds.

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