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So... I've been watching Grey's S5 to keep myself sane, and can I just say that as ridiculous and problematic as this show is sometimes (apparently there is no such thing as a bisexual, but there is such a thing as a penis bone dhsgdjhasgdhjsg wtf wtf), I will say that

a) they handled the two major mental health portrayals (PTSD & Asperger's) with a very decent amount of accuracy and sensitivity,



I am kind of tempted to just never watch any subsequent seasons, because I don't want to watch the inevitable drama that will be fabricated between one or more of these couples in order to Shake Things Up. STAY HAPPY, GUYS.

Also the episodes with the Death Row guy made me sob at my screen for basically the first time ever. It was embarrassing.
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I was stumped by my incredibly out-of-proportion response to the Grey's Anatomy finale (verdict: what the hell, Grey's. you are so dumped*. if you want me, I'll be in L.A., partying with Kate Walsh** and all of the other hot fucked-up people whom you have not yet made me detest) until I realised that there IS something that unfailingly gives me ridiculous reactions to fictional people, and that is HORMONES.

Sure enough, I am having one of my monthly overcome-by-everything, want-to-curl-up-and-never-move-again evenings. Which is a complete bitch in terms of timing, because I have huge amounts of research to finish before I can sleep, and tomorrow I have to get up and write an entire essay. Instead I am clinging to a cup of cinnamon tea and feeling pathetic, and playing Mika in a desperate attempt to up my mood.

You know I appreciate my boobs and swishy hips and everything, universe, but I didn't sign up for this crap!

* Now that I can think clearly, I think my problem was this: yes, I'm a cynic. I write cynical. I think cynical. I love the cynics on my telly. But at the same time, I expect a certain amount of happy-ending from my fiction, okay? That is what escapism is about.

** Jesus, that woman gets hotter every time I look at her. I cannot even deal with how hot she is.
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But for now, Alex is content to just sit here and not fondle Candy's breast, while Mark makes clean, precise cuts and starts in on a surgery that's so textbook-perfect Alex is kind of turned on. Out of, like, manly professional jealousy or something.

Oh man. Okay. I am still getting my breath back after reading [livejournal.com profile] pirateygoodness and [livejournal.com profile] fox1013's cowritten epic, Bad Case Of Loving You.

It's Grey's Anatomy.


It's about as porny as you'd imagine.

And it's hilarious. The character voices are perfect, and there are snatches of quirky bittersweet thought that make it a lot more than JUST sex pollen fic.


So Addison kissed Meredith Grey.

Which is weirdly closure-y, in a way. In the kind of way where the last leg of that dead triangle sealed itself and now she realizes that, if she'd played her cards right, the whole threesome thing could have been more than a throwaway joke. The kind of way where, right now, it's buzzing through her head and won't stop, insistently but soothingly humming, until it sounds like a vibrator you fell asleep using and only register the noise when the battery finally gives up and dramatically dies and you wake up and remember that, no, your husband still left you and you're considering shacking up with his ex-best friend.

You know. Hypothetically.

So yeah. Go and read it. Leave nice feedback.
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No other show is so blatantly, sublimely enthusiastic about sweeps. Next season: CIVIL WAR ERUPTS!

Although spoiler spoiler spoiler )
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Bathrooms = cleaned.

Latest episode of Grey's = watched (so. ridiculous. BUT SO WONDERFUL.)

Desk = tidied.

*eyes pile of GAMSAT study notes*

*twiddles thumbs*

For the love of God, someone commentspam me before I actually have to start studying again. It's a Sunday. It's the summer holidays. Studying seems against all natural and unnatural laws.

Maybe I'll go translate some French poetry instead.
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1) The Silence of the Lambs omg. I am actually prepared to see the film, the book was that good. (I am bad, bad, bad with horror films.)

2) Grey's Anatomy. That last episode was just fantastic.

3) Deadwood, which I have started rewatching in order to prepare myself for S2. (My brother: "Wow, you weren't kidding about the swearing, were you?")

4) SG:A. I pride myself on my ability to watch light-hearted television without forming severe attachments to the characters, but, uh, that idea kind of flew out of the window with 1x11 and 1x12. John Sheppard makes me revert to the fangirl age of about twelve, and Rodney McKay panders to the part of me that is gloriously intolerent of stupidity. I am being ATTACKED ON TWO FRONTS. To my surprise, I am yet to find fault with the script, except (annoyingly) with Teyla's lines. I don't know. If she'd only be mean to someone, or be selfish once in a while.
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I am watching Grey's 2x22, which I missed the first time I marathoned this season. It's weird trying to shove my conception of the characters back into late-S2 mindset. It's like watching fanfic. (Fanfic in which the author got everything right except for Izzie's characterisation.)

Quelle bizarre!

OMG ALEX. ALEX TELLS THE TRUTH. I LOVE YOU ALEX <333. It's also weird watching this fully equipped with my love of Alex, which only sprang into being during S3.

I also adore George and Callie like OXYGEN.
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That is all.

Actually, it isn't. I really, really enjoyed this episode. )
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Two more drabbles Longish Things Wot I Wrote from the icon exchange:

For [livejournal.com profile] fryadvocate: House/Wilson, featuring the normal abuse of the Ducklings. Especially Chase. Who doesn't like abusing Chase? Fry also wrote me awesome Grey's girlyfic in exchange, so you get two for the price of one here.

For [livejournal.com profile] lone_lilly: Addison/Derek/Meredith (not like that. well, kind of like that. er. NOT ACTUALLY PORN.)
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Ji suggested I do an OTP picspam to cheer myself up after exams. So I started looking for pictures of my OTPs. Which led to much agonising indecision as to whether one could have more than one OTP for a series, or if one was allowed two OTPs as long as they involved different characters, or which was my favourite/most representative picture for that OTP...

And then I decided fuck that, I was going to include as many pictures of as many different pairings as I wanted, because really, restricting oneself in this kind of situation advantages nobody.

So! Pairings that make me happy. )
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100% unbeatable = Izzie and Burke's hypothetical children


They should just. Have lots of test-tube babies. So I can marry one. Go ahead, guys. I'll wait.
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Am I late? I'm probably late. For Tris, anyway. PLZ FORGIVE.

Wishing the very best of birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] hobviously and [livejournal.com profile] baggers!

(Written straight into update box with the SINCERE INTENTION OF BEING DRABBLES, but we all know how good I am at writing drabbles that actually have a decently small wordcounts, ie. massively craptacular.)

Ficlettes. They're birthday gifts, so they deserve the schmancy Frenchification.

Billy for Tris )

Cristina for Ash )
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ETA: All right, all right. Um. I'm feeling rushed and clumsy and talentless and my headspace is becoming claustral. And I'm sharing. SEE HOW I'M SHARING? I think I've grown.

Move along.
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Should I like Grey's Anatomy this much?

Probably not.

*ridiculously attached to...everyone...*

I love the fact that they decided to show the second season back-to-back with the first, so I think we're only a week behind the States.

Re: the teaser for next week - OMG THEY WOULDN'T MAKE BURKE DO THAT. THEY WOULDN'T. NO.

*shrieks at scriptwriters in horrified delight*


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