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Here they are! All credit goes to our incredible photographer, David.


[livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix as the Captain
[livejournal.com profile] fahye as the Ship's Doctor
[livejournal.com profile] _leareth as the French Turncoat Pilot
& some other lovely people as the Navigator and the Villain

Holy shit, they turned out SO WELL )
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HUZZAH. [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix's photos from our recent shoot in the Chinese Gardens are up! She's even made hilarious animations out of some of them. I expect there'll be another post when our official photographer gets his collection of shots to us, but in the meantime, Mel's are fantastic :D

Character roll call: Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Sokka, Suki, Katara, Toph

(picture takes you to the full post on her LJ)
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In which I cosplay another of my favourite fictional characters!

On to Sunday! )
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I have acquired some resizing software that doesn't suck. Ergo: con report!

[livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix took most of these, though some were taken by whoever was holding her awesome camera at the time.

Lots of photos, natch )
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Proper report & full photoset later. But this one is my favourite.
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Time spent on Skirt of Doom, to date: 8 hours.

Percentage completed: perhaps 50%?

So...if I do nothing but sew from now until midnight, it might get done. HAHAHAHA.
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I have forgotten how to live. I know how to: sew. And study. And sew.

I'm keeping a timer of the time it takes me to sew the skirt for the Secret Costume Of Supreme Awesome. So far it's at 3 hours. I am maybe a sixth of the way finished.

(Luckily, Mai's pretty much finished -- just a couple of hems and last-minute things, all of which can be done on Saturday night.)

AND NOW: STUDY. Just as soon as I down my coffee.
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It figures: I break hiatus and promptly have an immensely boring day. I studied for many, many, MANY hours (the cranial nerves & I might actually be negotiating a truce! it's a miracle!), cut the music for Saturday's Supanova skit, and designed pattern pieces for Mai's coat. That's...pretty much it.

I've also consumed my body weight in tea, with the result that my voice is sounding better than it should considering that it's been weeks since I had a choir rehearsal; I've been amusing myself jumping from tenor-part to soprano-part in 'Will I?' from RENT, which is usually a good test of how flexible my range is.

Tomorrow: Sunday Supanova skit rehearsal, shopping for bits'n'bobs for my costumes, and then I am going to conquer the basal ganglia once and for all. THAT'S RIGHT, SUBSTANTIA NIGRA. I'M COMING FOR YOU AND YOUR HIDEOUS INHIBITORY INTERCONNECTIONS.
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I'd tell you about how much money I spent today on fabric & wigs & patterns & interfacing & paper & thread & probably a hundred other things, but then I would have to actually become conscious of the number and then I'd have to kill myself. Cosplay is ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that it's not even 7:30 and yet all I want to do is collapse into bed and sleep forever. My body is not accustomed to being dragged around the city for eight hours with an enormous bag of fabric attached to each hand.

time for tea and entertainment devoid of intellectual stimulation


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Just like last time, I don't really have anything to say, but I am on a 5 minute study break and have been sitting here racking my brains for something to say so that I can think about something that is not carpal tunnel syndrome. I feel SO EDUCATED. And I am not even a year into medicine yet. I do not know how my brain is going to fit it all in! Surely there is a secret ritual during third year in which they take all med students aside and surgically or pharmacologically alter their brains so that they can, just like TARDISes or wizarding tents, contain a whole lot more than they should be able to considering their size.

I end up listening to some really weird music when I'm studying. Musculoskeletal notes seem to go well with intense violin sections, and also my Christmas playlist.

I miss writing. My imagination is getting serious cabin fever :(

ETA: My fingers/creative urges are also itching to get started on the cosplays that [livejournal.com profile] ryokophoenix and I have planned for Supanova next year, which are both so utterly awesome that I kind of want to keep them secret and then spring the photos on you all in a RANDOM OUTPOURING OF JOY. Okay, that is a lie. I can't keep secrets. COMPROMISE: one of them is the DANGEROUS LADIES (newsflash: Mai's hair is a fkjdkdhjfhas pain in the posterior and I have no clue how I'm going to do it without spending bazillions of dollars on a styled wig) and I'm not telling you the other, even though I expect you'll hear a lot of bitching about it because we are totally overambitious :D
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The official set of photos from our Disney cosplay at Supanova is up!

Our photographer did an absolutely amazing job. You can see all of them here, but my favourite has to be this one:


So. Awesome.

No, Fahye, dying your hair black would be a VERY BAD IDEA. You're a blonde.

All comments re: how sexy we are/what a ridiculously nice day it was for the middle of sodding June/how perilous my blouse looks can be left here or at Mel's journal. I expect I'll be looking at that post approximately once every four minutes just to make sure it isn't a hallucination. (You have no idea how rarely I actually look GOOD in photos. This is a miracle. A DISNEY MIRACLE.)
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Warning: lots of photos. LOTS.

This was a good weekend )
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So today I was a metre away from Jared Padalecki in the foyer of the Sydney Olympic Dome and almost didn't even notice because I was too busy trying to keep my bags of shit together on the way outside for the photoshoot. The man is ENORMOUS, I tell you.

I'm way too tired for a coherent report. That may come later. (Along with photos, most of which were taken by our lovely group photographer, so they will be BEAUTIFUL but I don't have them yet.)

Okay, I have one. I feel this encapsulates the day nicely.

I think I'd make a fantastic Companion )
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This is mostly hilarious because all of the teenage geeks who scrimped and saved to buy a Super Speshul con pass including a photo session during which they got to put their arm around Hayden Panettiere now get a photo session in which Jared Padalecki makes them look even scrawnier than they already are simply because he is an enormous (hot) freak. (Poor geeks. I hope they get smiled at by Jewel Staite.)

I wonder what would happen if I showed up at the Sunday Q&A dressed as a technicolour Disney gypsy and asked him a question about subversion of mythos as a narrative structure.


To be frank I haven't been paying much attention to the events planned for this con, because I have a feeling being part of such a massive attention-drawing cosplay group will take up most of my time, but -- oh yeah! There are guests & panels & stalls & shit like that.

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